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Posted: 26 Aug 2006, 11:42
by Ishach
Argh wrote: Image

I'm setting that as my background

Posted: 26 Aug 2006, 11:52
by Argh
Thanks Ishach.

And NOIZE, you're entirely right... this is not an ideal solution. It's not as bad as it may look in the shots- I think you'll see that when you're in OTA view, it doesn't look that bad. But a ground-patch bitmap that could have teamcolor and glow would be perfect, imho... and a little icon above the healthbar would be pretty good, too. I figure the first one's pretty hard, or they'd have allowed mobile units to have them already, but the second option's probably not too bad...

Posted: 26 Aug 2006, 12:06
by KDR_11k
I really love that last one... the fake WWI look really drives home where the good ol' SpireRook came from- bad pop sci-fi from the 1930s

Can you make it screech "EXTERMINATE!" when you order it around?

Hm, yes, an icon in the HUD would work well for those of us who don't want to add TCs to our units. Earth 2160 has the option to display the faction icon in the player's color next to the HP bar.

Posted: 26 Aug 2006, 13:16
by Argh
Nope, can't use "EXTERMINATE", unless I wanted to re-master it. Too hard to avoid copyright infringement on such a distinctive work.

However, I think most players will be very pleased with the new sounds...

Posted: 26 Aug 2006, 23:36
by AF
Those circles are too high up, can you put them closer to the hp bar so that they dont clip it but are still as close as they can.

And why is that spirerook falling into the water?

Lookign great tho as always.

Posted: 27 Aug 2006, 01:21
by Argh
Hmm... closer to the bar... the only problem with that is that I can't seem to figure out EXACTLY how high up that bar is, over the heightbar in the S3O, and then I'd bump it... I guess I'll do a series of experiments then...

And the SpireRook isn't falling- it's walking. They have pretty ridiculous slope tolerances. Just about everything in NanoBlobs does ;)

The circles are a compromise design. If Spring had a better way built in, I would use that. The problem, which is mainly a NanoBlobs problem but will also probably be seen in Project Two (where I fully intend for there to be huge melees) is that there's so much going on, that players really need to be able to tell, at a glance, who's team their units are on.

I like the lights idea, for a futuristic mod, but what we really need is for the engine to mark them. Personally, I'd like to see a little icon above the healthbar, with alpha channel, so that it'll look really nice and professional and rotate with the POV. What I'm doing right here is just a technical demonstration, not what I'd call an ideal implementation...

Posted: 27 Aug 2006, 01:59
by Peet
How about some sort of transparent team-coloured hollow circle around it near the bottom?

Posted: 27 Aug 2006, 02:04
by Argh
That'd be fine. Or an icon above it. Just so long as it was done through the engine, and was relatively easy to make clear. We can't do transparency in Spring yet, and to do it with the models would both clip through the groundplane a lot... and involve some really tacky scripting techniques that would lose a lot've the efficiency gains I've gotten from "zszwg-ing" my scripts, tbh.

Posted: 27 Aug 2006, 04:25
by FireCrack
How exactly does the teamcolour channel work in spring? Is it 1 bit? If not wouldn't it be possible to add subtle team colouring to parts of a unit? For example the spire rook could look like new bueish steel or old reddish iron depending on teamcolour...

Ofcourse, that may have issues with teamcolours not being obvious enough...

Posted: 27 Aug 2006, 04:38
by Argh
Um, you have played the mod, right? The units have teamcolor ;)

As for... shading the units according to teamcolor... well, yeah, I can do that, but it'd look terrible. No way.

Posted: 30 Aug 2006, 14:17
by Argh
A couple more screenies... the last one shows how the textures look, after re-mastering them. I was pretty pleased with how clean and sharp they came out.


Currently... I'm pretty much ready to release. However, I'm waiting on a few things on Spring's development side, and so I'm not sure when I'm putting this version out yet.

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 11:13
by Argh

First keeper shot from 0.73 build.

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 12:19
by KDR_11k

Do the ornithopers, er, wolves flap their wings?

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 12:43
by Argh
I've been mulling that issue over for the last 72 hours or so- wings up, or wings down? Both look cool, but... I may just end up giving it a random period of either, and maybe make it play a short sound-effect when changing states, so that it seems... purposeful...

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 13:03
by AF
For the trirook, could it be made so that the triangle things orbited the trirook and then span up to fire, then settled after a certain time period, as if they're in a ready standby mode when floating in circle?

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 15:17
by Maelstrom
Tis looking like hawt secks to me. Cant wait to play it. Have you got the new uber lazer effects from the .73 build yet? I dont want to have to play AA for my cool lazers of dewm fix...

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 15:38
by Zoombie
The blue and red sphere's of controll are the best!

Way better then those N's you had before.

And wings up looks cooler for the Ornothoperty thing.

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 15:58
by Peet
I keep remarking as to how purdy it looks...with a real gpu :(

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 16:10
by AF
The spheres are a vast improvement. They even make the radar blips look damn ugly, you should replace those blips with something nicer, or get rid of the black background as they make them damn ugly...

Posted: 31 Aug 2006, 16:12
by AF
Oh and as for wings up wings down, why not randomize it in the script for a little variety? Up straight and down....