No scrap metal on water

No scrap metal on water

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No scrap metal on water

Post by mongus »

Subs nor skeeter leave their metal when dying

a sub is 521 metal cost to build
a skeeter is 114

its a great thing to kill a sub, for not having the reward of its metal to keep building ships.

is this a bug or intentional feature?

it seems subs at times leave a wreck, but its very un likely, I wouls say for the metal cost, they should always leave a metal carcass no matter how terrible were they killed, this is strategycal value of metal in water, actually, it is a spoiler that SUBS , a heavy and very powerfull weapon, a expensive one, DOES NOT LEAVE any metal to recover from its attack.

this is strategically poor, very poor. (at least for the usual game of ota/xta)
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Re: No scrap metal on water

Post by Jools »

As we discussed in the chat, this is because of the ratio of ships/subs hp and the damage dealt by the weapon that kills it. If the unit is dealt severe damage, like that from a nuke or an annihilator, it should not leave a wreck.

But I agree that when these ships/subs are killed by things like torpedoes they should leave wrecks.
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