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Kernel Panic 4.7

Posted: 21 Jun 2017, 00:25
by zwzsg
Kernel Panic 4.7 out!
  • Complete Installer
  • Zipped Mod, Maps, and Launcher
  • Just the .sd7


    4.6 -> 4.7 changes:
    • ColorWars now uses SendToUnsynced instead of _G.ColorWars and SYNCED.ColorWars, so that it doesn't eat all the memory anymore
    • Gave a count to every Spring.GetUnitCommands, Spring.GetCommandQueue and GetFactoryCommands
    • Gave build weapons a beamTTL to avoid flickering
    • Commented out all set ALPHA_THRESHOLD in bos, since Spring doesn't ignore them silently anymore
    • Fixed byte's minelauncher
    • Added switching time on hands
    • Added missing normals on some s3o
    • Added missing AimFromWeaponX and QueryWeaponX in many bos/cob
    • Heroes may not target self anymore
    • Commented out unrecognized weapon tags
    • Fixed issue with instantly decaying construction
    • LuaIntro animation now coded as screen independent
    • Firewalled units reflect damage even if killed
    • Fixed both ONS errors
    • Enabled QTPFS pathfinding
I ported the launcher to wxLua, so it's now crossplatform. Please try the Linux skirmish frontend in the Zipped Mod, Maps, and Launcher

Re: Kernel Panic 4.7

Posted: 30 Jun 2017, 07:37
by bobthedinosaur
still alive and kicking i see. excellent

Re: Kernel Panic 4.7

Posted: 06 Jul 2017, 23:28
by MasterBel2
A question: Is it 103 compatable yet? or is that still in the pipeline?

Re: Kernel Panic 4.7

Posted: 07 Jul 2017, 19:27
by zwzsg
The aim of that release was to make Kernel Panic compatible with current (103) Spring engine.

All of the points listed in the above changelog could in fact be summed up by:
- Fixed compatibility issues with newer engine. (not just 103, also 100 and other missed engine release).

- The launcher thing which is more about Linux compatibility, code sharing between external and internal single player menu, and moving away from commercial compiler to free tools. It had been sitting on y HDD for years but hadn't had the opportunity to release it since there was no KP release.
- The only item that is about game balance and not compatibility is the hand slow switch.
(But that's for a faction you can't even play outside a couple missions or cheating so who cares?)

From what I tested, KP 4.7 is compatible with Spring 103, though I might have missed some issues.

However I still have not found any workaround for the introduction of unsynced line-of-sight, which means playing on Hex Farm 8 is still awkward when units refuse to move or build on unexplored terrain that you can yet perfectly see. I did fix the off by one error that made Hex Farm 7 crash on Spring 99 and over, though.

Re: Kernel Panic 4.7

Posted: 11 Jul 2017, 07:42
by MasterBel2
Cool, thanks!

Re: Kernel Panic 4.7

Posted: 29 Nov 2018, 22:19
by hawara
Thanks for the game!

Small request: could you update the license section in the Kernel_Panic_readme.txt?

The maps Central Hub, Corrupted Core, Dual Core, Quad Core were relicensed to CC BY-SA. Specifically, post 1 and post 2.
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA License. To view a copy of this license, visit