Balance Committee (split)

Balance Committee (split)

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Balance Committee (split)

Post by OPAdolfSatan »

Split from viewtopic.php?f=44&t=35804#p580380 (Silentwings).
FabriceFABS wrote:Finally, I do not want to condone some few players in this "committee" in this group who have an unacceptable game / talking attitude.

Welcome messages
[09:59:28] <*> OverLoadHost_FFA * What's Up my NiggA [ACE]FabriceFABS (Ghost), welcome to OverLoadHost_FFA, Please watch this video of Senna P.A Mod creator before you think of playing that mod, while we wait for our game
[10:00:11] <*> OverKillHost1 * Hello there sexy [ACE]FabriceFABS (Player), welcome to OverKillHost1 (Be sexy and let your voice be heerd on
[10:00:11] <*> OverKillHost1 * Cunts are playing a game right now and it's goin on for 36 minutes and 9 seconds. !Say "!status" for more info, type in "!notify" to be notified when these cunts are finish !For help, Map say "!help" "!maplink". List of battle Presets: ( !bpreset ffa /nbteams 16, !bpreset duel, !bpreset noT2MM, !bpreset nolol, !bpreset team /nbteams 2 )

[10:02:32] 0 --> RANK:Newbie, You will not be force to spectate if you have less than 10 hours like In [ACE]...

+ recently in private : « mum said that i'm not allowed in Overkillhost :D »
etc etc

Congratulations !!

So sorry, it's no longer my age to play in the kindergarten playground.

As my hosts got a policy I'm totally incompatible with part of players of this "balance group".
Remove me this from this group, I don't have time to spend for that.

OMG CRYING again lol, what happened to blackhost1? you cried about blackhost being replicated when shockwave allowed it, when the host was never ban, It wasnt even your buzzness if it gets replicated or not it was shockwaves and now i know the reasons why players troll you, and you maybe smart but your head isnt right, its like damage by autism or some shit like that, been drop off the top of the EIFFEL tower when you wazz a baby right? damnn you OP now i understand why you cry and make up shit.

User was warned for this post, Felony 1. (Silentwings).
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Re: Balance Committee

Post by FabriceFABS »

It's funny, since you seem so perfect and balanced in your mind, why do you justify yourself ?
You don't need it, do you ?
I won't continue to answer to your troll's action... in 2015 you did blabla bla bla bla bla...... yes and in 2016 I did bli bli blib bli...

First, you are IMPOLITE, you don't need to attack me to justify. Every one here see that.

And yes, I am complaining again, and I'm IN RIGHT to do so, and to WITHDRAW FROM THIS GROUP because I'm not compatible with your mentality.
You're the worst impolite person I've* seen in the world, twisted mind, you should seriously be treated in an hospital.
* WE, many players that doesn't accept the way you talk.
I got logs, but SpringRTS admins can open private conversation about that, I don't lie, and don't need to do it.

You are but a poor idiot who only needs accusations to feel good.
Now, do your project and leave **US** alone.
I just hope I don't have to complain again : Send the message to your(s) acolyte(s) also that play this trolling game to me several times.

Last word :
[10:02:32] 0 --> RANK:Newbie, You will not be force to spectate if you have less than 10 hours like In [ACE]...
This really shows the maturity that you have... This is only a sample of all the toxic actions you can do.
Open your eyes and see why I had to proceed this : viewtopic.php?f=16&t=35817

Most important is that you can't decide instead of players what they want to believe, and when you see some1 that don't have the same idea, the same way of think, you are impolite, arrogant, you use ban, well, toxic as hell.
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Re: Balance Committee (split)

Post by Silentwings »

As in viewtopic.php?f=16&t=28199, we don't moderate the inside of autohosts.

Please avoid insulting each other, you both run different types of host, both of which are welcomed by players.


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