BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

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BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by Ares »

As promised BA12 is on 105 engine.

Here is video evidence of the amazing new graphics. ... /demo2.mp4
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by submarine »

Great to see :) Where can it be downloaded?
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by saturnV » -> click downloads ->
A 105 autohost is on springfightclub server.
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by FLOZi »

A positive step, good stuff.

I presume it doesn't help the mac players any, mind. :(
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by Silentwings »

It does seem that BAs community moved on to 105. Well done to Ares & those involved, I've played no part in it but I doubt it was easy - ofc the barriers are/were mostly social rather than technical.

Afaics there's sadly still no attributable commit logs, but only Ares has ever claimed to be writing the code, and I don't feel inclined to wait around longer on that point. Anyone else who might have contacted me about it has now had ample time. So, as promised:

@Ares: I've set you as an owner on

Please remove me as an owner, I've no plans to do anything and I moved on to other projects some years ago already. You might consider adding some long term BA person as a second owner, in case of you forgetting password / 2FA trouble etc, depending on how familiar you are with github.

Anyways - @BA, best of luck. I'm glad to have this over, I will probably my resume my 2016-esque plan of slipping quietly into the shadows.
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by ivand »

Not that I care about BA fate, yet I find it strange to hand over the once venerable game into the hands of well known troll, who hurt and continue hurting the engine development tremendously.
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by Forboding Angel »

The spring server is so much less toxic with the BA crowd gone. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
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Re: BA12 runs on 105 (with proof)

Post by raaar »

The two posts above could be turned into something more friendly.

Congratulations to Ares for now being the official carrier of the BA dev torch!
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