What is Absolute Annihilation?

What is Absolute Annihilation?


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What is Absolute Annihilation?

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Absolute Annihilation, or AA for short, is the original mod behind Balanced Annihilation (BA).

I was its original author, but a few years ago I got my first full-time job and it's been keeping me pretty occupied. Lately I've had a bit more time with it, so I've decided to work on AA.

AA's main concept can be summed up like this:
No attack is too powerful to be defended against.
No defense is too powerful to be effectively attacked.

AA strayed from this for the last few official versions. Pretty much starting with v2.0, I had less and less time for it and frankly, I stopped playing entirely. I just modded, responding to peoples' complaints blindly without really testing much. This is really where the downfall of AA began, for obvious reasons.

People became dissatisfied with my management - for good reason. I just didn't have time for it anymore. I was also spending a lot of my free time on other projects for Spring.

A new version of AA has been literally promised for years, but I've never followed through because of my own personal reasons - not enough time, not enough willpower, not enough dedication.

I hope to change this with the release of the next version, which, I'm hoping, will be available soon.
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