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Dear mod/game developer...

Hearken back to the days of yore and enjoy the first major Spring module!

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Re: Dear mod/game developer...

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Arm should be the fast and agile one and core the strong one.
+1 Otherwise there too similar

coordination to success ratio is leaning towards the advanced players.
Its always been like that, personally ive no problem. When i started xta, i enjoyed learning all the tactics and the ui. If i wanted something simple ide play C&C#(whatever)

making core heavy while arm fast will ruin and game.
I disagree. The two play styles are already clearly apparent, and i enjoy more so for it!

But one has to see that "gratifying curiosity/ego" is the only payment you get for working on spring. If people volunteer for that imo they have some right to make a silly animation for commander or adjust balance a bit.
Totally agree, its not done solely for the the C.V and experience. If you work on a mod, its for the achievement of acceptance of your work. Its always a good feeling when people APPRECIATE the effort put in. Although from experience the feedback is 99% negative, as most people only really comment on what's wrong, and not what's right.

Dev's are gratifying their curiosity/ego by devving changes that are not necessary, and are certainly not based on the feedback of competitive 1v1. In the process, competitive 1v1 has been ruined.
Ive never been good at 1v1's and avoid them frankly, im a team player, lol. However feedback on 1v1's is easier to analyse when accessible on the forum. A dev or dev's cant monitor chatter on all games, and its unfair to expect them to. If there was more feedback on the forums (which im pushing for here) stating what people want, it can be quoted and quantified. At least if there was a specific time of the week, where most people could get together for a big game and debate over a replay, I reckon allot could be sorted. Fairly quickly as well honestly.

Week 1: T1 balance / T1 eco
Week 2/Weekend: T2 balance / T2 eco

Having little patches, testing/experimenting with small changes is a good way to do things. I agree with Kloot and his work style. But why not push it up a notch and direct it on a specific tear/aspect at a time. Maybe like above? Thought on this?

Kloot Patch
merged svn-revisions 176 through 182 (except deletions and changes to /trunk/{BrokenAndUnusedStuff,Mission}/)
conflicting files: arm_skimmer.fbi, core_scrubber.fbi
modified arm_raven weapon (EXP_HEAVYROCKET) for better accuracy:
buffed wobble-factor from 2900 to 1000
buffed dance-factor from 10 to 2
Welcome the change to Raven btw. However i havent had the chance to test it yet. Barto & I should be around tonight to give it a test run.

Edit may be required, in a rush to uni. will check back later 2night
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