Request for large BA game replay

Request for large BA game replay

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Request for large BA game replay

Post by Google_Frog »

Can you attach a game with 3k unit that you think ran well so I can look at it for profiling?
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Re: Youtube video

Post by Silentwings »

Here is one from tonight that reaches 3.6k units at around 45 minutes in, ... 9ea73caf8/. Unfortunately its on 103 because of viewtopic.php?f=44&t=36768

What are you trying to profile?

Ofc you may have a completely different idea of "ran well" to me. I only watched intermittently, but I would say this "ran normally" - meaning that the (very) heavy load placed on the engine did not result in anything more than a cosmetic effect on the gameplay.
- No players lagged behind, those with the weakest systems eventually suffered low fps (i.e. <10, when it starts to become annoying) and those with stronger systems did not (some even maintained fps of 30+, iirc)
- The gamespeed stayed close to 1.0 up until about the 3k units mark, and only really slowed during big air attacks.
Worth saying that during most of the time (3+ years ago) that I spent watching BAs performance closely, the engine would not have coped anything like as well as this, with a game of 3-4k units.

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Re: Request for large BA game replay

Post by 9heart »

Heres one that went to 5k and ~100 minutes long

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