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Balance Committee

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Balance Committee

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The Balance Committee is a group of high skilled players and BA contributors who vote on the future of BA balance.

Anyone may enter a tournament to prove their skill and win votes fairly. The better your tournament rank the more votes you win and the more influence your opinion has on the future of BA.

The first place tournament winner is the Governor of the Balance Committee and their commander wears a crown ingame. The Governor is the leader of the Balance Committee and has the tie breaker vote. The current BA Governor is Cartouche.

Members may propose new ideas or reject dev changes here on the forum or on BA discord according to the rules. Members may lobby other members for support or opposition of changes and members may change their vote at any time. A high number of votes will indicate community consensus. This information will then be used to develop BA with the community.

Crown Cup 3 is the next chance to win votes. Votes will be redistributed according to latest rankings, however once you have won any votes your number of votes won't fall below 1.

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