Changelog BA 10

Changelog BA 10

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Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

9.46 -> 10.00

• Renamed widget folder to Widgets_BA (if you want custom widgets, (re)name your widget folder)

Chicken Defence
• Has been integrated into BA. Just add an chicken AI bot and make sure you have startboxes set. ("!autobalance off" to manually get everyone on the same team)

Balance changes:
• All Energy and metal prices have been rounded (to fit their display in buildmenu)
• Introduced a minimum (slightly larger) buildrange
• Global edgeeffectiveness buff of 0.15.
• TargetBorder for all weapons: They don't aim for unit centers, but rather any part of the unit that can be aimed at.
• Wrecks reclaim speed is more dependant on reclaimer's reclaimSpeed and reclaimSpeeds have been overall reduced (-10%).

• Raw unit movement implemented.
• Pathing improvement: units won't get stuck in cliffs any longer.
• Pathing improvement: units won't go back and forth while walking along a cliff.
• Vehicles with tracks can turn-in-place. The angle limit depends on the unit's turnrate (equal to the turn that can be performed in one second). Wheeled vehicles cannot do this (Jeffy/Samson)
• Tachyons, artillery and banishers can move in reverse at 60% max speed.
• Improved Air Units manoeuvrability and lowered TurnRadius (allowing close move commands)

• Diminished blast radius damages versus Commanders, still lethal at dgun range.
• Torso turnspeed increased 33% + dgun reloadspeed reduced 10%.
• UWLaser damages increased to 150 dps (default) and 75 dps (subs).
• Decoy commanders have been given same lasers as regular commanders.
• Decoy commanders 8% cheaper + same buildpower as com + added Radar, LLT and AA as buildoptions

• Air transports unload bug fixed: don't have collision enabled anymore
• Thunder hp increased 560 -> 600 and speed increased 8.15 -> 8.50.
• Fixed flak doing ludicrous damage to ground units.
• T2 bombers are in between current and right before the nerf of ba v7.92 (now better buildtime and cost less energy)
• Airlab costs decreased (1500e -> 1370 arm and 1400 core, 900 m -> 850m arm and 1000m -> 870m core).
• Chainsaw costs 8700e 750m => 7000e/600m, airlos 1000 -> 1200, range 1200 ->1250
• Armaak: missile damages +33 % (1:150 => 200 and 2:75 => 100)
• Coraak: flak reload time 5.5 -> 4.5

(AA) missiles:
• AA missile range increased a tiny bit
• T1 aa: pack0 and sam range increased, missile damage increased slightly and price increased 10%
• Fighters have been given more range due to slower missile speed and missile turnrate

Long range plasma
• Plasma shields are 50% weaker to non LRPC shots, 10% more range, cost reduced by 20%.
• Armvulc and corbuzz cost increased by 40%
• Bertha and Intimidator weapons have 15% more Area of Effect

• Thuds and hammers will use a high trajectory mode when lowtrajectory weapon cannot shoot, due to obstacles/ally units on the way.
• Rezbots have 15% reduced speed, 50% reduced reclaimspeed (in addition to global -10%), 25 % reduced repair/rezz speed and 25% increased HP.
• Guardians/punishers have lower m cost (1500 -> 1250)
• Instigator maxvel/accel/brake + 8% (maxvel 87 -> 94)
• Fark workerspeed increased 16%
• Armmart and cormart (mobile T2 arty) do 15% more damage
• Morties are 5% slower and are a bit less accurate (even more when moving)
• Fixed viper overshooting (when aiming at radar dots)
• T2 mexes now use 20 energy instead of 25. (exploiter consumed 12, and now 20 aswell).
• Moho Exploiter now has same health (2000 -> 3500) as regular moho, but does less damage per shot
• Core Tremor m cost 2000 -> 1800 + accuracy increased 15%
• Pelicans damages 70 -> 80, hp 910 -> 1050, turretspeed 150 -> 200 (y and x axis)

• Vanguard does 15% more damage
• Marauder does 10% more damage and has 5% more health
• Shiva has more sightdistance (300 -> 520)
• Reintroduced KrogStomp (vs ground scouts + pws/aks only) aswell as a GFX/SFX
• Removed T3 Hovercrafts from t3 sea factories, reduced costs, weaponery, hp and tweaked model size.
ARM = 1150m/33000e, 4750hp, UW capable cannon, 370 aoe damages per 1.8s
CORE = 950m/12000e, 3800hp, Surface only Heavy beam laser, 2150 damages over 1s per 9s.

Mod options
• Added map_terraintype: allows to cancel the TerrainType movespeed buffs of a map when disabled.
• Added map_waterlevel: allows to alter waterlevel (-1 = dry, 0 = unchanged, 1-100 = %maxheight)
• Added map_tidal: allows to change tidalstrength value (unchanged, low = 13, medium = 18, high = 23)
• Added mo_unba (Unbalanced Commanders) modoption. When enabled, the commander levels up as it gains XP, therefor gaining new weapons and abilities.
• Added reclaimunitefficiency (Set how much metal a reclaimed unit should give back. 1 = max, 0.5 = half)
• Added mm_diminish_factor (The strength of diminishing returns from metal makers. 0 = off, 1 = very strong diminish effect.)
• Control victory options: info on startup and offers a better scoreboard window
• Optional: Small (2x2) wreckage dont block movement (smallfeaturenoblock)
• Optional modoption for fixed hitspheres (requires firethroughfriendly enabled)
This replaces hitboxes with correctly sized hitspheres.
Currently hitboxes are smaller than desired, this was done so that units can somewhat can fire over others
Smaller than desired hitboxes result in missed projectiles or projectiles passing through without hitting

Sea reworked:

T1 ships:
• Increased T1 shipyards costs.
• Increased Patrol Boats laser reloadtime and decreased hp, costs. Added a small sonar. Tweaked their speeds. Reduced AA range.
• Decreased Submarines costs and HP, tweaked their speeds.
• Decreased Destroyers speed, costs, and depthcharge AoE/speed, increased range, damages (especially towards submarines), HP and reloadtime.
• Added Plasma Frigates to both factions available in T1 Shipyard.
• Added Support Frigates (AA/Antisub) to both factions available in T1 Shipyard.
• Reduced Construction ships costs, buildpower, added land labs in buildmenu, tweaked speeds.
• Reduced Corvettes costs and HP, tweaked speeds and renamed "Fast Assault Corvette".
• Reduced rez submarines hp, costs, worketime and rez speed, tweaked speed.
• Added the Construction Hovercraft to the t1 sea labs.
• Nerfed the Construction Hovercraft build power to 90 for both arm and core (arm 150, core 125 before nerf)

T1 buildings:
• Guardian, punisher, ambusher and toaster now have increased damages against ships (this was an old BA feature)
• Added Gun Platform to both factions available in T1 ship con, t2 engineer and Commander buildmenus.
• Reduced the Floating HLTs costs.
• Reduced the Torpedo Launchers costs, reload time and damages, increased their ranges to 475.
• Added Nanot Turret Platform to both factions available in amphibs, hovers, t1 construction ships and seaplanes.
• Merged the sonar and the floating radar into a floating Radar/Sonar tower with 1200 sonar range and its old radar range. Radar cost unchanged.

T1.5 Seaplanes:
• Reduced the factory's metal and energy costs
• Used the generic amphibious build menu for Construction Seaplanes
• Reduced some of the energy costs that were crazily huge.

T1.5 Amphibious lab:
• Removed Submarine from amphibious lab.

• Uses Raw move to avoid needless turns in water
• Ships can now turn-in-place (as it did back in 2012). This allows better control on boats by being able to anticipate if the unit will slow down for the turn or keep its max speed.
• Globally, maxspeeds, accelerations, brakesrates and turnrates have been decreased for a smoother handling and better feeling of inertia. In terms of balance, this also results in ships being globally weaker to non instantaneous (non beamlasers) weapons (including each other as most ships use plasmas).

• Add SystemPrivacy=1 to springsettings.cfg to not send your system info
• Increased default player unit limit to 1500
• Renamed a lot of unit id's, so they start with arm/cor and the id fits the name
• Krogoth model scaled down (10%) and bantha model scaled up (5%) Flagships scaled up (15%)
• Some models scales have been changed in order to add a ship feeling to them (mainly longer Z-Axis)
• Arm Beamer updates its aim faster when firing
• Half the amount of critters, and smaller in size

• All new particle/lighting effects!
• Radar/distance icons are more detailed/sharper and more various
• Projectiles/explosions/laserbeams can have lighting. 'Lighting Effects' option toggable via options widget. (default enabled)
• Added outline widget, toggable via Options (default disabled)
• Unit textures reprocessed with bigger color range and less grain
• Some units got remodeled for better looks
• More units have been given a shatter effect on death
• Bloomshader: prettier and more pronounced, added brightness slider and highlights toggle to Options
• Snow: added amount slider, map toggle and auto-reduction option to Options
• Some walking animations are improved
• Changed some missile models
• One universal tank script for the most basic tanks, which has preset animations that can be tweaked directly via unitDefs

• Console split into Chat Only and Battle/Autohost:
Chat console will handle all chats between players from and to lobby/all/team/spectators.
Battle/Autohost will handle all battlestates messages (warnings, errors, pauses, lags, afk, resigns...) and all autohosts messages (votes, rings...)
"!xxx" commands are hidden from players and only the feedbacks will be seen in the battle/autohost console.
Autohosts feedbacks on invalid commands or rings are hidden from players unless your name is mentionned by the host or you are the one who attempted the command.
Autohosts vote feedbacks only include: who started the vote, whose votes are missing, and vote results.
• GUI background 10% darker
• Added Tooltip widget, shows tooltips at mouse cursor location
• Buildmenu: shows metal/energy cost and tooltip on hover
• Buildmenu: could show shortcuts when enabled via Options widget
• Buildspacing shortcuts B and N are now ALT+Z and ALT+X
• Player Color Palette widget has beed added (rainbow scemed team coloring, toggable via Options)
• Removed 'Allies' label from advplayerslist
• Added grabinput widget (enable if you have problems with mouse detection in (borderless) window mode)
• Pausescreen changed and darkens screen or decolorizes it when shaders enabled
• Restyled prestart faction change widget (also scales with resolution)
• Spiced up the loadscreen progress bar, and removed old loadscreens
• Replaced engine info screen (shortcut i) with our own variant
• Spiced up 'Buildbar' and 'Selected Unit Buttons' widgets
• Added additional extensive unit description (by PtaQ)
• Unit info widget removed (the one that had the ctrl+u shortcut)
• Added quit button showing a custom resign/quit window
• Added widget "Set fighters on Fly mode" (default enabled), toggable via options widget
• Added widget "Depth of Field" (default disabled, when enabled: toggle with f10) ctrl+[] to in/decrease DoF
• Added widget "Tombstones" (default enabled), toggable via options widget
• Button click sounds added for various widgets
• Various (ui/control) widgets disable when you become spectator
• Unit stats: when not spectating: disabled unit info screen for selected units

Top bar widget
• Resource bars, Energy Conversion, Wind Display, Com Counter, Rejoin progress merged into 'Top Bar' widget
• No com counter when teams consist of just 1 player
• Escape key now hides windows: Keybinds, commands, changelog, options, quit, gameinfo
• Teamstats widget renamed, bugfixed, simplified, spiced up and has a fixed position
• Changelog widget: version shortcuts only show for every 10th version number

• Added graphics presets
• Added labeled option groups, and a lot of new options
• Fixed that not all settings remembered their values

• Removed useless repeat/stop/wait order buttons from a lot of buildings
• Commands FX widget: improved performance
• Fixed units flying across the map after unloading from transporters
• Thanks to the new engine and pathfinding units will not get lost when walking along walls (ie. dsd west north spot)
• Ally Cursors widget: improved performance
• Fixed Team stats widget creating an unresponsive darkened/blurred screen
• Fixed commander nametags occasionally showing spectator name
• Fixed cursor size changing after alt tabbed to desktop and back
• Fixed glitchy/spiky healthbars shader on current intel gfx and very old cards
• Fixed unit_stats crashes when hovering enemy units. And dps values for beamlaser and stockpiling weapons
• Settarget queues will now be paused when a unit attempts to dgun.
• Settarget will stick to water surface instead of ground level if main weapon (weapon 1) cannot reach underwater.
• Highlight unit/highlight selected units widgets skip a unit when its shown as icon
• Map startbox widget wont enable fog any longer
• Fixed BA los colors not initializing on first launch + enabled radar view by default
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.00 -> 10.01

• Options: added console maxlines and fontsize slider
• Fixed mines not exploding
• Fixed unba coms enabled notification always showing pregame
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.01 -> 10.02

• Nerfed movement for stumpy/raider/bulldog/reaper, also tiny bit for flash/instigator
• T2 vehicle artillery weapon damage decreased with 10%, also lowered turnrate
• Mines switched their detonation method (lua LUS instead of weapons).
• Implemented lups plasma shields for better performance (and maybe looks ..when 'lups particle/shader effects' option enabled)
• Added lighting to flame effects
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.02 -> 10.03

Balance changes:
• Stumpy/Raider turnrate increased from 329/321 to 370/360
• Prevent Combomb gadget is now always active but only cancels comblast damages/reflects dgun damages when the involved commanders are both last commanders.
• The previously added feature "TargetBorder" has been disabled. It seemed to remain unstable by times and will be disabled until we are completly sure it doesnt have a negative impact on the game
• Given t2 mexes are on/off button again
• Fixed Juggernaut explosion

• Options: Added team color palette sub option: same team colors
• LUPS: Shields only show when unit is Finished, and disable the dome when emp-d
• Decreased Comblast/DgunRange circles activation distance
• Lighting effects adjustments
• Starburst missiles have been given a green exhaust trail
• Fixed Arm Construction Seaplane wings animation overextending
• Fixed Offer-to-play button
• Fixed flame particles not fading away
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.03 -> 10.04

Balance changes:
• Nano Platforms energy costs increased from 2000 to 2600e (arm and core).
• Fixed BlackHydra flagship cost (M and E were swapped)

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):
• Experience to power scale increased: Units will earn more exp from killing experienced units, and less exp from killing unexperienced units
• HealthScale and ReloadScale increased: Units will earn more bonus HP and firerate from gaining experience
• Commander power heavily increased: Commander will overall earn less experience from damaging/killing units
• Commander experience from resourcing and moving increased: Gives more viability to commanders in base

• Lots of performance increases here and there, most noteworthy:
Team Platters: 500%
Enemy Spotters: 25%
Health Bars: 25%
Top Bar: 50%
Self-D icons/Given unit icons: 2000%
Selected Unit Buttons: 150%
• Options: added health bars scaling slider
• Options: added team platter opacity slider + skip own units toggle
• Options: added selected units opacity slider + shader toggle
• Fixed gadget profiler
• Some more icon changes...
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.04 -> 10.05

Balance changes:
• Fixed: HLT's, corvp/corap/coralab have larger explosion
• Arm EMP building has 10% less range
• Leveler and Pyro can only shoot at surface units
• Reduced Maverick dps 5%, and gets less range when gaining experience
• Reduced vehicle max-speed: Flash 3%, Instigator 3%, Raiders 6%, Stumpy 6%, Panther 5%, Croc 5%, Bulldog 5%, Reapers 5%, Scouts 2%, Weasel 2%
• Reduced ArmRoy damages to submarines (390 -> 300) and corroys damages to submarines (410 -> 315)
• Reduced Support Frigates AA missiles reload time (2 -> 1.5s) and increased damages (110 -> 140)
• Arm/Core T2 Torpedo Launcher HP buffed (1500 to 2500) reloadTime reduced (arm: 3.1->1.75 core: 5.6->3.16) + removed special damages to commanders

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):
• Fixed modrules loading error when mo_unba is enabled
• Added evolving build menus: disabled upgrademex/areamex for commanders when mo_unba is enabled
• Unit Stats: Shows Commanders' currently used Weapons, current BuildSpeed and current Level when experience is known to the user.
• Using lower values for ResourcesUse to Exp ratios, higher for ResourcesMake to Exp ratios, and a better Damages to Exp ratio.

• Units that only can shoot at surface category units wont chase non-surface units (bladewings benefit from this)
• Disallowed build commands of disabled build options in the unlikely case user widgets could allow overriding the limitation
• Unit Stats: Show real time values rather than UnitDefs' values when available (maxHP, armor, speed/accel/turnrate)
• Shields are more transparant and have less 'burst'-line parts (also bursts dissapear when emp'd)
• Starburst missiletrail color changed to red (was green)
• Worker type unit explosion has been tinted green
• Added option: 'use teamcolor' option for highlighted selected units
• Fixed Faction change widget: guishader works now
• Fixed Top-bar text elements being out of place after a resize/alt-tab
• Fixed highlight selected units failing to show in rare occasions
• Fixed tombstone color-shifting at certain angles
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.05 -> 10.06

Balance changes:
• Bantha speed reduced 8%, harder to paralyze 30%
• EMP bomber more expensive: metal 33%, energy 11%
• Prevents paralyzer units attacking anything other than EMP-able units
• Dragonteeth and Fortification walls are no long EMP-able
• Fixed T2 crawling bombs not blowing on attack commands. (issue on maintenance engines)
• Footprints adjusted: armfus 7x4->6x5, armvp 8x6->7x6, corvp 7x7->7x6
• Increased Gimp's torpedos max speed 30% and acceleration 400%
• Arm/Core destroyers: Increased default depthcharge damages +25% and decreased damages vs subs -10%
• Arm/Core Support Frigates: Disabled AA, enabled surface units targetting. Damages vs subs: 216 (vs 240) and damages vs default and commander: 100 (vs 140)
• Arm/Core patrol boats: buffed range (450 -> 700) and damages (+50%) as they now become the only t1 aa ship available.
• Reduced Comblast Edgeeffectiveness from 0.40->0.317 Does 3.5k damage to commanders at dgunRange (was 3.850k)
• Added a test option "seamex": underwater|surface (default underwater)

Unbalanced Commanders (when mo_unba is enabled):
• Dgun reloadTime reduced by 0.025s at each level (0.9->0.65)
• Laser reloadTime reduced by 0.025 at each level, capped at 0.2 (was 0.4)
• UWLaser reloadTime reduced by 0.05 at each level, capped at 0.5 (was 1)
• Commander BuildSpeed increased by 50 at each level until level 7, then increased by 100 (300->1000)
• Commander Shield wont block torpedos anymore

• Added widget: Fancy Selected Units (options widget has various options for it)
• Added widget: Show Builder Queue - (default disabled) Shows ghosted queued up buildings (for allied teams)
• Added widget: Commander Hurt Vignette - red screen borders when com isn't in view and gets damaged
• Added widget: Unit Reclaimer (Hover over unit and drag an area-reclaim circle to reclaim all units within)
• Added widget: Auto Cloak Popups - (default disabled) - Auto cloaks Pit Bull and Ambusher
• You can toggle off Highlight Selected Units via options widget
• Auto Group: disabled immediate mode (like in 9.46), re-enable it via options widget
• EcoStats shows reclaimed metal/energy income (as less vibrant part of the bar)
• Unit Outline has thickness slider added to options widget and takes resolution into account
• Accurate Comblast and Dgun Range widget. Showing ranges for damage values: 3.5k, 3k, 2k, 1k and 0.
• Added "Scroll inversed" toggle to options widget
• Loadscreen shows tips, unitinfo and quotes
• Ignore Ships vs Shipyard colisions when finished for 15 seconds: No more rotation when exiting lab.
• More "RockOnWaves" animations to t1 sea floating buildings (tidals/metalmakers/dragonteeth)
• Fixed Air mesh not refreshing when map_waterlevel is used.
• Flak and mercury/screamer projectile explosions are visually bigger
• Vehicle minimap/overview icon adjusted to match kbots icon design
• Trees wave in the wind and fall when they die due to damage (only centain tree types)
• Included barmodels modoption (default disabled) Remodeled Units!
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.06 -> 10.07

Balance changes:
• Long range T1 AA range reduced 10% (1250 -> 1125) and airlos changed: Eradicator 1000->1060, Chainsaw 1200->1060
• Storms/Rockos +4% projectile start/max speed
• Kbots global buff: +15% turnrate/acceleration/brakerate, turninplace = true, reduced slopeMod (slows on slopes).
• Plasma shield starting power reduced to 20% instead of 33%
• Halberd +9% range (275 -> 300)
• Reduced support frigates damages to subs (216 -> 150), to default (100 -> 60), to commanders (100 -> 70)
• Rocko/Zeus/Snipers/Hammers/Dominators/Krogoths/Juggernaut take less time for their first aim: torso turnspeed unchanged but activation happens while torso turns (rather than before).
• Naval engineer buildpower reduced from 400 to 200 for arm and core, added sea nano to their buildlist
• T1 scout boats paralyze multiplier reduced from 1 to 0.1 (2 bw paralyzer shot to EMP instead of 1 bw paralyzer shot)
• T1 air transport: Erased the move command when using unload.
• T2 air transport: Can transport up to four 2x2 footprint or less units, or one 3x3 or more. Unloads all units at once.
• Custom formations2: Block unload formations that are too small/wont allow all unload commands to happen (red colored dots will switch to yellow when minimal length is reached)
• Stumpy energy cost (2000 -> 2100)

Unbalanced Commanders:
• Commander's M and E production increases by 25e/s and 0.5m/s at each level (maximum 275e/s, 6.5m/s at level 11)
• Commander buildmenu upgrades changed and now consist of:
Economy: Advanced Solars (lvl3), Geo (lvl3), Moho extractor (lvl4), Underwater Moho extractor (lvl4). Replaces t1 equivalents.
Factories: T1.5 (amphibs), Arm Adv Vehicle Plant / Core Adv Kbots Lab (lvl3), T2 kbot lab (lvl3), T2 Shipyard (lvl3), Nano towers (lvl3). Doesn't replace t1 labs.
Defence/Utilitary: Fortification Wall (lvl5), Beamer/HLLT (lvl 3), T2 Popup (lvl5), Flak (lvl5), Advanced Torpedo Launcher (lvl 5). Replaces t1 equivalents.
Mobile Units: Crawling Bombs (lvl3), Spies (lvl4), Maverick/Commando (lvl5), Fatboy/Dominator (lvl6), Sniper/Sumo (lvl6)
The Fully upgraded buildmenus allows a total of 40 units.

• F10 toggles options (F8 toggles DoF when widget enabled)
• Smart Area Reclaim widget enabled by default. (Area reclaims only metal or energy depending on the center feature)
• When a buildcommand is selected, click and drag with left and middle mouse button to orientate the construction.
• Reverse move: Units able to move backwards must use CTRL key. Any command queued with the CTRL modifier will be performable backwards (and performed backwards if the move goal is behind)
• Replacing engine trees with custom trees
• Options menu has tabs
• Added Defense Ranges toggles to options
• Added "Minimap icon size" slider to options
• Added "Simple minimap colors" option to options
• Team colors based on palette suboption: "same team colors": your own team has a lighter color
• Added opacity slider for Commands FX option
• Added options: Buildmenu large icons
• Vertical launched missiles have an ground dust/fire effect added
• Changed barrel fire smoke effect
• Trees not only fall, but also dissapear through the ground
• Removed widget: "Unit Reclaimer": add CTRL modifier key to "Specific Unit Reclaimer" widget instead
• More acurate math behind 3rd award from awards screen
• More deathmessages
• Various script tweaks for kbots.
• Fixed mines detonating before they are completly built, added dummy weapon to show detonation range
• Fixed some T2 and T3 dist-icon sizes
• Fixed mobile AA not targetting at full range without an attack command.
• allowUnitCollisionOverlap = false
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.07 -> 10.08

Balance changes:
• Speed -2% for: Stumpy, Raider, Bulldog, Reaper
• Janus -2% Brakerate / - 2% acceleration
• Bulldog -7 weapon AoE
• Reapers -100 HP
• Fixed Juggernaut main weapon firing
• Fixed Line Unload behaviour (was discarding orders that were shown as possible)
• Fixed sniper auto hold fire when cloaked
• Fixed transported units using selfd explosion rather than death explosion when their transport is shot down / self destructs / is reclaimed

Unbalanced Commanders:
• Commander's wreck metal value scales on commander's level: 70% of full value at level 1, 100% at level 2, 120% at level 3, 140% at level 4,
170% at level 5, 200% at level 6, 220% at level 7, 250% at level 8, 300% at level 9, 400% at level 10 and 500% at level 11
• MoveSpeed reduced by 0.025 when level increases ( 1.25 -> 1.0 )
• EnergyMake = Base + {0,25,50,75,100,150,200,250,300,400,500}
• MetalMake = Base + {0,0.5,1.0,2,3,4,5,7.5,10,12.5,15}

• Added deterministic area unload distribution (no mindistance check) via widget "Area Unload"
• Voice Notifs play along when tracking a players camera when speccing
• When large unit icons option enabled: buildorders get enlarged alongside with buildicons
• Enemyspotter/TeamPlatter/ComNameTags widgets take options 'same team colors' into account
• When tracking player camera, ally selected units gui is now integrated in option window
• Ecostats /specfullview crash fix
• Some widget and gadget optimizations
• Added modoption 'mo_allowuserwidgets' to be able to disable user widgets (plain level field for tournaments and other competitiv
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.08 -> 10.09

• Commander speed underwater decreases to 66% of it's value when depth > 47
• Flamethrowers dont spray as wide as before
• Nanos and Nano platforms self-d deal 140 damages instead of 480 damages to surrounding nanos.
• Nanoframes (unfinished units) will only get hit when its build over 10% (to prevent using new buildings as shield only)
• Global acceleration buff for ships (+100%)
• Depthcharges can only target "CANBEUW" or "UNDERWATER" categories (excluding floating structures and ships)
• Since newer engines now allow it, loading underwater units is now disallowed (for engineVersion >

T1 ships:
• Reduced Construction Ships HP -15%
• Destroyers projectile speed +5%, restored full 360 degrees turret aim, sonar distance reduced to 375.
• Arm Destroyer +8% mcost, -9% ecost, + 3% speed/accel/brake
• Core Destroyer HP 4050 -> 3950 (reducing delta between arm and core destroyers health), +9% mcost
• Submarines + 10% ecost, -10% mcost
• Assult Frigates damages + 3%, turret turnspeed reduced -3%, reloadTime increased +4%, +30% e cost, +3% speed/accel/brake.
• Transport ship costs decreased to core 3700e/350m/6400bt and arm 3500e/350m/6500bt, hp decreased to arm 2900 and core 3000.
• Support Frigate becomes Depthcharge Frigate, range 400 -> 375, sonar 450 -> 400, maxvelocity -2.5%, -10% energy cost
• Corvettes +8% speed/accel/brake, +4% turn, +10% energy cost (+15% for armdecade)

T2 ships:
• Globally lighter ships with lower costs/health. ... 60fc2247d6
• Cruiser: raids and close combats, depthcharge against submarines.
• Submarine Killer: long range fire support, low armor, cannot shoot behind, can reverse.
• AntiAir Ship: mobile antiair.
• Battleship: long ranged plasma ship, lacks range to effectively bombard land.
• Missile ship: cheap alternative to damage coastline, surface porcs and static buildings.
• Flagship: long ranged artillery like weaponry and shorter range heavy weapons, designed for land bombardment.
• Jammer Ship: mobile jammer, low cost, no sonar jamming.

Static defenses/utilitary/offenses:
• Arm/Core floating gun platform special damages towards "heavyunits" and air categories erased, projectile speed increased (+32%), can attempt to target aircrafts.
• Reverted the shield starting power change from 10.07 (starting power increased to 33% instead of 20%)
• New command "Set Priority" in anti air order menu, switch between targetting Fighters/Bombers/No priority. (To create a bind, use action name "setpriority")

• Removed Passive energy/metal generation from T1/T2 Shipyards
• Lowered energy/metal storages for T1 shipyards (125->100)
• Underwater Moho Metal Extractors Buildtimes reduced 30% (approx 35000 -> 24000)
• Offshore mexes are now the default (and only) t1 sea mexes.
• Offshore mexes attempt to hide underwater when hit, therefore stopping the metal production for about 5 seconds.
• Reduced Construction Ships Energy/Metal production (15/0.115 -> 7/0.1) and increased Energy/Metal storages (15 -> 50)
• Increased Carriers EnergyMake from 250 to 300, decreased metalStorage from 1500 to 800

Factories and buildOptions:
• Erased T1/T2 Shipyards' radarsight
• Construction Hovercraft cannot be made from T1 shipyard
• Sea Combat Engineer cannot build Amphibious Lab, Hovercraft Platform, Dragon Eyes, Submarines
• Sea Combat Engineer builds floating flaks instead of rocket towers

• Hovercraft can now be transported
• Construction Hovercraft buildpower 90 -> 140

• Banisher missile blows up in the air after it is out of fuel
• Stumpy -3% speed / +3% turnrate
• Flash -1% speed / +2% turnrate
• Jeffy +2% turnrate
• Bulldog -2% speed
• Shellshocker -5% reloadtime
• Raider -2% speed / +3% turnrate
• Instigator -5% speed / +2% turnrate
• Weasel +2% turnrate
• Reaper -2% speed
• Wolverine -5% reloadtime

• Core Cutlass: HP reduced by 20% (1135 -> 905) and damages reduced by 15% (55 -> 47)
• Increased aircon bp (55 -> 60), decreased e cost (5000 -> 4500), decreased buildtime 10%

• Added awesome new AI tuned for BA: DAI
• mo_unba = "exponly" added to allow only the health/reload/power multipliers, no different weapon upgrades
• Added widget: "Dgun no ally", will make dgun not snap to own/ally units when near
• Added widget: "Attack no ally", will make attack command not snap to own/ally units when near
• Specific Unit Loader: Hold down Alt or Ctrl and give an area load order, centered on a unit of the type to load.
• Added more detailed weapon names
• Added group move widget: avoids giving single point move commands (splits units into a small area around command)
• Advplayerlist: system tooltip shows GPU memory usage (when availible)
• Various widget and gadget performance improvements
• Allow maps to make unit mutations

• Crowned Commander for tourney winner (CONGRATULATIONS Raghna !)
• Added names for AI bots
• Unit Stats: shows when hovering over buildmenu unit and holding space
• Unit Stats: Hide range on selfd-death explosions stats (unrelevant, it's the AoE that is relevant)
• Unit Stats: Shows a small weapon description in place of the weaponType name.
• Added laser fadeout effect + tuned laser thickness to match their damages more
• Changed/added flamethower effect
• Added widget: Under contruction gfx: draws highlight for under construction units to help visibility
• Engine replacement trees are made to look smoother
• Engine replacement trees now are crushable as well
• Various script enhancements/fixes, models improvements
• UI bars and projectile glow is less blobby: fading faster, but slower gradual fadeout

• Fixed command "Area Mex" not being available for captured builders and Unbalanced Commanders and improved its mex placement script (uses mex snap's code)
• Fixed loading widgets from maps
• Fixed crawling bombs underwater detonation
• Fixed cloaking units underwater and cloaking/decloaking cancelling current queue.
• Fixed Console in scroll mode being glitchy when an ignored line is added.
• Unit Stats: Do not use (reloadTime + beamTime) but just (reloadTime) when calculating dps. (Fixes previous commit in v10.00)
• Fixed Set Target command giving away exact target position
• Disabled unit_shipyardcollisions.lua which poorly handled ships vs shipyards collisions
• mo_preventcombomb removed, (the prevent combomb gadget is already always enabled in last commander vs last commander situations)
• Fixed unit disticon having teamcoloring residue on the edges
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.09 -> 10.10

• Morty shoots more acurate
• Vehicle speed changes: Janus -3%, Flash -1%, Instigator +1.5%
• Ignoreplayer (cltr+click playername) shows crossed playername + shows when they chat (but stripping message)
• Added "apply heat distortion" option to light effects widget/options (default disabled)
• EcoStats widget appearance changed (flatter but wider)
• Fixed low fps bug cause by a gadget
• Fixed reclaimspeed gadget
• Fixed duplication of engine replacement trees
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.10 -> 10.11

Balance changes:
• Decreased Core Supporter (corvette) metal cost from 165 to 160.
• Liche: -5% maxSpeed, +5% energy cost, +2.5% buildTime, damages to commanders 3150 (vs 3350)

• Added "Vote interface" widget (displays on top of minimap, top left)
• Added "Lua UiKeys Loader" widget allowing to load "uikeys.txt" file located in "LuaUI/Widgets_BA"
• Added "real map and model lights" option to light effects widget. (disable this if you have old gpu)
• Enabled improved "apply heat distortion" option by default (light effects widget)
• Flamethrower spray less wide + hit effect changed
• Enlarged options/changelog/commands/keys/gameinfo windows with 6%
• Removing muted player chat completely instead of "(ignored)"
• Player camera tracking updates more frequent and transitions are faster

• Fixed sea fighters killing eachother when firing through eachother
• Fixed fighters diving towards target until too close and taking AOE damages from friendly fighter hits
• Fixed aircraft landing inside (ground) air repairpads
• Fixed "Factory hold position" widget: some T3 factories didnt work before
• Fixed cormaw (t1 flamethrower building) not closing properly
• Fixed stuck LRPC cannon barrels
• Performance optimizations (for lots of widget and gadgets
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.11 -> 10.12

IMPORTANT: Removed support for older engine versions, use or newer.

• Testing splitting ballistic missiles for T2 missile ships (splits into 6 (arm) or 8(core) projectiles)
• Continuous aiming: units readjust their aim much more often + start aiming when enemy is still at maxrange + 10%
• EMP spider auto heals itself with 15hp per second (ba9.37 had 30 before it was removed)
• Ships/Sea wrecks durability increased ("health" + 100%)
• Floating mine AoE reduced 30%, damages to subs from 1750 -> 1100, edge effectiveness from 1.00 -> 0.65
• Toaster range 1335 -> 1390, Ambusher range 1320 -> 1380
• MERL range 1215 -> 1300, Diplomat range 1240 -> 1310

• Engine replacement trees can be set on fire! The fire can propagate and even cause slight damages.
• Added option "Resolution" (might freeze engine... in windowed mode)
• Added option "Move Window Position"
• Added option "Contain mouse"
• Added option "Tree Wind" (before it was only active when barmodels enabled)
• Added options "Camera smoothing" and "Tracking cam smoothing" slider
• Camara tracking limits view to the tracked player's viewpoint and sight
• Resource bars: low energy: red background tint, when overflowing: resource colored
• Added lups thrusters to armatlas/corvalk/banshee
• Added the "Traitor" award = destroying allied units.
• Chat console background is back, toggle with /chatbackground
• Renamed modoptions: removed 'mo_' prefix and change for chickens to 'chicken_'
• Game info screen: grouped chicken modoptions, and hiding them when chickens disabled
• Advplayerlist auto collapses, availible in options: Interface -> "Playerlist auto collapses"

• Auto closing game when loaded unsupported AI (supported: DAI, KAIK, NullAI, Chickens)
• Trees fall in the correct direction regarding blast origin/unit position
• Options widget remembers/restores some spring config settings (switching engines lately made config reset)
• Fixed DAI echo spam + working with multiple DAI bots + behavior improvements
• Decoy com attacked warning sound is now a regular unit under attack one
• Team AI wont give you its units any longer when you do /take
• Fixed "map edge extension" not always showing
• Fixed "States Prefs" widget overriding config table with empty table after loading a replay
• Fixed Bloom rendering the map black on certain maps
• Unit stats shows again when having unit selected (unless you type chat input)
• Air thrusters wont show while plane is crashing

• Removed "SmoothCam" widget: its integrated into options widget
• Removed "GroupMove" widget because it had side effects/downsides
• Removed old console and old ally resource bars widget
• Removed modoptions: "Control Victory", "firethroughfriendly", "smallfeaturenoblock", "reclaimunitefficiency", "mm_diminish_facto
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.12 -> 10.13

• Reverted the global 10% reclaimspeed nerf (see 10.00)

• Fixed "Set Target Default" erroring at game start
• Fixed some missing water-splash effects
• Fixed: The new "Contain mouse" option should show up in the options this time
• Fixed: Auto disabling map widgets: *Mearth Location Tags*1.0 (render errors) and "Ambient player" (DsD v8)
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.13 -> 10.14

NOTE: Requires or later engine versions

• Comblast lethal range to other commanders extended (+35%)
• Vehicles acceleration and brakerate are now based on maxVel and turnrate
• Stumpy/Raider/Bulldog/Reaper metal cost increased +5%
• Storm/Rocko/Thud/Hammer : torso speed rotation increased
• Removed high trajectory weapons from Hammer/Thud
• Maverick +7% hp (from 1300 to 1400hp)
• Penetrator reverse speed from 60% -> 40%
• Ressurect kbots +20% reclaim speed
• T1 air transports vertical speed reduced 25% + cruisealtitude 65 -> 70

• Fixed: Reduced footprint of engine replacement trees + tree fire wont spread as wildly
• Fixed: Continuous aiming change always being able to fire, even when turret was way off
• Fixed: Popup units wont start targeting unless enemy is within weapon range
• LLT's only aims when target is within range (to keep early scout gameplay intact)

• New 'modern' unit icon set (made by IceXuick), choose between old/modern/modern_simplified in options
• Added: Options > Graphics > "Icon set", "Icon scale" and moved "Minimap icon size" there as well
• Added: Options > Graphics > "Nano effect": beam or particles (old effect)
• Added: Options > Graphics > Shadows: "max quality", "min quality", "disable at average FPS"
• Added: Options > Game > ' include builders' .. in area-selection, you can disable to exclude builders
• Added: Options > Game > "passive builders": nanos, cons, labs
• Added: Options > Game > "Dont snap DGun to ground units" (default disabled), still snaps to air, ships and hovers on land
• Options > Graphics > "Anti Aliasing" slider works again, but limited max value of 4. (MSAA will be used instead of FSAA)
• Added light effects to: laser hits, barrel fire, air thrusters, nano beams and fusion balls
• New flak explosion effect + custom crashing airplane smoke trails
• Removed dgun range circle when enemy com gets near
• Auto set 10000 particles as minimum
• Adjusted proportions of all BAR (remodeled) units to match their BA counterparts (modoption: barmodels)
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.14 -> 10.15

• DGun area of effect lines will be yellow when having insufficient energy
• Fixed nano beam lights turning off immediately
• Icon tweaks, additions and fixes
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.15 -> 10.16

• 'nanoframes' will now be hit when build process reaches 5% (was 10%)
• Fixed nano beam errors + different beam visual for reclaiming
• Added widget "Player TV": auto camera tracks top trueskill players + switches every 40 secs
• "Auto quit" widget will keep trying to quit if there is no mouse movement detected each minute
• Pause screen will show when no new gameframes have been received (host admin pause)
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.16 -> 10.17

• Fixed range exploit
• Fighters will explode with less damage (half damage, 2/3 AoE)
• Fixes and tweaks for Pausescreen, Autoquit, nanobeams and Player TV
• Limited MSAA slider option max 8
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.17 -> 10.18

• Fixed com counter
• Fixed too bright laserhit lights
• Renamed modoption 'ffa' to 'ffa_mode'
• Made mapmods work again (modoption: allowmapmutators, default enabled)
• Player-TV widget enabled by default (shows on top of advplayerslist when spectator)
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Re: Changelog BA 10

Post by Flaka »

10.18 -> 10.19

• Hover constructors buildpower 140->110
• Added option: GUI opacity
• Added option: Buildmenu radar icons + buildmenu icons are more squared
• Removed iconset: modern_simplified
• Removed firestate button from anti's
• Fixed pyro pilotlight showing when out of los
• Added modoption: "globallos", enables full visibility
• DAI uses emp/tactical/nukes + remembers seen buildings and try to take these down.
• Added "Music Player" widget. Music excluded. (download from
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