Help me create some maplists!

Help me create some maplists!

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Help me create some maplists!

Post by tzaeru »


I'm putting up some maplists for automatic rotation on PrincessHosts. Namely, I'm looking for maps suitable for 1v1, 2v2-3v3, 4v4-5v5, and 8v8. I was planning on around 8 to 10 maps for each host, each maplist representing a versatile pool of the best available maps.

If you guys can throw some suggestions in, that would be really cool!

In addition to the selected maps playing well, I'd like to also have some beauty mixed in. The maps can both be very new (and I'd actually love to have some new maps get a bit of attention) or ones we've all played and loved for hundreds of hours. But they should be representative of balanced and competitive play while ideally also being OK to look at.

Currently I'm thinking something like:

1v1 2v2-3v3 4v4-5v5 8v8
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Re: Help me create some maplists!

Post by PtaQ »

Here, this might be of help:
Basically a list of quality maps, not complete, but sufficient.
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