BA 9.46 vs BA 10.X

BA 9.46 vs BA 10.X

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BA 9.46 vs BA 10.X

Post by raaar »

There seems to be split in the community between those who preferred the 9.46 relative to 10.x and it's persisting on 10.13.

People also seem angry about hosts and stuff.

As an "outsider" to BA i can barely tell the difference between them.

What's wrong with the newer versions? what would it take for you to move to newer version?
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Re: BA 9.46 vs BA 10.X

Post by PicassoCT »

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[22:27:39] <raaar> hmm
[22:27:53] <raaar> lots of people think the world is out to get them and don't do that
[22:28:08] <raaar> maybe he was going to plug the laptop and got a shock
[22:28:11] <raaar> ZAP!
[22:28:39] <raaar> when the paralyze time ended, he was subtly changed
[22:28:45] <P_i_c_a> Doubt that- those supervillian stories usually are nonsense. From a power surge, all you get is no feeling in the hands.
[22:29:38] <raaar> but he didn't gain superpowers
[22:30:47] <raaar> now, will i finish my 1.0 release
[22:30:54] <raaar> or procrastinate on the zk clusterfuck
[22:38:00] <snacksizedbucket> you fail to realize that creating tutorials and documentation was completly useless
[22:38:23] <snacksizedbucket> the idiots of spring never learned to use them
[22:38:31] <P_i_c_a> yeah, that knorke guy totally wasted his life
[22:39:10] <snacksizedbucket> just a few hours per week over some years. bad enough.
[22:39:44] <snacksizedbucket> lol see? it was even on wiki.
[22:40:03] <snacksizedbucket> the idiots are too dumb to look up the simplest stuff.
[22:41:16] <snacksizedbucket> all they rely on were their made up assumptions how things work, that they inserted into every discussion
[22:44:13] <snacksizedbucket> and demonstrating how quick stuff can actually be created in spring, that is not anyone wants to hear about
[22:44:44] <snacksizedbucket> because all you pathetic idiots spent years fumbling around with your shitty games without noticeable progress
[22:47:24] <snacksizedbucket> in spring the idiots want to brag how hard things are.  "buuu huuu i spent eight hours last night on some shit"
[22:47:56] <snacksizedbucket> reality: a whole chat tried to explain a some basic tutorial to a bitching idiot. rofl
[22:49:36] <snacksizedbucket> you cling to old made up legends because nobody new is coming
[22:50:07] <snacksizedbucket> because your old "legends" told every new dev to fuck off
[22:50:53] <P_i_c_a> i was new when i arrived here- i could not even program when i started making maps
[22:51:00] <P_i_c_a> sorry for beeing human
[22:51:31] <P_i_c_a> i hope emmanuel is allright- he was a algerian france? he seemed to be out for trouble
[22:51:54] <snacksizedbucket> humans can learn. except when humans refuse to.
[22:53:19] <snacksizedbucket> they banned emmanuel, why would you expect him to stay
[22:53:47] <snacksizedbucket> idiots only saw his funny language but failed to see that actually had more skills than the idiots
[22:55:45] <snacksizedbucket>
[22:56:13] <snacksizedbucket> see? he was banned because the forum already had one rambling idiot. you.
[22:57:32] <P_i_c_a> I regret not having stepped in there.
[22:57:47] <P_i_c_a> But well now we have to rambling idiots in the chat.
[22:57:59] <P_i_c_a> three if you count code_man as a whole person
[22:58:29] <snacksizedbucket> as i said: people like you are the worst. those who just watched idiots destroy spring but did nothing to stop them
[23:01:39] <P_i_c_a> yes, im sorry- i have the social powers to change the way the world works, and im the chosen ONE. I was supossed to bring balance to the TA, not lead it into Dorkness. Anykin your walking, are you walking Anni?
[23:02:07] <raaar> you're just wrong knorke
[23:02:17] <raaar> they didn't destroy spring at all
[23:02:24] <snacksizedbucket> we are talking about an internet forum, not the whole world
[23:03:06] <raaar> many things preventing spring from taking off
[23:03:33] <snacksizedbucket> 1) people without skills pretending to have skills
[23:03:33] <raaar> trying to harass people into doing things "the right way" is counterproductive if taken to your extreme
[23:04:25] <raaar> you remind me of those guys that keep flaming the teammates on league of legends
[23:04:28] <raaar> then get banned
[23:04:39] <snacksizedbucket> oh please. basic behaviour on internetforums is not something where you can discuss much about
[23:05:20] <raaar> then instead of acknowleding that maybe they're hopeless, you keep recurring again and again, like they did some major evil or something
[23:05:39] ** snacksizedbucket hat den Kanal verlassen (Connection was aborted locally, using.).
[23:07:01] <P_i_c_a> which makes no sense
[23:07:06] <P_i_c_a> but he is right on emmanuel
[23:07:13] <P_i_c_a> we shouldnt judge people who contribute
[23:09:09] <raaar> i think a bit of opinionising can be useful, but after that just let them do their stuff
[23:09:59] <raaar> the recurring drama itself helped prevent spring from growing imo, but it's just one of many things
[23:12:19] <snacksizedbucket> i didnt get the last part from disconnect
[23:15:14] <snacksizedbucket> raaar: grats, you are seriously defend a system where idiots fail to learn the most basic skills but feel in the right to flame others for not doing enough stuff for them
[23:15:41] <raaar> if they do that, yes , they do that wrong
[23:15:57] <raaar> but by repeating that point in offensive ways, over and over and over
[23:16:01] <raaar> stirring up drama
[23:16:16] <raaar> you ended up doing more damage than they did with their behaviors
[23:16:25] <snacksizedbucket> lol no
[23:17:01] <snacksizedbucket> the damage had already been done, by YEARS of their bullshit
[23:17:39] <P_i_c_a> Why not do the sensible thing then? Host your own forum- well moderated- and lock those you hate out?
[23:17:41] <snacksizedbucket> years of politely trying to make things better achieved nothing. i tried, many before me tried, they all left.
[23:18:17] <snacksizedbucket> oh great idea picasso. split the community once again, another forum, another discord
[23:18:36] <snacksizedbucket> when one forum is taken over by idiots then you simply create a new forum. phantastic idea.
[23:18:48] <P_i_c_a> yes it is
[23:18:51] <P_i_c_a> smoth did it
[23:18:54] <P_i_c_a> when he was banned
[23:19:01] <P_i_c_a> you could have done that
[23:19:05] <snacksizedbucket> and nothing of value was posted there
[23:19:22] <P_i_c_a> you created stuff- you could limit in distribution to not be used on the other forum
[23:19:29] <P_i_c_a> so people would have to link to your tutorials there
[23:19:39] <P_i_c_a> all things flow to those who create stuff
[23:19:40] <raaar> i agree w knorke on the split thing
[23:19:47] <raaar> it's best to try to make it work on one place
[23:20:00] <snacksizedbucket> oh yes, another great idea. in attempt to contribute to an open system...why not limit distribution! great! thats the spirit!
[23:20:02] <raaar> more likely to get critical mass
[23:20:55] <snacksizedbucket> why do you think like that? why do you just accept idiots as a force of nature? where the only possible reaction is to run away
[23:21:12] <P_i_c_a> you could have your own sub-forum where only you moderat
[23:21:24] <P_i_c_a> or maybe you never really wanted to remedy the situation?
[23:21:38] <P_i_c_a> You secretly where glad that it went downhill, and you where not to blame for it
[23:21:45] <snacksizedbucket> lol are you trolling?
[23:22:05] <snacksizedbucket> you wanted to give up a whole forum because of handful of bad users?
[23:22:30] <snacksizedbucket> instead of just warning, then banning, the bad users.
[23:22:42] <P_i_c_a> If it doesent change - as you said for years. Yes.
[23:23:09] <snacksizedbucket> idiots who often tried to drive off new developers away. and your idea is to leave the forum to them.
[23:23:21] <raaar> the "bad users" were recurrently given small bans
[23:23:22] <snacksizedbucket> but you can just ban the bad users. problem solved.
[23:23:24] <raaar> i think
[23:23:47] <snacksizedbucket> the warning and "small bans" obviously had no effect at all
[23:23:57] <raaar> imo that's not true
[23:23:58] <P_i_c_a> Now you argue my line
[23:24:01] <raaar> they're mostly constructive
[23:24:17] <snacksizedbucket> how often was forb warned or banned in 13 years?
[23:24:30] <snacksizedbucket> he did not change at all
[23:25:00] <P_i_c_a> wow, 13 years- good thing we did not try to make another forum...
[23:25:05] <P_i_c_a> in all that time
[23:25:06] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> lmao
[23:25:13] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> This chat is OP xD
[23:25:26] <P_i_c_a> he suffered like jesus did for our sins. 
[23:25:40] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> DAT P_i_c_a
[23:25:41] <snacksizedbucket> why not make the idiots go away and have THEM make their own forums?
[23:25:43] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> really...
[23:25:55] <raaar> maybe because they're not idiots
[23:25:59] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> OP forum with 100% censorship xD
[23:26:01] <raaar> just misbehave sometimes..
[23:26:23] <snacksizedbucket> "just misbehave sometimes" is the biggest understatement ever
[23:26:25] <P_i_c_a> we need a brutal dictatorship, with black jack and hookers
[23:26:37] <raaar> apparently most of the community thinks otherwise
[23:26:38] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> We already have lmao
[23:26:52] <snacksizedbucket> if obeying very basic norms is "brutal dictatorship" to you..
[23:26:57] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> The Dictatorship he said
[23:27:03] <snacksizedbucket> appearently most of the community is gone.
[23:27:08] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Banned forum posts exposing admin abuses
[23:27:14] <P_i_c_a> i fail to see where forb or smoth imposed anything on anybody- all that are in the community contribute, wether they wail in the web or not..
[23:27:15] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> banned hosts cuz hosting forks of BA xD
[23:27:20] <P_i_c_a> that saltwater never even touched the boat
[23:27:31] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Banned hosts cuz not "OFFICIAL" BA hosts
[23:27:49] <snacksizedbucket> where did i use the word "impose"?
[23:27:59] <raaar> mando not sure if that was the only reason
[23:28:12] <snacksizedbucket> filling chats and forums with aggressive wrong bullshit is bad enough. ban. gg. problem gone.
[23:28:15] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> ROFL that was the reason abma gave to me
[23:28:19] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> And i didnt even ask
[23:28:26] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> He just PM me all suddenly
[23:28:33] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> That much he was feeling guilty
[23:28:38] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> I was in tears xD
[23:29:04] <raaar> dunno
[23:29:05] <raaar> whatever
[23:29:07] <raaar> focus on the future
[23:29:09] <snacksizedbucket> yes, the hosts thing is nonsense. for decads forum admins and devs refused to do any moderating in the lobby
[23:29:10] <raaar> good outcomes, etc,.
[23:29:29] <snacksizedbucket> see old the past threads closed with "we are forum moderators, not lobby moderators"
[23:29:30] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Ye next time maybe investigate on the retarded abusive admins? :D
[23:29:35] <raaar> showing up to laugh at other's misery isn't helpful
[23:29:44] <snacksizedbucket> then BA gets hijacked and suddendly they begin moderating other autohosts
[23:30:13] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Ye mod devs that are also ADMINS xD
[23:30:15] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> good idea
[23:30:21] <snacksizedbucket> there is no future when idiots are accepted.
[23:30:29] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Which players do you think they will ban? :D
[23:30:48] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> They even banned players playing TA
[23:30:48] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> rofl
[23:30:52] <raaar> ba didn't really get hijacked, from what i remember silentwings stopped modding it, did some work on bar which people didn't care, and floris started working on ba
[23:30:53] <P_i_c_a> Could consumers choose with there feet? Could other devs provide alternatives ?
[23:30:55] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> BA devs banning TA players
[23:31:11] <raaar> then forb joined
[23:31:17] <P_i_c_a> BARherith did take BAR for a ride, didnt he?
[23:31:19] <raaar> but it happened over many months
[23:31:46] <snacksizedbucket> already before that forbording tried to make a BA release. just he was unable to keep BA and BA:R apart and the link was deleted
[23:32:15] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> raaar dont tell to people complaining to be constructive and help
[23:32:18] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Because they cant
[23:32:40] <P_i_c_a> Becaus they cunt?
[23:32:40] <snacksizedbucket> nooooooo forb did not join BA. did you not read floris posts? forb only has commit access, posts in every BA thread and was the most active chatter on new BA discord
[23:32:45] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> You guys got the admin powa! And will never be able to use properly
[23:32:51] <snacksizedbucket> but he is not part of the team, is that really so hard to see /s
[23:33:19] <P_i_c_a> Then kick it like beckham, become BA-Master instead of forb, rule that kingdom again!
[23:33:25] <P_i_c_a> people will come back, over time
[23:33:27] <snacksizedbucket> new BA devs set up a git before having asking
[23:33:52] <snacksizedbucket> THEN they asked to change the link of BA-rapid-download to their own new git.
[23:34:11] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> lmao
[23:34:22] <P_i_c_a> i vote for having the ba link show to knorkes rep
[23:34:29] <P_i_c_a> session adjourned
[23:34:42] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Congrats on the support to Floris the new dictator wannabe
[23:34:54] <raaar> dunno, it's all sad
[23:35:05] <snacksizedbucket> and because nobody filed an objection, abma did what they wanted.  however there simply was no active devs to object
[23:35:06] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> You guys are sad .... ye
[23:35:18] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Countless time i warned you
[23:35:25] <raaar> it's not up to me
[23:35:32] <raaar> i develop metal factions and play some of the other games
[23:35:55] <snacksizedbucket> yes, you just watch and let bad things happen. the worst.
[23:35:59] <raaar> it's up to BA community to ensure it gets handler properly
[23:36:00] <ThinkIRC> I blame you mando and knorke
[23:36:02] <raaar> handled*
[23:36:05] <ThinkIRC> you could have stood up
[23:36:09] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> BA community?
[23:36:10] <ThinkIRC>  /s
[23:36:12] <raaar> even now
[23:36:13] <P_i_c_a> But it was foretold in the prophecys of spring, that one would come
[23:36:15] <raaar> despite all the whining
[23:36:17] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> What is the BA community?
[23:36:21] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Floris you mean?
[23:36:26] <raaar> i can barely tell the difference between ba 9.46 and 10.x
[23:36:40] <raaar> a funny thing
[23:36:46] <raaar> relatives sometimes watch me play spring games
[23:36:50] <snacksizedbucket> there is not much BA players anymore. players tend to leave when you split their servers, kill their chats, drive them out of the forum etc
[23:36:53] <raaar> they can't even tell each other apart
[23:37:02] <raaar> people rage over minor differences
[23:37:27] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> minor differences? lmao
[23:37:34] <snacksizedbucket> great raar. you almost never play BA and do not notice changes. yes, non-players like you taking part in discussions is the worst.
[23:37:43] <raaar> hah
[23:37:51] <raaar> but that's it, i didn't take part in the discussion
[23:37:52] <snacksizedbucket> raaar the not-ba-player says the differences are minor. all is good.
[23:37:56] <snacksizedbucket> you do now
[23:37:58] <ThinkIRC> snacksizedbucket: but noone from ba is in this chat
[23:38:04] <raaar> and you were blaming me for doing that, not participating
[23:38:05] <ThinkIRC> what are you hoping to achieve
[23:38:17] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> There is Mando here
[23:38:22] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> He can speak for the other
[23:38:29] <Nightwatch> <Ruwetuin#9258> i ve been lurkin
[23:38:30] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> :D
[23:39:20] <snacksizedbucket> there is nothing to achieve. spring is dead. moderation community missed chance after chance to do anything.
[23:39:50] <CARTOUCHE> wtf
[23:40:04] <Nightwatch> <Ruwetuin#9258> (havent joined in cause there is little to gain from it)
[23:40:51] <snacksizedbucket> there is the man himself. the guy who was away from BA for years and then let forbording angel explain BA to him.
[23:41:01] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> xD
[23:41:17] <snacksizedbucket> aka the guy who hated on BA for years, refuses to list it on his spring website, never played it
[23:41:55] <snacksizedbucket> good choice to listen to
[23:43:31] <P_i_c_a> if this is a discussion, the whailing wall in jerusalem is a debate
[23:43:34] <snacksizedbucket> so picasso, you see: it does not help to run from idiots. they just follow.
[23:43:59] <P_i_c_a>
[23:44:04] <P_i_c_a> Just do it.
[23:44:10] <snacksizedbucket> between BA and forbording never had been any interaction. except forbording randomly hating on BA/its players.
[23:44:18] <snacksizedbucket> and now he forced his way in
[23:44:31] <P_i_c_a> Do not wail, do not bail, do not blame, do not rest, do not perma-fail, do not give up, just do it do it doit doit doit doi.
[23:44:35] <P_i_c_a> Do it.
[23:44:45] <P_i_c_a> You return.
[23:44:55] <Nightwatch> <Doo#2495> Doo it
[23:44:57] <P_i_c_a> So will other Ba Players to chekc wether its "alive" again
[23:45:00] <P_i_c_a> Doo it
[23:45:03] <P_i_c_a> Do it
[23:45:03] <Nightwatch> <Ruwetuin#9258> oooh forgot about that lovely map
[23:45:04] <GenerationMapExp> hi
[23:45:04] <GenerationMapExp> guys
[23:45:06] <GenerationMapExp> im new here
[23:45:06] <P_i_c_a> You can dev.
[23:45:09] <P_i_c_a> You can boogie.
[23:45:10] <P_i_c_a> Do it
[23:45:11] <GenerationMapExp> what happneed to ba10?
[23:45:15] <snacksizedbucket> yes, just do it. be friendly to new players even if idiots try to drive them off. do it.
[23:45:19] <P_i_c_a> He will do it.
[23:45:26] <GenerationMapExp> guys what happened to ba10
[23:45:34] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> rofl
[23:45:37] <GenerationMapExp> i was gone for several days and it went poof
[23:45:42] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> stfu xD
[23:45:59] <snacksizedbucket> explains questions on forum even if idiots interrupt with their unskilled nonsense. do it.
[23:46:11] <GenerationMapExp> P i c a can you explain to me what happened to balance annihilatoin
[23:46:20] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> it's ok they ban the thread of forums
[23:46:24] <snacksizedbucket> create tutorials even if idiots will confuse every new dev with their made up wrong bullshit. do it.
[23:46:29] <GenerationMapExp> i was a player a year ago we always had 8v8 for ba 9.46
[23:46:36] <GenerationMapExp> GG my question ignored
[23:46:39] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Cuz mod devs are also admin in forums and everywhere xD
[23:46:41] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Best idea
[23:46:56] <snacksizedbucket> divide and conquer.
[23:47:02] <P_i_c_a> You want to seperate church and state?
[23:47:24] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Ye P_i_c_a keep saying your bullshits :D
[23:47:26] <GenerationMapExp> is that you picasso?
[23:47:28] <P_i_c_a> Be my guest. See my vest, made from real gorilla chest, feel this sweater there is no better, then authentic irish setter.
[23:47:37] <GenerationMapExp> picasso you were one of the admins on ace right?
[23:47:41] <GenerationMapExp> hmm interesting ur name is familiar
[23:47:54] <snacksizedbucket> when nobody takes your opinions on BA serious because your only experience is from playing "Fun TA"..and your suggestions only create facepalms..hey just make an discord where you are admin!
[23:48:25] <GenerationMapExp> please can someone save BA? i think its disappearing
[23:48:34] <GenerationMapExp> devs are changing far too much
[23:48:35] <P_i_c_a> knorke is volunteering
[23:48:35] <GenerationMapExp> its sad
[23:48:39] <GenerationMapExp> ah knorke
[23:48:41] <GenerationMapExp> hes op at xta
[23:48:44] <raaar> why don't you merge with tech-A
[23:48:46] <P_i_c_a> he can be op at ba
[23:48:48] <snacksizedbucket> picassoct never plays any games at all. all he does is fill the forum with pseudo-drug-rambling
[23:48:50] <GenerationMapExp> merge lmao
[23:48:58] <raaar> yes, reach a compromise
[23:49:00] <GenerationMapExp> just tell knorke not to make defenders fire ground
[23:49:01] <GenerationMapExp> xD
[23:49:03] <P_i_c_a> ? Where did i mention drugs on the forums?
[23:49:09] <CARTOUCHE> xD "ur name is familiar" 
[23:49:13] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> It's ok these people got no balls to do what should really be done
[23:49:15] <GenerationMapExp> hahaha
[23:49:15] <GenerationMapExp> cart
[23:49:17] <GenerationMapExp> snitched
[23:49:18] <GenerationMapExp> xD
[23:49:18] <snacksizedbucket> yes, just merge random games. hey raaar, why dont you merge your mod with evo
[23:49:18] <P_i_c_a> Also i play 1vs1 vs the RAI to test
[23:49:19] <raaar> last time i checked, BA and techA had similar costs and attributes, but porc on techA was stronger, the heavy laser towers
[23:49:27] <GenerationMapExp> picasso ur name rings a bell
[23:49:28] <GenerationMapExp> hmm
[23:49:38] <raaar> my mod and evo are way more different than ba and techA
[23:49:39] <GenerationMapExp> i jst cant fully remember
[23:49:40] <P_i_c_a> But i really like how knorke wants to save BA.
[23:49:47] <P_i_c_a> That enthusiasm is enchanting.
[23:49:53] <P_i_c_a> Always knew he had it in him.
[23:50:04] <GenerationMapExp> knorke has to listen to the most knowledgeble player in ba
[23:50:05] <GenerationMapExp> name adolf
[23:50:07] <P_i_c_a> To build one giant mod, with fuck you forb as load screen.
[23:50:07] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Well P_i_c_a is a fucking troll obviously
[23:50:09] <GenerationMapExp> he knows how to save ba
[23:50:09] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> But it's ok :D
[23:50:18] <snacksizedbucket> techA has 6902 more units than BA and you ramble about "similiar costs"
[23:50:25] <CARTOUCHE> ive heard picasso trolled many games
[23:50:26] <CARTOUCHE> xD
[23:50:29] <raaar> yes but that's high tier units
[23:50:33] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> ahahah
[23:50:34] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> GG
[23:50:34] <raaar> uh, and morph
[23:50:36] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> that CART
[23:50:40] <raaar> ok i dunno..
[23:50:46] <snacksizedbucket> it is quite un-fun to "save" projects that have been ruined
[23:51:02] <GenerationMapExp> picasso made a bug error on ace hosts
[23:51:05] <GenerationMapExp> couple months bug
[23:51:06] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Well can we start from the basics to save BA?
[23:51:08] <GenerationMapExp> i heard from forum
[23:51:08] <P_i_c_a> But its only then, they come running for the dork knight.
[23:51:26] <P_i_c_a> No, i did not.
[23:51:27] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> What about we fucking kick those fucking retarded devs out? :D
[23:51:30] <raaar> first, why not play on BA 10.x
[23:51:31] <P_i_c_a> That was a imp_hoster
[23:51:31] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> For example :D
[23:51:39] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Just a polite tip from Mando
[23:51:46] <raaar> what are the most important mistakes on 10.x that need fixing
[23:51:50] <GenerationMapExp> kick those dev out and tell mando to play xta
[23:51:51] <snacksizedbucket> what does playing BA10 achieve? 
[23:51:52] <P_i_c_a>
[23:51:54] <GenerationMapExp> we trade mando for knorke!
[23:51:54] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> xD
[23:51:57] <GenerationMapExp> as spring developer
[23:52:05] <P_i_c_a> I can do anything and its taken as a trip- no matter how normal the map :D
[23:52:06] <GenerationMapExp> mando goes xta we have knorke
[23:52:06] <GenerationMapExp> xD
[23:52:08] <GenerationMapExp> easy trade
[23:52:09] <GenerationMapExp> how about it
[23:52:14] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> rofl
[23:52:17] <GenerationMapExp> right cart
[23:52:18] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> stfu
[23:52:22] <P_i_c_a> Yeah, knorke for king.
[23:52:26] <CARTOUCHE> agree
[23:52:33] <GenerationMapExp> yes let mando be king of xta
[23:52:35] <GenerationMapExp> has good players
[23:52:36] <P_i_c_a> Give him the BAR models, let him reign.
[23:52:39] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> :D
[23:52:48] <CARTOUCHE> join evo team mando
[23:52:53] <GenerationMapExp> lmao
[23:52:58] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> lmao
[23:53:01] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> fucking cunts
[23:53:05] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> I swear
[23:53:06] <snacksizedbucket> i do not want the ashes of your fails lol
[23:53:21] <P_i_c_a> He even wants the ashes of our fails.
[23:53:31] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> 1) Kick Floris, Doo, Triton out of the boat
[23:53:44] <snacksizedbucket> 0) kick forbording
[23:53:59] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> 2) Instaremove admin powers to Floris.... who is a retarded kid with mental problems
[23:54:09] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> abisuve
[23:54:11] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> abusive
[23:54:12] <GenerationMapExp> Floris is a snitch guys dont share him ur secrets
[23:54:15] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> biased
[23:54:16] <snacksizedbucket> because he made any discussions impossible, after his posts all the threads had to be locked and split
[23:54:19] <GenerationMapExp> mando once shared that he doesnt wear underwear
[23:54:22] <GenerationMapExp> and it went all over the internet
[23:54:28] <GenerationMapExp> floris the snitched
[23:54:29] <P_i_c_a> ?`
[23:54:39] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> ahahah
[23:54:44] <P_i_c_a> Floris is okay.
[23:54:50] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> ROFL?
[23:54:50] <P_i_c_a> His UI-work is great.
[23:54:52] <snacksizedbucket> how is he okay?
[23:54:54] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Ok then
[23:54:56] <GenerationMapExp> how is he okay?
[23:55:00] <GenerationMapExp> he ruined an op host
[23:55:00] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> No more hope for BA xD
[23:55:01] <GenerationMapExp> by snitching
[23:55:06] <GenerationMapExp> floris main reason why ba died
[23:55:08] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> These cunts wont understand
[23:55:11] <GenerationMapExp> by hiring retards
[23:55:14] <snacksizedbucket> he allowed forbing to weasel his way into ba
[23:55:15] <GenerationMapExp> very sad
[23:55:28] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> hiring retards?
[23:55:36] <GenerationMapExp> yhe
[23:55:36] <P_i_c_a> BA was drifting, and nobody of you wanted the steering wheel if i remember correct.
[23:55:46] <P_i_c_a> Lots of wind, but nobody wanted to climb for the sails.
[23:55:49] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> More like banning everything that was making him cry for jealousness?
[23:55:52] <GenerationMapExp> piccasso stil riding "dinasours"
[23:55:58] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> banning people disagreeing with new BA?
[23:56:01] <snacksizedbucket> picasso,  how can you as someone who does not play BA judge the game and its situation?
[23:56:07] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> "What's wrong with Floris?" xD
[23:56:17] <raaar> funny how you discuss people
[23:56:22] <P_i_c_a> So now, its all you can drink on the rocks, on the titanic, and all those opera-captains climb out of the water, blaming the cook who drove for the nearest shore?
[23:56:25] <raaar> not game design, unit properties etc.
[23:56:28] <CARTOUCHE> i remember floris resigning
[23:56:29] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Banning hosts
[23:56:39] <GenerationMapExp> someone made floris resign
[23:56:40] <CARTOUCHE> + posting
[23:56:41] <raaar> mando there are tons of Ba hosts atm
[23:56:41] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> rehosing BA 9.46 hosts lmao
[23:56:45] <GenerationMapExp> i heard from dr triton
[23:56:46] <snacksizedbucket> all the talk about "BA was so broken"  and "old BA devs were incompetent" is made up.
[23:57:00] <snacksizedbucket> name one other spring game that was always updated so quick to new engine versions as BA
[23:57:09] <GenerationMapExp> tons of ba hosts?
[23:57:12] <GenerationMapExp> wtf u talking about raar
[23:57:15] <GenerationMapExp> tons of host with no players
[23:57:16] <GenerationMapExp> lmao
[23:57:18] <GenerationMapExp> raar op
[23:57:21] <P_i_c_a> this is all open source, any of you can do whatever s/he/it wants to do. YOU ARE FREE! FREE AS A FORB! FREE AS A FLORIS!
[23:57:25] <GenerationMapExp> better spaam pewees in new ba
[23:57:38] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> OMFG
[23:57:42] <P_i_c_a> YOU WHERE WHEN BA-  went without steering.
[23:57:51] <P_i_c_a> Stop looking for parents to blame.
[23:57:52] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> FREE he said!! xD
[23:58:08] <GenerationMapExp> picaasmallpenis
[23:58:10] <GenerationMapExp> please play ba
[23:58:14] <GenerationMapExp> before u jump the gun
[23:58:18] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> adolf is here?
[23:58:19] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> xD
[23:58:21] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> This community has more rules and restrictions that any proprietary software lmao
[23:58:21] <GenerationMapExp> omg
[23:58:23] <GenerationMapExp> lmao
[23:58:23] <GenerationMapExp> gg
[23:58:25] <snacksizedbucket> freedom does not work when assholes exploit it
[23:58:30] <GenerationMapExp> triton is still here?
[23:58:35] <GenerationMapExp> i thought u left my dear
[23:58:46] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Oh just in time Triton
[23:59:01] <GenerationMapExp> triton fake story about resigning
[23:59:02] <GenerationMapExp> xD
[23:59:05] <GenerationMapExp> good one
[23:59:11] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Can you explain P_i_c_a about this long summer problem?
[23:59:18] <GenerationMapExp> winter time
[23:59:21] <GenerationMapExp> we should get full players
[23:59:30] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> damn even this october seems to be too warm
[23:59:42] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> winter is comming ye
[23:59:46] <P_i_c_a> Global warming is harming the spring
[23:59:51] <CARTOUCHE> no death is coming
[00:00:17] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> But main question is.... in which conditions a team of retarded devs can be declared failed?
[00:00:21] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Just wondering :D
[00:00:35] <GenerationMapExp> mandos blood pressure is high atm
[00:00:38] <GenerationMapExp> very excited indeed
[00:00:46] <CARTOUCHE> xD
[00:00:58] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> glad it makes u excited
[00:01:02] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> P_i_c_a said spring community is FREE xD
[00:01:04] <GenerationMapExp> lmao stfu tritard
[00:01:06] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> keep going
[00:01:12] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> That raised my blood pressure indeed xD
[00:01:22] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> FREE
[00:01:24] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> why can't u play 9.46 and leave us rip?
[00:01:29] <GenerationMapExp> leave us lmao
[00:01:39] <snacksizedbucket> i think in spring no condition to "declare fail" exists
[00:01:40] <GenerationMapExp> jst rename ba 10 to ba tests
[00:01:54] <snacksizedbucket> some people still see evo on steam as success
[00:02:10] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Today in this situation Doo was still jerking around in the OFFICIAL host with his random generated maps xD
[00:02:16] <GenerationMapExp> 1000% floris snitched and told ex gf abma to declare a shutdown on spring 103 and use security issues
[00:02:18] <GenerationMapExp> as a reason
[00:02:24] <CARTOUCHE> lol
[00:02:28] <snacksizedbucket> isnt Doo the guy who helped forbording to dodge his forum ban?
[00:02:29] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Host ded in 10 seconds
[00:02:32] <P_i_c_a> Zero-k is on steam and has some players form that
[00:02:34] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> He even abused that map xD
[00:02:39] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> 2 mins loading time xD
[00:02:46] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> Democratic BA10 failed thats true, for many reasons, on of them is the incapacity to remove old version, and ban assholes
[00:02:52] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> other reason is our mistakes
[00:03:02] <snacksizedbucket> oh great. zerok is on steam and has almost have as much players as spring had before without steam. fail.
[00:03:07] <GenerationMapExp> so ur saying ta is geting 30+ players becuase old version is not remove
[00:03:07] <GenerationMapExp> ?
[00:03:09] <GenerationMapExp> triton
[00:03:11] <GenerationMapExp> pelase answwer
[00:03:18] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> So he is still on the same line xD
[00:03:19] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> answer what?
[00:03:21] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> I cant believe xD
[00:03:33] <GenerationMapExp> so ba10 failed becuase old version is not remove?
[00:03:34] <snacksizedbucket> what was democratic about BA10?
[00:03:37] <GenerationMapExp> meaning ba 9?
[00:03:39] <ThinkIRC> Why can't you make a 9.46 host and call it a day?
[00:03:50] <GenerationMapExp> we cant
[00:03:51] <GenerationMapExp> 103 is ded soon
[00:03:54] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Tard we had a BA host
[00:03:58] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> GOt banned
[00:03:58] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> I know some TA players that love to play here because players are nice
[00:04:02] <GenerationMapExp> floris the snitched touched abmas heart from soo much tears
[00:04:06] <snacksizedbucket> because the mere existance of two BA versions is bad for the game
[00:04:09] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> Because had OFFICIAL BA in the name
[00:04:10] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> lmao
[00:04:12] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> not like mando and adolf
[00:04:15] <GenerationMapExp> <Triton#9628> I know some TA players that love to play here because players are nice
[00:04:16] <GenerationMapExp> lmaoo
[00:04:18] <CARTOUCHE> because the cant control ur host :P
[00:04:19] <GenerationMapExp> u mean u know some old ba players
[00:04:20] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> These cunts pretend they don't know
[00:04:20] <GenerationMapExp> that move to ta
[00:04:24] <snacksizedbucket> it splits an already small playerbase and it is annoying to get used to differences when switching etc
[00:04:24] <GenerationMapExp> this cunt said ta players
[00:04:27] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> I dont wanna discuss with u anyway, feed the troll is not helping
[00:04:30] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> goodbye guys
[00:04:33] <Nightwatch> <Triton#9628> have good day
[00:04:33] <GenerationMapExp> raeason theyre ta players becuase of new ba
[00:04:42] <GenerationMapExp> go smoke more weed
[00:04:43] <P_i_c_a> I propose to battle it out, in a game to the dev- he whoever wins, shall rule BA for a year and a day.
[00:04:58] <GenerationMapExp> ok mando is in
[00:04:59] <GenerationMapExp> wait he cant
[00:05:01] <GenerationMapExp> he loses to wen
[00:05:06] <GenerationMapExp> let op adolf and cart take care of this
[00:05:18] <snacksizedbucket> that would be fun. game starts, forbording: "how to make mex"
[00:05:18] <raaar> ahem
[00:05:19] <raaar> cof
[00:05:19] <raaar>
[00:05:33] <[SUMMERTIME]Mando> ahahah
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Re: BA 9.46 vs BA 10.X

Post by MasterBel »

Okay to be completely unhelpful and "feed the trolls" as it were, this is what I've gathered as the opposition's issues: (I hope "opposition" is a suitably neutrally-charged word, it was the best I could do .-.)
  • Banning of OverKillHosts
  • Deprecation of 103 on uberserver (essentially killing BA 9.46) (no problem releasing BA 9.46.1 which is Spring 104 compatible !!! I'm sure there are people who would help you do this!!!)
  • Vehicle movespeed buff
  • Vehicle turning mechanics
  • Locking of threads/etc, muting/banning of users
  • Forboding Angel helping Floris with the internal mechanics of BA (But you should be GLAD this happened!!!)
  • Non-BA Players commenting about the state of BA (And appearing to have a greater influence over BA-Players)
  • People haven't always been treating opposition with respect. As any human knows, it isn't nice for this to happen, and doesn't help a thing. Since two wrongs don't make a right… a little bit of respect can help
((May I say: As far as I'm aware, the reason that 103 still existed was that Mac players played on it. That won't change, and 5v5 hosts will still be able to run. So don't panic. You just won't have ugly 8v8 games which allow the techers to troll the front players by letting them die. Yes, I'm cynical. Please live with it.))

These come up most frequently.

These are the developers' issues:
  • No one likes to play sea rn apart from a select few. Even with changes (which created more positive feelings about sea !!!) sea is still broken and needs more work
  • Vehicles were being avoided. The best players would almost always use kbots. Instead, they wanted to give both an opportunity to shine, buffing Tanks on the flat, (but ONLY on the flat) so that Tanks would be seen more on flat maps, while retaining Kbot dominance on less-flat hills. (Eg DSD north gameplay did NOT change, because vehicles are still a bad choice because of the terrain as one example)
  • BA 9.46 has a number of bugs (which people were complaining about before 10.X came about… and afaik they still are, just less.)
  • A LOT of work has been put into trying to make the balance changes work. Countless test games, tests upon tests, trying to make BA a more enjoyable game.
  • There is a lot of derogatory, coarse, insulting etc etc. language in the BA community (hence muting and banning of users and locking of threads)
Please DO NOT argue the validity of these points, as in, whether they are real issues or not. The problem is that they are SEEN as issues and therefore they ARE issues in one way or another.


Things I want the opposition to know:
  • I AGREE with you (to a certain extent) that the balance of BA 10 is imperfect. I'm not sure whether it's subpar to BA 9 but I certainly enjoy using peewees in BA 9 more than I do enjoy using stumpies in BA 10
  • The reason you threads are locked is not because of WHAT you say but HOW you say it
  • If Mando (and particularly Mando) were to be a nice person and refrain from insulting, people wouldn't care that every times he logs in he's bandodging a permaban.
  • If the developers were held to the strict rules that you're trying to hold them to, Mando, Adolph, knorke (I think that's what everyone's been calling snacksizedbucket) and more would ALSO be banned from the server. Note that every time Mando logs in he warrants himself a permaban for dodging a permaban. Who cares that you feel it unfair; you're breaking the rules and you're NOT a moderator and should NOT be taking things into your own hands. There are methods through which you could discuss with moderators
  • If the owners of OverKillHost had been respectful and changed the descriptions, they would NOT have been banned. Yes, Floris runs BA now and so he has the right to ask that you remove "Official" from your description. If the owners of the host would now choose to change the description, I'm sure that the server admins would have no qualms in allowing you to re-open the hosts. (Admins, correct me if I'm wrong? And agree if you agree.)
  • You really need to read the TOS and realise that yes, the way you're speaking to people is wrong. Stop it. It's not helping anyone and it's wasting your own time. Use it effectively and be a nice guy. Because it's really worth the effort. People like to help nice people, and are more likely to become nice people. Yes, sometimes they don't. But then, when you've been nice and respectful, it shines a light on those who are not being nice and respecful, and it would be easier for people like Abma to go, okay yes, Floris & co have been doing wrong, we need to change this. But ONLY once you stop insulting everyone will you even have a CHANCE for that to happen. So please. Help yourself and go about it logically.
  • Yes, the way triton speaks to you sometimes is wrong.
  • The devs are extremely unlikely to properly acknowledge your requests until you stop insulting them to get your way. They are afraid that if they respond to your insults you will continue. The only chance you'll get to prove them wrong is if you stop now.
  • Floris has brought some amazing UI advances to BA. You don't wan't him to leave. So stop pushing him away.
I'm not gonna ask Floris to respect your demands. I'm gonna ask that when you start acting like civilised human beings he immediately consider and test a revert of the changes to vehicle balance. And go and talk with Very Bad Soldier, because I really liked his insights into vehicle balance.

I'd also like to order Mando to either stop bandodging, or stop complaining about being banned for bandodging. It's not admin abuse to ban you when you ban dodge. It's just following the rules.

Finally, I'd like to ask that the moderators outside Floris and Triton make a ruling on what level of language/insult is acceptable and start enforcing it (and making sure that lobby admins/autohost admins enforce it). Of course, that level could be any level with no restriction, but the community's already lost people because of the way people talk. And I know there are consequences for saying this, but you know it is true and necessary. I'm happy with the consequences to get it out there. Because I say it respectfully and with the best interests of all in mind. I know you don't have all day. But please, find a way. It can't be that hard, can it? Surely the investment's worth it?

I hope this community can find a way forward without any more bans, and as little heated argument as possible. And I’m sure that’s an outcome we’d all appreciate.

I’m done.
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