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Hey, I have a mod or game, I want a subforum!

Posted: 18 Apr 2009, 11:26
by aegis
Ok, If you're a valid representative of a mod or game, PM an admin with a request to open up a mod forum for you. I need the name of the mod or game, and I need to know if you want the forum private or public (You will have control over who is added as moderator over your forum, but you won't be able to do things like ban a user from posting in the forum or something if it's public, you have the option of only allowing users you've whitelisted to post, or you have the option of not allowing non whitelisted users to read posts as well)

The representative that PMs me will be given leadership of the mod/game forum's moderator group, as well as leadership of the forum's alumni group (members) in the case of a private forum. A group leader has the ability to appoint new members, so don't ask me to add people to your various groups for you, if you need new leaders of the groups, I can do that, but try to be as self sustaining as possible. Please try to get the list of all the leaders you want in the first forum PM, it's much faster to add 5 members in one go than it is to do them one after another. Format your list of desired leaders as follows and use exact forum names.


Copy paste makes me happy, making unnecessary work makes me indignant, and greatly decreases your chances of getting your way.

You only get 1 forum here, so make sure you request it be set up the way you want it. Your moderator group will have the ability to delete and edit user posts and stuff, but not ban from a public subforum (just remove a user's name from the whitelist if your forum is private), so if you set up stupid rules that are contradictory to our existing forum rules and create drama in your forum I may have to delete it, as in the end of the day I'm not going to clean up your messes. Of course moderation is willing to enforce our Spring forum rules in your forum, we'll be doing that anyways as much as possible.

Summary: If you want a forum I need a PM with the name of your mod or game, the status of your forum (public, private, hidden), and the list of leaders (people who can add new members to moderator and membership groups) formatted the way I outlined earlier in the thread.

I won't be creating forums for people who do not represent a valid mod or game project. In order to be a valid representative you must either be identifiably the public relations specialist of the project, or considered a lead developer. In order for your project to be valid it must have a working build (if it's a private build then I may request to see videos, the amount of content that must be shown will depend on the nature of the project, I will accept alpha and beta projects that are in earlier development, but I won't accept stuff that doesn't appear to be anything more than hype) and evidence of valid interest (a 5+ page forum thread works fine, but so would a lobby channel with 20 idlers or an existing project website with a good few hundred hits)

It occurred to me that moderators of these groups might want the forum somehow indicating to their users that they actually have some sway in the afformentioned groups. I don't want to do a custom color thing, as I've used too many of those already, and they're really not very communicative as to what the heck they mean, but if you want a custom icon for your group members feel free to get one to me.

80 pixels wide, no taller than 35 pixels, gif for transparency or jpg for full color flags. I'm not going to be making custom ones for people who don't want them or are too lazy, but if you do want a group flag than I'll implement it for you if you get it too me.

Re: Hey, I have a mod or game, I want a subforum!

Posted: 24 Feb 2010, 03:10
by aegis
Dear Project Subforum Moderators,

We have provided you a space to have threads related to your project(s), and the authority to moderate these threads. While you have general control over the subforum, it's still part of the Spring forum as a whole. You do not have free unchecked reign. You are completely accountable for your actions.

When moderating users and posts in your project subforum, we expect you to have rational reasons for any actions taken. Cite global forum rules. Notify offenders when you act. If you cannot use your powers responsibly, they may be revoked or limited.

Project subforums are still under the jurisdiction of global forum moderators, and the actions and decisions of global moderators will always take precedence over your actions and decisions.

The Administration