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Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 21 Dec 2011, 20:46
by azaremoth
Neddie wrote:Is this getting regular play? If not, what would you like to do to achieve that, Aza?
No it is not getting played on a regular base. Your questions sounds like you are willing to present a solution for the expansion of the player base?! Help and advice is very welcome...
PicassoCT wrote:
It needs a single Player. One that introduces everything, from game mechanics to advanced tactics.
That is a nice tutorial to tutorials. Spring and its nearly not existing single player options make it rather hard to do a good tutorial. The idea of having one is not new to me though :wink:

I need to get some more people to help me with PR stuff and mission/tutorial making. Right now I can barely raise enough time to keep the cursed up-to-date and running...

Anyone who is willing to help is very welcome!

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 23 Dec 2011, 07:15
by Google_Frog
You can lua tutorials.

In the meantime you could set up playtimes to get a bit of playing from within the spring community.

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 03 Jan 2012, 19:51
by knorke
but did not sync with the 1.15 autohost

now trying with rapid...

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 03 Jan 2012, 20:25
by knorke
forcestart worked. dunno why other games sync though.

Anyway, marines are shot of the map when finished.
Happens in other games too, but in eg BA they eventually fall down...
Not here:

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 04 Jan 2012, 19:47
by azaremoth
I can reproduce that strange bug. It only happens for the barracks. 85.0 did introduce some strange bugs (like the bombers are dropping all bombs except one far before they are over the traget - right after that they land) in my game. I'll look into it.

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 04 Jan 2012, 23:38
by knorke
you should report those bugs at mantis too:
lol-bouncing units is there, but the bombers thing not afaik.

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 05 Jan 2012, 16:32
by Godde
commandfire=0; in the units fbi file should solve the problem. Although I am unsure wheather or not this change was intended with spring 85.
Everything breaking backwards compatibility should be considered a bug, no?

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 05 Jan 2012, 16:47
by smoth
Godde wrote:Everything breaking backwards compatibility should be considered a bug, no?
If it was unintended and cannot be rectified with a tag setting, it is an engine bug. If it has not been addressed in the game yet it is a game bug. The engine has been breaking many backward compatible things but often giving us a way to keep the behavior(IE dgun tag replacement).

Re: The Cursed 1.15

Posted: 05 Jan 2012, 22:42
by azaremoth
Well - in several cases an engine update could reveal bugs in my game that were ignored by earlier Spring versions. As far as the bombers are concerned - I adjusted the game to fit the engine (that is easier than vice versa):

Major changes 1.15 => 1.16

Clean-ups & updates:
- units that gained full experience get +50% hitpoints and do +100% damage

- fixed never ending games (most obvious in Undead defense)
- fixed a bug that was introduced by the last update: units do not get full XP after a single kill anymore
- fixed units that were produced in the imperial barracks jumped out of the map (since Spring 85.0)
- fixed some other minor stuff that was caused by the new Engine version
- music does not stop playing after 2 songs

- imperial paladins
- imperial scout aircrafts do slightly less damage
- imperial bombers can turn faster now
- removed builderoids tazer weapon
- cursed witches slow enemies down faster
- survival mode: altered the spawning sequence & increaed the strenght of the dragon queen

- ZeroK's badge icons for unit-XP were added
- the camera focuses on the starting unit and the unit gets selected
- the standard UI setup is optimized
- new explosion effect for imperial bombers (credits to Smoth)
- added a status bar for slowed units (by the cursed witch)
- cursed gunners are 20% taler now
- cursed enforcers got a new weapon effect

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 16 Jan 2012, 21:18
by hoijui
there is a bug in modoptions.lua, see here for details: ... 01#p511401

you may not use duplicate keys, and they are case-insensitive, thus (koth and KOTH are equal).

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 18 Jan 2012, 19:25
by azaremoth
It will be fixed in the next version.

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 20 Jan 2012, 21:39
by azaremoth
New update available. Fixing things and some polishing...

Major changes 1.16 => 1.17

Clean-ups & updates:
- the texture size of all infantry type units and their corpses was reduced without a noticable loss of details
- shot aircrafts are crashing now and will do damage to their crash site

- fixed the double KOTH tag in the modoptions
- fixed burrowed units beeing able to jump/teleport
- fixed hugh reload times induicated for burrowed units
- fixed AI units jumping into their targets

- increased the accuracy of advanced artillery untis
- imperial MLRS: frequency of the rocket burst increased

- basic UI layout was rearranged
- bound b key to burrowing

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 18 Mar 2012, 22:38
by azaremoth
I had long time no update until now. The latest version features the heros units at last. Heroes come with 5 levels adding different special abilities (and more hps and damage,...). I would be happy to get some feed back on bugs and functionality here!

Major changes 1.17 => 1.18

- added HEROES as functional gameplay elements

Clean-ups & updates:
- imperial priests are the only units that will heal nearby allies automatically (other builders stopped building for healing)
- optimized some collision spheres

- the damage malus for weapons against other cataegories is reduced to 25% (was 50%)
- units get a little less XP for killed enemies
- imperial Raider: reload time reduced by 28%
- increased the build power/speed of imperial factories, barracks, cursed necromancers and liches by 20%
- decreased the all-sight-range (seeing cloak and burrowed units) of all seers to 512

- updated Zombie survial algorithm (hopefully this will prevent late game bugs)
- fixed the Skirmish AI bug caused by a missing entry in the defense build definitions
- fixed imperial raider leaving no corpse
- new experience system had some major bugs (even fully experienced units got additional xps) that were ironed out

- removed the blinking map extensions
- added a button/function for advanced builders to upgrade basic metal extractors
- added small icons onto the buildpics of several units (energy structures, metal extractors and builders/factories)
- improved the shield effects

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 20 Mar 2012, 22:11
by azaremoth
A quick fix:

Major changes 1.18 => 1.181

- it is not possible no build multiple heroes (by ordering multiple factories at once) anymore
- it is not possible to transfer your hero to another team (transfered heroes will be removed)

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 16 Jul 2012, 22:09
by azaremoth
This is the full installer for The Cursed. It includes a new engine version (Spring 89.0) as well as the latest version of the game. Especially featured: crushable units and artillery buildings. These changes will have a major impact on the overall game balance as tanks, cars and heavy walkers can crush infantry units that comes into their way. Moreover the new tier one artillery buildings will give you a better control over conquered areas.


Major changes 1.182 => 1.20

- made all infantry units crushable by big units (mostly tanks and heavy walkers)
- heavy explosions will throw units into the air now (revised some unit masses)
- added tier 1 artillery buildings for both factions

- added metal spot finder widget (is needed by some maps for metal spot drawing)
- burrowed units do not block enemies anymore
- some fixes to make the game compatible with the "magic forest" map
- did some changes to avoid units being "protected" by enemy buildings
- made the game Spring 89.0 ready
- fixed some yardmaps

- added tracks for tanks, cars and heavy walker units
- added a widget that automatically snaps your metal extractors to the right position on the metal spot
- updated most UI widgets
- removed the (annoying) walking sounds of the Belial and the Imperial Heavy Walker
- automatic repairing is enabled by default for all constructors

- made the survival mode easier
- tweaked the balance of many units

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 06:40
by tzaeru
In the newest version, build ranges are too short and at least the Imperial side can build no other unit producing facility than Barracks due to the buildings being larger than the build range is.

Otherwise, I really liked what I saw! :thumbup:

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 13 Sep 2012, 19:46
by azaremoth
tzaeru wrote:In the newest version, build ranges are too short and at least the Imperial side can build no other unit producing facility than Barracks due to the buildings being larger than the build range is.

Otherwise, I really liked what I saw! :thumbup:
Fixed - curse those new engine versions... :wink:

Major changes 1.20 => 1.21

- Sarge's miniguns and marines fire faster but more inaccurate now
- necromancers can parry melee attacks now

- marine's and sarge's bullets do not cause ground scars anymore
- nicer gun shot sound for marines
- imperial soldiers are standing in different poses when doing nothing and have a little "idle animation" now
- sight distance is enabled by default now

- increased all mobile builders buildranges increase by 100 => all bildings can be built now

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 23:46
by azaremoth
A nu releaz...

Major changes 1.21 => 1.22

- black totems enable curse aura for the pestilence units (even when burrowed)


- added "bored animations" for cursed infantry units and several towers
- replaced the cursed hand with the Guardian (skeleton styled tower)
- polished some sounds
- updated normal mapping shader
- tweaked some normal maps
- added some marvellous music tracks by RiverK: "Chaos Becomes You", "Safe In Here", "HRT Defeated", "Zombies 3 Themes"


- cleaned bug from laser tower script
- updated jumping script to prevent potential bugs with dying jumping units
- freshly built cursed seers will not stay on the ground anymore
- fixed cylindertargeting
- fixed "null_texture_texture" bug


- artillery towers can not target air units anymore
- did some some balance changes

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 10 Nov 2012, 20:22
by azaremoth
And some quick fixes plus polishing...

Major changes 1.22 => 1.23

- fixed imperial's AA-Tank off-aiming
- fixed "bored animations"

- reduced costs of the damed portal by 25%
- made rictus little more effective

Re: Latest "The Cursed" available here

Posted: 11 Nov 2012, 10:33
by klapmongool
Looks pretty good so I played a couple of games.

In short it is a pretty good mod that needs a lot of fixes. Graphically it would benefit a lot from the new sound/explosion gfx in tech anni/BA (prolly zk as well, but i don't play that).

Bugs noticed from playing a handful of games:

Can't build units with the cursed except airunits (although in 1 game it did work :S)

Cursed builders have trouble building on the edge of their range, when the order is placed on the edge it will keep the order on even though it cant build it.

Bombers drop to the ground on Stop command, sometimes they mysteriously do that twice :S

I was shooting an imperial airscout (of my own) on the ground. When it was almost dead it lifted off and started a very long dieing animation.

Cursed tech building (forgot name) has 3 build options that have to be placed on the ground but they just wont place.

More stuff that I forgot.

Annoying things:
no base e/m income means that when you spend your e that 1 solar takes ages to build.

GUI is ugly, probably ZK players love it (was playing a couple against a ZK player and he loved it).