Very very easy AI?

Very very easy AI?

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Very very easy AI?

Post by kungfuhobbit » 18 Aug 2018, 23:04

Hi community
Im a new player delighted to discover BA but "Chicken very easy" AI is too hard for me
Where can I download an easier one please?
Im playing latest version via itch

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Re: Very very easy AI?

Post by MasterBel2 » 19 Aug 2018, 03:25

Hi kungfuhobbit

There are a couple ways about this – you could find another player to play with you (I'd be up for it, if I'm ever online, and there are a few others who like chicken defence)

Or there are some in-lobby options you can use to make it easier (if you're using BA 10.11 for chicken defence):

Code: Select all

[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> Name                          Scope   Current value  Allowed values                                    
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> ----------------------------  ------  -------------  --------------------------------------------------
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_chickenstart               mod     alwaysbox      anywhere | avoid | initialbox | alwaysbox         
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_angerbonus          mod     0.15           0-100%0.01                                        
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_burrowspawn         mod     120            1-600                                             
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_chickenspawn        mod     90             10-600                                            
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_lobberemp           mod     4              0-30%0.5                                          
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_minchicken          mod     8              1-250                                             
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_queenspawnmult      mod     1              0-5                                               
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_custom_spawnchance         mod     33             0-100                                             
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_graceperiod                mod     300            5-900%5                                           
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_maxchicken                 mod     300            50-5000%25                                        
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_queenanger                 mod     1              0 | 1                                             
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_queendifficulty            mod     n_chickenq     asc | vh_chickenq | epic_chickenq | n_chickenq ...
[11:16:34] <DarkEnergy5> mo_queentime                  mod     40             1-90                                                                     
[11:16:35] <DarkEnergy5> =======================================================================================================
[11:16:35] <DarkEnergy5>   --> Use "!help bSet <settingName>" for help about a battle setting.
[11:16:35] <DarkEnergy5>   --> Use "!bSet <settingName> <value>" to change the value of a battle setting.
[11:16:35] <DarkEnergy5>   --> Use "!list bSettings all" to list all battle settings.
The option you probably want to use is grace period, giving you more time to prepare, so try !bSet mo_graceperiod 600 for example. ((if using an autohost; if using singleplayer, go to the "options" tab and they *should* all be in there?))

Here is the replay of a chicken defence game. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see what mod options they used. I'm not sure which difficulty the Chicken was (even though I spectated some of the game)

To watch, download the replay (button "replay" in the info box under the map image), and move it to… I'm not sure what the dirs are on Win/Linux since I play on Mac, !summon windows/linux users !
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Re: Very very easy AI?

Post by PicassoCT » 19 Aug 2018, 10:36

On symmetric maps you can use the mirror.lua script - it will basically do what you did, but once your units engage and theire locations start to differ- it gets ridiculously easy really fast
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Re: Very very easy AI?

Post by kungfuhobbit » 01 Oct 2018, 20:51

@MasterBel2 Thanks - please add me on discord
@PicassoCT I cant find the mirror AI online?
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Re: Very very easy AI?

Post by msm8bball » 05 Dec 2018, 19:07

I'm in the process of writing an AI. It's very unsophisticated. It only knows how to build a couple unit types and doesn't how to search for enemies yet (other than drive South). If you're interested in playing against it, let me know and I can help you get it set up.
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