Rules for XTA berries™ autohosts

Rules for XTA berries™ autohosts

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Rules for XTA berries™ autohosts

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To whom it may concern,

Because of the recent interest in the topic (cf viewtopic.php?f=16&t=36406), I have decided to formalise some rules regarding the XTA berries™ autohosts, which are formally managed by me, but I like to be able to delegate a lot of responsibilities to whoever is responsible and wants it (PM if interested). But because there have not before been any formal rules, these shall now apply:

1. You should leave the room as tidy (if possible tidier) as it was when you entered
2. No mention of semprini or other similar foul body parts is allowed
3. Treat others like you would want to be treated yourself
4. No mention of semprini please
5. Even if you have admin rights to change settings like maps or settings, please refrain from using these powers if the said setting has been voted for by the players in the battle room. Voting supersedes admin rank. There should be a plugin that handles this too but it's not perfect.
6. No mention of semprini
7. There is no rule 7
8. Remember to have fun, this is the purpose anyway.
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