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How do I install the game?

Posted: 02 May 2014, 13:49
by tajmahal

I just discovered Evolution RTS on the web and it looks nice, judging from the screenshots and videos, so I'd like to try it out. However, I'm having some trouble getting it to run.

I downloaded the Spring Web Lobby Standalone Client (Portable) for Windows, as indicated on the Evolution RTS web site. I then unzipped the downloaded file, found weblobby.exe and started that. However, I have no clue how to start a Evolution RTS game from that lobby program. When I click Single Player > Start a Single Player Battle, I just get a box with two empty drop-down menus "Engine" and "Game".

Below the download link on the web site, it said "Need help installing? Post on the forums!". So here I am. Can anyone please tell me what to do?

Thanks in advance,

Re: How do I install the game?

Posted: 02 May 2014, 14:17
by Anarchid
Join any Evo multiplayer room to automatically download the current version of game files and the currently selected map.

Alternatively, installing the game via Steam gives you game and map files prepackaged and ready to use without any extra downloads.

Re: How do I install the game?

Posted: 02 May 2014, 16:30
by CarRepairer
When you create a single player game it pops up an alert informing you that you may need to log onto the multiplayer server to get the content. Did you not get that popup?

Re: How do I install the game?

Posted: 03 May 2014, 03:26
by Forboding Angel
Hey, sorry i didn't see this sooner. Looks like carp and anarchid answered, but yeah. Post back if you have any trouble.

Re: How do I install the game?

Posted: 04 May 2014, 00:12
by tajmahal
Hey, thank you all, it's working now!

I didn't get that popup, probably because I hadn't bothered to actually register as a user as I only wanted to try out singleplayer first. :-)

Re: How do I install the game?

Posted: 04 May 2014, 00:31
by tajmahal
Ok, I do have a few more technical questions right away:

1. How can I control scrolling sensitivity? Hitting a screen border bounces me right off the other end of the map.

2. Is there a way to limit framerate? The meter shows something like 500 FPS and my GPU fan starts blowing like crazy as soon as I launch the game.

3. How do I get additional maps? Right now, I only have the one that got downloaded when I joined the multiplayer server.

Re: How do I install the game?

Posted: 05 May 2014, 05:42
by Forboding Angel
1. It will be in the settings menu ingame (toggle with escape). Click wrench - > camera, and all of the camera controls and settings are there. By default the camper in use is called "COFC"

2. Hmm, in the spring settings in the lobby (Settings tab -> edit spring settings) you can turn on vsync (scroll down to vsync and put 1 in the box). This should cap your fps at about 60 or so.

3. You can go to and download them manually (put downloaded maps in my documents/my games/spring/maps/) or you can change the map in a multiplayer server and the lobby will automagically download them for you.

You could join an empty evodedicated host and keep sending the command !nextmap. There are 30 maps in the current map pool.

Sorry for the late reply!