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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 09:58
by knorke
There is pinguin picture but no download: ... 551750106/

Post in forum says "Give it a day or so." but that is now a week ago.

One steam-users writes:
Maybe game publishers should describe platforms/OS support stage at game description/requirements section?
Think that is good idea. Have in the "Additional Notes" field put note "Linux support is WIP and only via external downloads, not through steam."

I think on steam people expect that they can hit the "Play" button and then the game downloads and starts.
So such note makes the difference how Linux version is recieved:
"Stupid, I have to go to some external site and download something and then fiddle with more files."
"Oh, Linux version is not offical yet but with some fiddling I can maybe get it working."

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 15:14
by gajop
Evo should just not suggest Linux support if it doesn't have it yet via Steam, and the same applies for any other game.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 16:43
by SinbadEV
The community is getting a lot of confused noise (and the occasional accusation ) from the people who expect to be able to play on Linux... I agree that it would be best if Forb disabled whatever the flag is that is making it say that Linux is supported... we all know it SHOULD work on Linux but so far it DOESN'T for the most part.

While we're at it, a couple of the Linux threads are getting kinda heated and it would be nice to have an excuse to lock them all.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 16:57
by Anarchid
Discontinuing the promise at this moment will likely cause more accusations, probably more serious ones.

Especially since Forb has said numerous times that "just wait a bit more and i'll put it on".

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 17:10
by gajop
That really depends when FA thinks he can have a working release ready. If it's going to be a month or more it's probably best to pull the ad down now, and then prepare and test it before the real release.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 17:15
by knorke
Anarchid wrote:Discontinuing the promise at this moment will likely cause more accusations, probably more serious ones.
You mean from steam players? I doubt, here is some quotes:
Heres my advice, do the right thing, be honest to these people and *PULL THE GAME* from Linux. Resubmit your game when you agree to include Linux binaries.
But, as I said b4: I'm here on Steam, not asked to test an open source software (which I mostly admire). [...]
I'd like to see rather «GNU/Linux users! Help testing version for you OS!» pinned here. FYI. I'd join then.
It does not seem to me like anyone would be angry if linux support would be dropped or become unofficial. It seems more like annoyance that something was promised but not delivered.
Or as someone in chat wrote: "Steam is plattform for distributing games, not for advertising or finding testers" (freely quoted)

If there is a chance of linux thing on steam in next 2,3 days then leave the pinguin. If not then pull it asap, it does not get better from dragging it out longer.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2014, 20:30
by Forboding Angel
tl;dr too much misinformation.
As posted in the forums, on the announcements and in a zillion other places, there is no build for steam yet. The reason is that I have to do it all via a VM and making sure it all works is extremely time consuming. As you can see we are having quite a lot of issues with windows. The irony is that linux will probably sail through just fine with 0 issues.

The game supports linux. You can grab the linux lobby from For whatever reason, steam associates a play button with linux users even when there is no depot associated with that OS yet.

Frozen Yak Entertainment was an april fools joke put on by Cavedog Entertainment (the company that made Total Annihilation) back in the late 90's (1998 iirc). There is no game development company named "Frozen Yak Entertainment". There is me, however, and any place that has asked me to list a game development company for Evo has gotten Frozen Yak. The website that you link to: is the same website that Cavedog redirected their domain to.

Perhaps steam should not put play buttons on OS' that have no depot associated with that OS. Instead, at the moment, they rely on a checkbox for the store page asking what OS your game supports. The answer to that is Windows, Linux, and to some extent, OSX. That said there is no depot associated with that OS in steam's backend. I would think that their system would be able to check for that before placing a play button on that OS' version of steam.
Ikinz has not given me a preload version of weblobby yet. Once he does, linux will be added. Pretty much end of story.

The play button issues encompass MANY games, not just evo. This is pretty much a steamwide problem because the way they manage that is shit.

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Posted: 17 Apr 2014, 07:05
by knorke
Once he does, linux will be added.
The question is only: How long until that?
If longer than 1 day, then the "checkbox for the store page asking what OS your game supports" should be unticked for Linux.

Re: Linux?

Posted: 29 Apr 2014, 07:26
by knorke

Re: Linux?

Posted: 30 Apr 2014, 07:26
by Forboding Angel
I unchecked the linux box weeks ago and published it. Right around that time people stopped reporting it. The other day someone reported it again, so I went back and lo and behold box was back. Unchecked it again.