Torpedo Bombers can hit Hovers ???

Torpedo Bombers can hit Hovers ???

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Torpedo Bombers can hit Hovers ???

Post by Drac »

I always thought torpedos hit targets IN the sea, not targets hovering above it, with full damage too.

There are more commonly seen units with torpedo weapons :
-Torpedo launchers

And none of them can hit hover , so i concluded torpedo hit targets IN the sea.

They are atm one of the best counter against hovers on sea which is wierd.

Cant tell if this is a bug or intentional but i would call it a bug or somehow make players aware that "torpedo" bomber is different.

They are really awesome against ships and underwater units alredy but if they can hit hovers too they are pretty much all you need to kill the seaguy.

Just suprised and would like to know its intentional or not and what do you guys think about it.
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Re: Torpedo Bombers can hit Hovers ???

Post by smoth »

it is a ta-throwback.
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