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A dynamic game undergoing constant development and refinement, that attempts to balance playability with fresh and innovative features.

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Re: Zero-K News

Post by Google_Frog »

The underlying mechanics seemed sound. In short the basic issue was that people are used to using Spring servers in a certain way. Unless we remove that way for everyone (which realistically is not going to happen any time soon) they will tend to fight with juggler. So basically we need a UI which trains the players in how to use it.
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Zero-K v1.0.5.9

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.5.9
The Balance Corps are out in force tonight, administering beatings left and right. Several bugfixes and interface improvements have also been spotted making their way into the city.

== Interface ==
* Metal/energy reserve must now be enabled in options (Settings/Interface/Resource Bars. Metal and energy reserve can be set independently of each other with right-click.
* Bots get their own name in tooltip and awards screen rather than that of owning player.
* Clippy Comments: Rank limit defaults to off
* Mex circles are drawn at sea level rather than sea floor

== Balance==

* Speed 2.1 -> 2.2
* Range 440 -> 450

Tremor. The DPS buff in v1.0.4.17 was written as 23% but was accidentally 66%. The buff since before v1.0.4.17 is now 12.5% more DPS with 50% more projectiles.
* Range 1400 -> 1300
* Damage 200 -> 135

* Range 1400 -> 1500 (back to pre-nerf that was ages ago)

* Speed 1.5 -> 1.4
* HP 1250 -> 1200
* 25% larger hit volume and model

Amphibious units heal when underwater (because salt water is good for metal). This is to make them better underwater while no better on land.
* Clam 20 hp/s
* Duck 10 hp/s
* Archer 20 hp/s
* Buoy 25 hp/s
* Scallop 25 hp/s
* Grizzly 40 hp/s
* Angler 20 hp/s
* Djinn 30 hp/s

* Auto heals 10 hp/s after 5s of taking no damage (same as Glaive)

* 2x deploy and undeploy time

* Weapon velocity 1000 -> 850
* Projectile looks pointier.

* Shield radius 100 -> 120
* Requires 0.3 seconds to charge up before firing
* Shield regen rate 20 -> 18
* Range 440 -> 430

* Shield regen rate 18 -> 16

* Shield regen rate 10 -> 9

* Decloak distance 150 -> 160
* Jump speed 6 -> 5.2
* Jump height 200 -> 120
* HP 320 -> 250

* HP 120 -> 175
* Range 240 -> 260

* Sight distance 506 -> 520. Otherwise units with 450 range can sometimes shoot LLT without LLT being able to see it.

* Cost 1250 -> 1200

* Both guns can now shoot in all directions.

== Bugfixes ==
* Fixed clearing of bomber airpad reservations
* Unit should no longer be able to hide in shipyard's hitsphere
* Fixed some script error messages
* Playerlist no longer cuts off at bottom in FFA

== Misc ==
* Commander Cluster Bomb and Scorpion's multi-stunner will ignore features in their path
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Zero-K v1.0.6.3

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.6.3
The art of commander design takes on a radical new form even as the balance of power in the skies shifts.

== Balance ==

* HP 975 -> 1100.
* Slows to 50% speed when firing weapons.

* Missile damage 160 -> 200
* Missile reload 4.5 -> 5.2
* This is a 8% buff theoretical DPS buff

* HP 1100 -> 1020
* Range 340 -> 320
* Damage 200 -> 180

* Fire angle 120 -> 180 (Fire arc is now a half sphere).

* Sight distance 350 -> 200 so it is no longer ridiculously good at scouting.

* HP 1300 -> 1100

Valkyrie moves vertically twice as fast. This makes it faster to pickup and drop. Also nerfs stratosphere transports.

Scorcher and Push Newton prefer close targets. Pull Newton and Jugglenaut prefer far away targets.

== Commanders ==

Commanders now have five levels. Intrinsic bonuses (HP and special stats) are much lower than before; make up the difference with modules. New base morph costs are 100/400/200/300.

Heatray module:
* Cost 125 -> 100

Napalm Grenade:
* Cost 50 -> 125
* Reload time 12 -> 16

== Physics ==

* Transportiee mass is taken into account when applying gravity gun impulse.
* A transportiee hit by a gravity gun will transfer the impulse to the transporter, so it is now possible to launch larger things when they are in transports.

Note that Valkyrie has about 90 mass and Skuttle has 200 mass.

== Icons==

Newton icon DefenceRiot -> DefenceSupport to differentiate it from Stardust.

Hacksaw and Chainsaw AA icons have a bar behind them, they are "skirm aa". This is to differentiate the icon from Razor's Kiss and Cobra.

== Fixes ==

* Fixed the most recent Hammer Thing.
* Baseline comm can be selected after custom comm.
* Fixed reclaim HP gadget. Reclaiming a unit no longer reduces it's health.
* Fixed strange damage reduction when tilted for Sumo.
* Windmills now face the opposite direction
* Fixed Crabe death clone.
* Fixed Clam build time.

== Misc ==

* High or Low construction priority overrides builder priority.
* Esc cancels terraform drawing.
* Moving order-type stipple for settarget lines.
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Zero-K v1.0.6.5

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.6.5
After a day of commander-related chaos, some changes have been made which should hopefully settle things down a bit.

== Balance ==

* DPS reduced 20%

* DPS reduced 5%

== Commanders ==

Restored old HP values. Their maximum base HP is now the same as before.
* Strike Commander 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
* Battle Commander 3000, 3800, 4900, 6000, 7200
* Recon Commander 1800, 2300, 2800, 3400, 4000
* Support Commander 2000, 2500, 3000, 3700, 4500

* Range 250 -> 200
* Reload time 12s -> 16s

Hellfire Grenade:
* Halved AOE
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Zero-K v1.0.6.8

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.6.8
This release mainly exists to fix the invulnerable Annihilator change of v1.0.6.6. Rapier is also slightly de-nerfed and maybe people won't cringe when new players make Archer.

== Balance ==

* Revert range nerf (320 -> 340)
* Reduce damage nerf (180 -> 190)
* Speed nerf instead (4 -> 3.9)

* Generates water at 1/8th rate when on land.
* 33% more impulse.
* 16% more damage.

== Fixes ==
* Annihilator is no longer invulnerable to most weapon types.
* Underwater health regen disabled for unbuilt and emped units.
* Fixed mah partially drawn relay lazor.
* Fixed some torpedo sounds that were accidentally played globally.
* Fixed rare player list problem.
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Zero-K v

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v
Beware of sharks when swimming.

== Interface ==
* Added menu buttons for Set Target and Cancel Target
* Attack warning removed for spectators
* Possible fix for some crashes
* Fixes to rejoin progress bar

== Graphics ==
* Shield distortion FX removed completely from Felon; visible on larger shields only on Ultra settings

== Commanders ==
* Fixed commander napalm artillery
* Rocket launcher reload 3.2 -> 3
* Artillery conversion cost 350 -> 300
* Heavy napalm artillery damage 75 -> 100

== Units ==
* Health 1600 -> 1750
* Turn rate 416 -> 480
* Damage 360 -> 480
* Range 430 -> 330
* Reload 2.6 -> 4
* AoE 16 -> 40
* Slower and better turn rate for projectile.

* Torp Damage 130 -> 110
* Torp Range 460 -> 430
* Regen 25 -> 10

* Health 1100 -> 800
* Regen 20 -> 10
* Rez cost and time increased 25% (same for comms too)

* Firing arc 180° -> 270°

* Depthcharge AoE 32 -> 128

* Damage 50 -> 45

Fixes to some turret aiming issues

== Misc ==
* Regularized some map metal configs
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Engine Situation + Zero-K v1.0.7.7

Post by Licho »

Engine Situation + Zero-K v1.0.7.7
There has been a bit of confusion surrounding the release of Spring 89.0.

Springie was set to use 89.0 upon release but at this point the new version was not technically live on the server. Through testing we decided to use 88.0 for now.

Unfortunately 89.0 went live on the server and it turns out that non-ZKL lobbies have poor multi-engine support. ZKL automatically fetches whichever engine is required but other lobbies require manual fiddling. So to make it easier for other lobby users we switched to 89.0.

More time spent with 89.0 revealed it to be too buggy for use. So now Springies are running 88.0 with v1.0.7.7.

The game itself has some balance changes and fixes since the last news post so here they are.

=== Balance ===

* Cost 100 -> 90
* Range 850 -> 880

New AA vehicle, the Crasher. High focus on speed at the expense of range.

* Infinite beacon placement range.
* Beacon loses LOS and death explosion.
* Doubled beacon placement time.
* Throughput increased 60%.

* HP 260 -> 300

Commander Disintegrator weapon no longer drains shields (on top of passing through them).

=== Online ===

* added new category of hosts - Experienced players
* lowered size of teams autohost to 18
* clan size limit is now 8->16

=== Interface ===

* Zero-K starts as "borderless fullscreen" by default (for users with Zero-K lobby - you can change it in settings)
* Workaround for always-full resource and health bars with Catalyst 12.6 drivers
* Fixes for Take Reminder
* Updated Recluse and Tarantula buildpics
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Zero-K v1.0.7.8 + new PlanetWars beta

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.7.8 + new PlanetWars beta
The new, improved PlanetWars is currently undergoing beta testing. All players are welcome to participate in this game of galactic conquest (and report any bugs you see). Bear in mind though that we may decide to reset the galaxy when round 12 formally commences.

In the meantime, here's some stuff you asked for (and some you didn't but was a good idea anyway). Enjoy!

== Game ==
If there are two teams left and one has over 100x the assets of the other, the smaller team's units are permanently revealed (and any units outside the map bounds are killed outright).

Overdrive scheme can be changed in modoptions. The options are:
* Investment Return (default): Energy sources give increased OD income to their owner until they have paid for themselves, after which it gradually declines to the normal sharing rate. Lifetime ROI (not counting normal share) is 150%.
* Delta-based: awards bonus metal based on change in contribution to the change in OD energy input, relative to three minutes ago.
* 100% share
* 50% share (previous)

== Interface ==
* Improved chat console
* Optimizations for several widgets (particularly the Deluxe Player List)

== Graphics ==
* Improved LOS mode - displays radar with a blue outline at the edge of coverage. Radar colors are completely configurable in Settings/Graphics/Radar View Colors.
* New Shadow model
* New CaptainBenz models for Hermit and Infiltrator.
* Big mushroom cloud (from Silencer) dissipates faster
* New map icons for several energy structures, particularly solar and geos
* Tweaked some award icons

== Balance ==
* Banisher range 460 -> 430
* Crasher damage 400 -> 320

Start resources reduced:
* Resources 650 -> 400
* Storage 1000 -> 500

== Commanders ==
* Baseline comm pays 50 metal for its beam laser
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Zero-K v1.0.8.1

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.8.1
The tides are shifting, and commanders are off on a beach vacation.

== Balance ==
Out of combat repair speed reduced to 2x build speed (from 3x).

* Range 330 -> 400
* Torpedo speed 120 -> 200, turnrate 30k -> 20k
* AoE 40 -> 48
* Turret turn rate 150 -> 300°/s

* Floats

* Range 270 -> 300

* Depthcharge damage 165 -> 180; fixed GFX

* Range 350 -> 300

* Turret turn rate 120 -> 180°/s

* Capture speed against target with 0% health increased to 3x normal (was 2x)

== Commanders ==
Due to technical issues, commanders are limited to four profiles, which can morph up to level 4. We hope to bring back the others soon!

Commanders start at level 0 with no modules. They can morph to level 1 for no cost beyond that of the modules.
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Zero-K v1.0.7.8

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.7.8
The constant cycle of improvements continues.

Note: many of these changes were in previous stables following v1.0.8.1, just not disclosed because they didn't merit news posts on their own.

== Balance ==

* HP 10k -> 9k

* Replaced flamethrower with short ranged slow beam. 3x damage and reload time as that of Moderator.

* Cannot eat map features.

* AoE 256 -> 216
* Max on fire time 15s -> 10s

* Cost 200 -> 180

* HP 300 -> 350
* Missile Damage 200 -> 220
* No longer auto targets ground units when patrolling.

* Speed 10 -> 9.5

* Speed 11 -> 12
* HP 850 -> 950

* HP 180 -> 240

* Can build Djinn

== Interface ==
* Fixed checkbox rendering
* Old energy icon is now used for unpowered units.
* Metal spot data is shown in replays.
* Minimap can be resized when not in tweak mode but it cannot be expanded to take up the whole view.

== Other ==
* Fixed amph factory killing things touching its backside (such as morphing geos).
* Fixed tactical AI which broke due to new engine compatibility.
* Merl has a "don't fire at radar" toggle.
* Melee chicken attacks are no longer blocked by shields.
* Initial states configuration now handles cloaked units properly.
* Clippy complains less about energy.
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Zero-K v1.0.9.7

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.9.7
= Zero-K v1.0.9.7 =

We're steadily climbing higher. Here are the changes since v1.0.8.7. In particular we are using Spring 91.0, unit targeting should be a lot better and there is a texture for terraform.

== Balance ==

* Range 820 -> 840

Phoenix, reverted fire burn time nerf. AoE nerf stands.
* Max on fire time 10s -> 15s

* Can no longer resurrect
* Health 800 -> 1300

* Can now resurrect
* Health 200 -> 400
* Speed 9.17 -> 7
* Cloak cost (3, 10) -> (2, 5) (moving, static)

Jumpjet units without visible thrusters can no longer jump while flying through the air. This includes Sumo, Skuttle, Dirtbag and Archangel. Pyro, Can, Freaker and Recon Commander can still jump from mid air.

Resurrect cost: 1.5x -> 1.25x energy and time

== Graphics ==

Reduced unit on fire effect particle count and removed smoke.

Terraform textures the map with a metal texture. This looks good, makes terraform more visible and indicates which units can walk on it.
* Sparse squares as passable by everything.
* Steeper slopes have dense squares and are not passable by vehicles.
* Black walls are only passable by spiders.

== GUI ==
* Minimap "clear" button removes all drawings.
* Minimap metal map button displays mexes and geos without changing map to black.
* Changed default colors for line of sight view to be much more brighter and bound F4 to new metal map display.

== Lobby ==
* Removed ATI/Intel driver checks and compat. options, most drivers now work fine.
* Added multithreaded engine checkbox.

== Engine Fixes ==

We have been using the new engine Spring 91.0 for a little while. It seems stable enough and comes with new fixes.

* Crashing planes no longer fall through the map if stunned.
* Beam Lasers and Lightning Guns are no longer blocked by stunned shields.
* Lightning Guns can no longer shoot into water.
* Fixed all the strange 'Defender does not fire' type behaviour.
* Fixed rare issue with nanoframes reaching 100% health but not completing.

== Fixes ==
* Weapon targeting should be a lot more intelligent.
* No damage is dealt after an Outlaw dies. This is a workaround for allied units receiving damage from allied outlaws which die.
* Fixed ATI minimap bug.
* Reduced occurrence of bomber and gunship landing bugs.
* Jumpjets no longer act as an impulse capacitor.
* Fixed units sometimes not flashing blue when emped and the UI is disabled.
* Fixed UI keys bug.
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QuickMatch and springie improvements

Post by Licho »

QuickMatch and springie improvements
We have rolled out a new version of autohost and lobby which change the way stuff works:

Starting the game
* starting the game now needs a vote if more than 1 players are present (!start causes a poll to start)
* auto starting was removed
* attempting to start very big game now results in automated "vote split players" - you can override this by forcestarting as always

Moving to other game
* !move [host] and !votemove [host] were implemented - they now move all people from the autohost to a new one (For example use !move PlanetWars to start a vote to move all people there)
* !splitplayers and !votesplitplayers were implemented properly and fixed. Splitting creates low and high elo hosts but keeps people from the same clan together.

Spectator state
* bugs regarding people unspeccing after move or split were fixed
* also if you are spectator and join other game manually you will be a spectator again

* quickmatch no longer self-activates, it must be manualyl clicked for it to start
* quickmatch instead self-deactivates if you join any room manually
* rules were tweaked and improved so that huge games are no longer preferred and it should suit well people at times of low activity or people who seek to play 1v1, ffa and other rarely played modes as well as people who just want to wait for any of their prefered games to end to play asap.
* qcuikmatch dactivates if user is idle, starts a game or spectates
* big games are no longer massively preferred over small games
* currently joined game no longer has a preference
* several bugs in quickmatch were fixed, including the one where you join 1v1 host without a partner or where players were sometimes moved while quickmatch was disabled
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Zero-K v1.0.10.2

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.10.2
After much debate, the Impulse Capacitor Restriction Act was passed in Parliament this morning over the vehement protests of the Non-Newtonian Physics Association.

Other important changes include several optimizations to the code and a large number of (other) bugfixes.

== General ==
* Several bits of construction-monitoring code have been removed to speed the game up. As a side effect, boost starting resources have been removed from the game.
* Fixes for gunship "impulse capacitors"
* Muting players should work properly now
* Fixed Serpent omnidirectional torpedoes
* Fixed an exploit that allowed players to steal resources from allies by sharing a negative amount to them
* Factories "push" enemy units out of their build areas more precisely
* Fixed a crash when attempting to create a ZK mission in Mission Editor

== GUI ==
* Fixed a widget crash when Local Colors was disabled
* Fixed advanced camera go-to-point behavior
* Rejoin progress bar no longer steals clicks; is dockable
* Terraform indicates expected total cost in tooltip after construction starts (previously it only displayed before any work had been done on the terraform block)
* Aircraft "land at" state icons have had their colors reversed; now "land at 30%" is red and "land at 80%" is green
* Added "/cba clear" command to the Central Build AI widget to clear all build queues at once
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Zero-K v1.0.10.8

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.10.8
= Zero-K v1.0.10.8 =

A moment of free time spawns a flurry of much needed fixes. Pathing should be improved. New wreck models by psimyn.

== Fixes ==

* Outlaw decloaks while firing using the on/off toggle.
* Rogue stands higher and is now much less prone to friendly fire.
* Units no longer decloak when they vigorously bump wrecks.
* Fixed bomber jamming.
* Fixed Stiletto aiming AI. It can now be left to it's own devices if you do not feel the need to specify bombing run direction.
* Blackdawn footprint 2x2 -> 3x3
* Fixed some amphibious unit deaths, they were gibing to easily.

== Pathing ==

Increased Tank, Vehicle, Ship and Hover deceleration. They should become stuck less often.

Increase Tank and Vehicle slopemod to that of Hovercraft. They are now slower when climbing ramps. This change aims to make Tanks and Vehicles avoid areas which they can become stuck.

Applied a fix which should improve global pathfinding and make ramps update faster.

== Balance ==

* Shoulder weapon replaced with old vertical launch missile. The missile smooths terrain.

The changes to Rapier and Gnat are from 6 days ago.

* Cost 70 -> 90
* Speed 8 -> 7.5
* Damage 320 -> 400
* HP 175 -> 300
* EMP time 7s -> 2.5s
* Reduced strafe distances so it is consistently within range
* Dramatically reduced accuracy. It is much worse against small units and turrets.

* Range 340 -> 360

== Other ==

* Added psimyn's wreck models for Angler, Archer, Duck, Djinn and Racketeer
* Display DPS widget disables on F5 (gui hide).
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Zero-K Cinematic Trailer by KingRaptor

Post by Licho »

Zero-K Cinematic Trailer by KingRaptor
We've made a cinematic trailer for Zero-K, narrating some of the backstory of the game.
Check it out here:
Be sure to watch in HD!
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Re: Zero-K News

Post by PicassoCT »

Its excellent, but misses climax.

The production quality, the cutting and the storyline is on level with industry productions, but the standard ending is either one of ultimate destruction, or a zoom out to reveal a danger/mystery/drama lurking for the player.

Zooming in on characters only means something if you allready have a relation/knowledge on them. The target audience of this trailer has none, so all they see is a statue standing on a pyramid.

This really is the stuff.. do not change anything in the beginning or in the middle.. its quite perfect there.
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Re: Zero-K News

Post by dansan »

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Re: Zero-K Cinematic Trailer by KingRaptor

Post by PepeAmpere »

Licho wrote: Zero-K Cinematic Trailer by KingRaptor
We've made a cinematic trailer for Zero-K, narrating some of the backstory of the game.
Check it out here:
Be sure to watch in HD!
(click for detail view)
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Zero-K v1.0.12.2

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.12.2
Lots of small fixes here and a few noticeable changes. Structures have become uncloakable to improve lategame raiding and FFA interaction. Saktoth has crafted a new LLT model and plans to finish a set of turrets. These release notes include changes from which was released 5 days ago.

== Balance ==

Comm shield normalized with Thug shield:
* Power 1000 -> 1250
* Regen 14 -> 16

Doubled teleport speed.

Structures are impossible to cloak with the exception of Claw (Wolverine Mine) and Sneaky Pete. Additionally Sneaky Pete can now self-cloak.

* HP 7k -> 6k.

* Pulse propagates 4x faster.
* Slow Damage 55 -> 75
* Normal Damage 75 -> 50

Removed targetmoverror for Scallop, Venom, Faraday and Warrior. They are better at hitting small fast things.

Firewalker and Tremor will fire even if a feature is obstructing their "aim".

Battleship and Behemoth can target gunships.

Comm Weapons
* Slowbeam Range 350 -> 400
* Assault Cannon Damage 320 -> 360
* Plasma Artillery (all versions) does 1/15 more damage

== Fixes ==

Fixed carrier transfer bug which caused them to exceed their drone limit. As an upshot capturing a drone or carrier does not affect the other units in the relationship. You can end up with drones housed at hostile carrier.

Dante can no longer turn while firing salvo. This helps prevent friendly fire.

Jump commands are removed at the end of a jump (as opposed to at the start). This means shift-queuing a self-d command at after a jump command has the desired effect.

Fixed the origin of lines drawn for teleport, capture, shield link and jumpjet UI.

* Fixed error upon Bantha death.
* Fixed rare bug in which jumpers would not move into jump range.
* Added Amphibious Factory to transport AI handling.
* Commanders gained after the battle starts are now spawned in the middle of the startbox.
* Single CAI spawns commanders in the middle of the startbox.
* Multiple CAIs on a team will spread out commander spawn locations.
* Fixed missing Blackdawn wreck.

== Visuals ==

* Prettier Flea and Dart weapon hit effect.
* Dirtbag has a jump animation.
* Added map icons for missiles.
* Increased Outlaw pulse transparency.
* Added linking arc from teleport beacon to the unit it is teleporting.
* New LLT model.
* Tidal generators have a proper wreckage.
* Rounded wheels for various Vehicles and Tanks.
* Improved Detriment and Bantha walkscripts.
* Messed with ally colours slightly.

== Other ==
* Replaced chicken comm penalty with Commander Junior.
* Added reasonable metal spot layout for Cooper Hill.
* Added "wasMorphedTo" UnitRulesParam to indicate that unit creation was due to morph.
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Zero-K v1.0.12.3

Post by Licho »

Zero-K v1.0.12.3
Merry Christmas! Just a small update to keep your game experience in top shape for when Santa comes. Even for those of you who were more naughty than nice. Enjoy!

== Balance ==
* Flamethrower units do not avoid shooting friendlies (prone to labhax)
* Djinn automatically deploys when idle
* Restore old vehicle slopemods. They are now better at climbing hills.

== Graphics ==
* New heatray impact GFX
* Dante and Bantha have idle anims
* Fixed some irregularities with Dante's flamethrower

== UI ==
* Unit icons rotate to face camera
* Improved bomber dive tooltip

== Misc. ==
* Optimizations for terraform texture handler and reclaim HP handler
* Image Preloader is always on; disables itself if running after game start
* Units are instantly transferred when a player resigns using the give-when-afk system
* Fix Thug error on death
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