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Balance derail from BA model replacements

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Re: Balance derail from BA model replacements

Post by Regret »

Niobium wrote:No doubt there's some more I haven't thought of, and the list currently excludes all of the many non-bug issues and inconsistencies that should never the less be fixed.

Important to note is that I have mentioned these issues repeatedly over the last months on the forums, often within a day of each major release, as well as PM'ing them to TheFatController himself. And yet we are still stuck with a 4-month release cycle, with each release barely making a dent in the things-to-fix list.
Did you ever post a patch or fix for said bugs that you want fixed?

Fixes are always welcome.
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Re: Balance derail from BA model replacements

Post by dansan »

Mr. Bob wrote:[..] what I had in mind is just starting fresh with a new game. Same gameplay and everything, but a fresh start on balance and bugs etc. And obviously, a new name.
IMHO at this point the discussion should steer away from technical questions about laser angles, and concentrate on the question of a project fork: as noted earlier its not only about "name" and "models/textures", but its about "balance"+"dev team"+"project steering"+"PR", resulting in a different code base and community.

So what I'm missing is the strategic discussion about how to organize this new game and its {dev, player} community. With "strategic discussion" I don't mean "I can make a web site" and "I'll help with xyz", but I mean talking about who makes which decisions based on what and in which direction to develop this project.

First of all there should be a decision (or volunteers) for or against a fork. Then either the title of this thread will begin to make sense (the new game will also be "finished" (TFC)) or it won't be, because "BA balance" will be marked as deprecated.
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Re: Balance derail from BA model replacements

Post by Aether_0001 »

What second poster was trying to get at was that a hovering gunship like aircraft could still be streamlined for forward motion, like the harrier. I don't know if that was resolved already, but just pointing it out. :/

I think new krow is fine, if not a little too thin. Don't complain so hard about such minor things, wait till everything is finished and see how it fits together - if something is really wrong, Mr. Bob will probably see it too at the end and fix it, rather than putting all that extra mental power into remodeling to show whether a krow can shoot 3 lasers at one target - when he could be putting it into making more models.
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Re: Balance derail from BA model replacements

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Much love bro
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