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Making maplists

Posted: 10 Mar 2015, 12:37
by Jools
Hello all kids!

I've made it possible to add maplists on the fly, you can do it with the command:

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!maplist <name of list>
That adds the current map to the list that was specified.

I've made a definition of lists to avoid anarchy, but please help me refine this group of lists so that they are as efficient as possible. The current lists are:


















By efficient I mean that there are enough lists to separate maps in a meaningful way but not too many so that organising and selecting one gets too complicated. Maybe these are already too many? Is a 7v7 map that different from a 8v8 map? Maybe stop at 4v4 and call the rest XXL maps?

Re: Making maplists

Posted: 10 Mar 2015, 13:13
by 8611
Nice. :)
Maybe too many lists?
Imo could be:

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Teamsizes are not so strict I think. (some maps have start mexes for 3v3 but we play them 2v2 or 4v4 too, without problems)

The start of maplist discussion was this:
Some XTA players remember enough mapnames from head to pick a good map.

But sometimes new players seem to come into XTA host:
They type !map - even spring newbies quickly learn about that command.
But it does not pick a good, suitable map...the host picks anything.
(speedmetal, partly broken maps, maps that "nobody likes" etc)
It is bit annoying when people do
(or !nextmap is the same thing)

they want to "flip" through all the maps and just find a normal map.
...and each map that comes up is worse than previous one ;)
Is like try to roll number 1-6 with a dice but the dice is this one:

So I think main thing about maplists is that !map should always pick a "basic, normal, good" map from a list.
But if a parameter is given, like !map duck then it should allow to set any map, from outside list too.
Is that possible?

Re: Making maplists

Posted: 10 Mar 2015, 18:01
by Jools
These are now the defined lists:

all, 1v1, teams, bigteams, ffa, fleas, newbie, good (the 'all' list can obviously not be changed).

Now if the "!map" command is given like that, without arguments, it will pick a random map from the "good" and "newbie" lists. The command !map <mapname> or !nextmap will still cycle among all maps. To set them to just cycle within a list you can use the command "!maplist teams" e.g. to set a filter to only the maps in the "teams" list.

Re: Making maplists

Posted: 10 Mar 2015, 18:24
by 8611
Think would be good to have the most important commands for quick reference on wiki.
!help gives 76 lines of text, bit much ;) and in forum it is spread over many threads...

I just updated a bit, removed stuff about Helium (its gone) here: ... t_Commands
can you add rest about maps? (when it is tested & final etc)

Re: Making maplists

Posted: 31 Mar 2015, 02:39
by mongus
I like several list, i think it makes a much better bet on a map for the current setup.



are pretty usual setups and every one of this games require diferent maps, picked specially for the ocassion.

i wont be discouraged to have at least these groups, imho.

that way, even with an automatic map selection for the current setup, you would get a fairly good map for the game at hand.

anyhow, i think there is no problem in having several map lists, it cant be that confusing.

btw, what happenen with the list we where already making? were these erased?

Re: Making maplists

Posted: 31 Mar 2015, 17:55
by Jools
The maplists are not erased, they are saved to a file on autohost when it exists and loaded on start. In fact, all autohosts use same file, it kind of works like a database.

These are currently defined lists:

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[18:50:30] <[PRO]Jools> !printmaplist
[18:50:30] <[semprini]Autohost> Defined maplists are: 1v1 (8), teams (7), bigteams (1), 3ffa (9), 4ffa (1), 5ffa (1), fleas (0), good (9)
[18:50:31] <[semprini]Autohost> In total: 36 maps
We can add more lists, but how about we fill these ones first with more maps first. When you see a good map just add it to alist with the command !addmap <listname>, for example !addmap 5ffa