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Source and Content

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This link will allow you to download both the P.U.R.E. source code and the complete World Builder content repository, as of P.U.R.E. version 1.2.This is not a current build of either the game's code nor of World Builder, but will have to suffice for now. I will be posting separate archives of all of the gamecode modules when they're ready, for people who just want to poke at the source, and a separate World Builder install designed for a project to integrate with as quickly as possible.

NanoBlobs, a Public Domain game for the Spring engine, may be obtained here. This project is 100% Public Domain (i.e., absolutely no restrictions at all), including all content. Feel free to use the art, sounds, bitmaps, etc. for your projects. The game design and implementation are very dated at this point in Spring's history, and the game really needs a facelift graphically- one of the goals for the next release of World Builder is to build a NanoBlobs mini-project, leveraging reworked NanoBlobs art from the World Builder archive and novel game rules to make an "instant RTS". This is not yet available, so for now, feel free to make use of any of this project that suits your needs.

Merc Squad has been re-released under the GPL. This applies to all content, sounds, bitmaps and other things.

This was a 5-day game design I built last year, experimenting with the idea of squad-driven combat, dynamic objectives, and other gameplay concepts within a multiplayer context. It is not a well-polished game in many ways, but it is an example of where you can get to, very quickly, by using a few bits and pieces from P.U.R.E. and some basic Lua skills. This install package is bare, and can be used under Linux or Windows (the original installer was Windows-only).

If you have any questions about the source, feel free to ask in the forum below. I do not promise to answer all questions in a timely fashion, but there are a lot of goodies in these projects that I think people might like to use, so I'd like to keep an open door on this.
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