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Zero-K review in c't

Posted: 29 Dec 2012, 12:42
by Licho
Zero-K review in c't
Zero-K review has been published in a printed german magazine "c't" (-> ). It's the second most popular German computer magazine.

You can read the article about us here:

Thanks for the article and your interest!

Re: Zero-K review in c't

Posted: 29 Dec 2012, 23:35
by PicassoCT
Licho wrote: Zero-K review in c't
Zero-K review has been published in a printed german magazine "c't" (-> ). It's the second most popular German computer magazine.

You can read the article about us here:

Thanks for the article and your interest!
Its actually the most popular if you go for quality.

RealTimeStrategyplayer who like huge Battles, the kind of provided by Total Annilation, on there screens, will like Zero-K. The opensource Gae that uses the Spring Engine, theoretically could handle up to 250 players per game who each could lead up to 5000 units into the battle. Even games with two or four players easily get into a high geared pace and may result in some players losing there overwiev of the situation. The providing of enough metall and energy plays a important role in the production of units and buildings: Extractors deliver Metall; Solars or Fusionpowerplants produce energy. If one Ressource lacks, the whole production stalls. There is only one Faction, which is beneficial for the Balance. The Types of Units provided are numerous. From Tanks, Jets to Artillery and Ships and mighty Walkers is everything present a "stratege" could wish for.
The Graphics of Zero-K dont have to hide from other titels, that goes for SFX, as well as for textures and Unitmodells. Energyweapons arc ressive lightnings over the screen. For Beginners the programm provides Tutorial Missions and the Possibility, to get used to the controlls in a match against the AI.
The Controlls keep to the genre-Standards as know by C&C [Lies and outright Fabrication there]. For example you can zoom out via the mousewheel until units are displayed as icons.
The core of the game are the multiplayer-battles, matches against human opponents give you experience, with rising experience, additonal buildoptions for the skirmishes become available.
The Program needs a internet connection even for the Singleplayer, on first start, it downloads the spring engine and additonal game-components. A Simple Registration (without Emailadress) within the client is also necessary.

Re: Zero-K News

Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 02:34
by Licho
Thanks for the translation :)

New illustration by Jeremy Gooch

Posted: 01 Jan 2013, 15:06
by Licho
New illustration by Jeremy Gooch
Happy new year!!
Jeremy Gooch sent us a new awesome illustration for Zero-K: ... _small.png

or if you want to get really high res (30MB)

enjoy :-)

Zero-K v1.1.1.1 & Bombard Commander

Posted: 02 Jan 2013, 15:17
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.1.1 & Bombard Commander
A new commander has been added with model by CaptainBenz. The effect of the energy investment reimbursement system has been reduced.

== Commanders ==

* New Bombard Commander
* Battle Commander damage bonuses halved; removed artillery options.
* Strike Commander range bonus replaced with speed bonus (same percentages).
* New Rail Accelerator weapon mod for Gauss Rifle.
* Integrated Radar Module cost 450 -> 300.

== Overdrive Reimbursement ==

* Maximum repayment rate from 80% to 50%.
* Energy source repayment factor from 150% to 100%.

== Bugfixes ==

* Fix for lagmonitor transfers.
* Probable fix for overdrive irregularities.
* Fix Singularity reactor hitbox which could cause labhax.

== Interface ==

* Changed tooltips for Attack and Fight to make sense for their new default hotkeys; F for attack ground and A for fight. This is in line with all other RTS which use A for attack move.
* This change barely affects current players because hotkeys are only set to default upon a setting reset.

Zero-K v1.1.1.2

Posted: 26 Jan 2013, 15:58
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.1.2
Lots of improvements were made over the month. UI optimizations, bugfixes, a few new features. But not all the changes are good, for there's something strange in the neighborhood...

== New Halloween Ghost Possession gamemode (beta) ==
A galaxy is in danger, a new supernatural foe, ghosts possessing robots are stirring up trouble for it's rulers.
In this gamemode, you are required not only to conquer the galaxy, but make sure not to fall to ghost possession and become a sword that kills your own allies!

The rules are simple, damage (lower health to 1/3) or emp (any amount) to unpossess any unit or structure. There are 5 difficulty levels. Just pick up one and play with or against your friends with this supernatural foe that picks neither side!

== General ==
* AFK players transfer metal along with units.
* New set of loading screens.

== Commanders ==
* Peashooter benefits from modules.
* Fixed Bombard Commander build power.

== Units ==

* Cost 100 -> 120

Sumo - Weapon replaced:
* Scorpion style weapon.
* 120 dps each
* 320 range

* Damage 178 -> 220
* Health 550 -> 680

* Pulse 8% slower

Jumping units retain velocity and trajectory on morph

Merl renamed to Impaler

== GUI ==
* There has been a framework update which should dramatically increase performance. As a side effect some things look a bit different.
* Fixed a major performance leak.
* Set target command uses a circle instead of a rectangle by default.
* Added Newton defense range ring.
* Added persistent buildspacing widget. Buildspacing is now saved on a per-unit basis.
* Reverted A and F hotkey swap.

== Fixes ==
* SetTarget commands are now lost within 10-15 seconds from mobile units which out of LOS/radar.
* Fixed tactical AI failing to jink on approach when set to hold position.
* Fixed Nuke Silo's lack of self-damage.
* Fixed units getting stuck in factories when queued orders are completed.
* Fixed some labhax cases.

Zero-K story: Behind the scenes

Posted: 31 Jan 2013, 13:36
by Licho
Zero-K story: Behind the scenes
Thanks to an intrepid inside source, we have access to previously-secret footage of the Zero-K developer team discussing the game's story. Enjoy :)

Zero-K v1.1.2.0

Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 06:53
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.2.0
Forget the new engine version, we're going in! New graphics, some long-awaited balance changes, and even a funky new GUI skin await in this February's stable.

== Graphics ==

* New models for Crane, Rapier, Valkyrie and Vindicator by Exit_Wound
* New EMP missile trails
* New slowbeam, Halberd & Buoy impact FX
* Add flashing effect when a unit is resurrected
* Fixed Dominatrix beam position
* Fixed Detriment triple gun animation
* Fixed normals on amphibs and some jumpbots

== Units ==

* Cost 1500 -> 1800
* Reload time 8s -> 10s

* Main cannon range 700 -> 650

* No longer deforms ground

* Fixed divergence between continuous and pulse beams at long range

Firefly (companion drone):
* Health 160 -> 200

Newtons are less effective against gunships.

Valkyrie accelerates and ascends/descends much faster (general buff, nerfs transport launchers).

All aircraft can be ordered to manually land at airpads, not just bombers.

Anti-air missiles can be fired at much higher targets depending on the missile's flight time.

* Jump reload time 18s -> 15s

Disco Rave Party:
* Yellow shot damage 0 -> 800

Wreckages for Flea and Gnat. Now all non-suicidal units (not Claw, Tick, Roach, Blastwing, Puppy, Skuttle) should have wreckages.

Fixed some impulse values for weapons (in particular, this includes a buff for Leveler, commander Riot Cannon and Concussion Shell, Disco Rave Party and Zenith).

== Commanders ==

Singleplayer (non-modular) comms can morph to higher levels.

Hellfire Grenade:
* Reload time 16s -> 12s

High Power Servos:
* Speed bonus 10% -> 15%

== Interface ==

* Keybinds are now saved to LuaUI/Configs/zk_keys.lua, rather than being hidden in LuaUI/Configs
* Resorted many menu options to make the menu less cluttered. As a side effect, some options may be reset.
* New GUI skin: Twilight
* Any unit's description window can be accessed through Help -> Unit Descriptions
* Binding a key to a unit command also binds Shift+key, if it was not part of the original keyset
* Camera mode selection uses radio buttons
* Construction priority has a floating icon (when Shift is held)
* Added option for selection window background color
* Fixed cursor transparency under certain hardware settings
* Fixed clickable areas on chat
* Fixed negative healthbars
* Auto Reclaim/Heal/Assist is now under Units category in list

== CAI ==

* CAI checks for enemies near mex spots before attempting to mex
* Constructors with jumpjets will use them to escape enemies

== Chicken ==

* Speed mode is now a modoption
* New chicken defense, the Rafflesia static shield

== Missions ==

* Persistent messages are stored in history; look better in non-default skins

== Misc. ==

* Advanced (COFC) camera handles more smoothly and reliably; resets state with just Ctrl+Alt+middleclick (previously Shift was needed as well)
* Widget settings are backed up at each run

Zerok- v1.1.3.6

Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 04:44
by Licho
Zerok- v1.1.3.6
Major changes for this version are the ability to use priority for stockpile and morph, a Stiletto nerf and changes to the way keybinds are handled. There are also a lot of code changes a fixes.

The keybinds change has reset all keybinds. Players which modified keybinds through the ingame menu will need to rebind them. Players using uikeys.txt have a few options for keybind migration. More information is here

== Engine ==
For now we are sticking with the old engine (91.0) because the update has many bugs which we cannot fix. Most of the bugs which we can fix have been fixed.

Most of the remaining bugs are graphical bugs or crash bugs which occur for some people and not others. We cannot test for these bugs. To prevent future releases like this we just need some players to occasionally try the BLEEDING EDGE host to make sure it still works. Players who experienced bugs in 93.2 should do this frequently for now such that we can actually get an engine release that works.

== Morph & Stockpiling Priority ==
Now you can set priority to morph and weapon stockpiling just like regular construction priority.

== Balance ==

Large Shields:
* 5% less regen rate (60 -> 57 in all 3 cases).

* Stun Time 15s -> 13s
* EMP Damage reduced by 10%

* Can fire underwater

* Health 1300 -> 850

== Interface ==
* The new ZK keybinds system is now operational. See here for more information
* More keybind-able buttons added to EpicMenu interface.
* EpicMenu also allows player to use the old ui_keys.txt instead of the new ZK_keys.lua. Go to Settings/Misc to set this option.
* F4 now will also highlight ally wrecks in addition to enemy wrecks.
* Build ETA text now has an outline for better visibility.
* More buttons for unit visibility widgets in Settings/Graphics/Unit Visibility and Settings/Interface/Selection. ie: XrayShader, Outline, Halo, TeamPlatter and Spotter widget.
* Shadow setting now uses a slider.
* Added a "Select Next Player" button to Settings/Interface/Spectating.

== Graphic ==
Nuclear and Singularity explosions now create a bright lighting effect. This requires the engine settings MaxDynamicMapLight and MaxDynamicModelLight to be greater than 0.

== Widget ==
* Various improvements in COFC operation, such as smoother unit tracking.
* Map Edge Extension widget can now draw a curvature effect for the region outside the playable map (VFX). The fog effect at the playable map edge can also now be toggled.
* Added Commander Info (Comm-n-Elo Startpos. Info) widget that shows ally commander selection.
* The KeyboardMenu now has buttons for building units.
* The ShowAllCommands widget will now always show commands for current selection when "Show only on shift" is enabled. Its settings are now in Settings/Interface/Command Visibility.

== MetalSpot ==
* Added custom metal spots for PizzaTime_v02.
* Added custom metal spots for StormSiege_v3.
* Added custom metal spots for Grts_Messa_008.

== BugFixes ==
* Fixed Space+Click on player list not working.
* Rapier wreck now use new model instead of old one.
* Fixed commander facing direction during gamestart.
* Fixed Weaver wreck/debris giving 12/6 more metal than it should have.
* Fixed CAI continuing to work when its team is killed.
* Fixed rare case of unit exiting factory and not going idle (NoStuckInFactory widget).
* Fixed chicken queen kill award. Now players can get the queen kill award.

Add experimental impulse jumpjet option to ModOption. Requires Spring93.1.1++ and therefore is not enabled by default.

Zero-K v1.1.4.0 with Spring 94.1

Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 14:25
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.4.0 with Spring 94.1
After fighting through a swarm of bugs we are ready to release a version of Zero-K compatible with Spring 94.1. We've been hard (and slow) at work fixing compatibility issues and working around new engine bugs. There are many important fixes in this engine version so hopefully it has been worthwhile.

Non-ZKL users will need to update their engine but with the appearance of Weblobby and static builds for Linux this should be easy.

== Engine ==

Pathfinding around terrain has been significantly improved. This is most noticeable for units with low slope tolerance and large turning circle. Units get themselves stuck on terrain much less often.

Plane related bugs have been fixed. There should no longer be an occasional plane which misses the airpad and has to be reclaimed. Bombers can be given orders after an attack ground order without messing up their queue.

Area of effect damage is now based on distance to hitsphere instead of distance to the center of a unit. This makes a lot more sense and fixes issues involving large units not take damage unless hit directly.

Apparently the whole game should run significantly faster.

== Other Changes ==

Bertha, Tremor, Pillager, Disco Rave Party, Behemoth, Warlord and Catapult no longer avoid terrain when aiming. This is either because they are good at knocking down walls or because they are too inaccurate and high trajectory for terrain to matter.

Gauss weapons deal predictable damage based on the footprint of the unit they are targeting. Scrubber damage has been increased from 90 to 110 to counteract this.

Chicken Swarmers can form writhing masses which packed densely enough. Watch out, they can flow over small barriers.

== Fixes==

* Modified overall mex values for Evergreen_Haven-Redux-v02, MountDustmoreV3, Riverbedv2
* Reduced center supermexes for FolsomDamFinal, Deadlands, Motkottava_Nakkivahvero-v01
* Moved metal spot from on top of geo spot in AquariusCrossing
* Fixed missing metal spots in Atuminoa, Quoth v1
* Fixed some structure hitvolumes which were large enough for attackers to hide inside.
* Outlaw vibrates when firing.
* Fixed crash while placing Missile Silo caused by some graphics cards.
* Fixed some small, rare crashes or bugs (as always).

Welcome to the past

Posted: 06 May 2013, 22:48
by Licho
Welcome to the past
ZK now at with engine 91 .. until performance and other issues are fixed (aahhhh the smoothnesss!)

Multiplatform Zero-K lobby

Posted: 26 May 2013, 23:51
by Licho
Multiplatform Zero-K lobby
There is now a new Zero-K lobby, I hope that auto-upgrade worked well on your system :)

This new version also works on Linux and should work on Mac with little tweaks.

To install on Linux, run something like that:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:spring/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install spring mono-complete xprintidle p7zip wget
mono Zero-K.exe
On Windows there is now a new feature to use external browser instead of built in, and lots of little tweaks.

Both platforms now share identical executable and self update at the same time.

Unfortunately that means I had to strip some WPF vector visuals form ZKL, but they can now be recreated using bitmaps and manual rendering. So please hold on until I get some artist help :)

ZKL for linux wont be able to download engine 91.0 because it does not exist as a static build yet.
If you do have a working 91.0 for linux, make a symlink in .spring/engine/91.0/spring to make ZKL use it.

Re: Zero-K News

Posted: 27 May 2013, 21:20
by dansan
WOW! Big thumbs up! I just installed dev-lang/mono in Gentoo and started "mono Zero-K.exe" - and it just worked!!!

I was always a little §$"%?§!& about the so-called "platform neutrality" of 0k-Lobby, as it was not neutral - but you did it - thank you very much!

Zero-K v1.1.6.0 (finally)

Posted: 26 Jun 2013, 06:40
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.6.0 (finally)
After a three-month delay, huge cost overruns and the resignation of the Czech president, a new Zero-K stable is finally out! This one makes long-awaited balance changes to some particularly notorious units, and swats a good number of the most annoying bugs. Enjoy!

(The engine update will have to wait a little longer, we're still getting some bugs worked out)

== Units ==
* Damage 50 -> 20

* HP 190 -> 200

Bandit (through many engine changes) ended up with DPS which was 20% too high. This has been fixed.

* Cost: 1800 -> 2200
* Range 1250 -> 1200
* Aimpoint to make it less able to hide behind terraform walls

* Now has disruptor beams each does 250 damage and 500 slow damage every 2 seconds (was 60 damage every 0.5 seconds)

* HP 380 -> 450

* HP 700 -> 840
* Raw turnrate 329 -> 400

* Changed mound shape such that bots cannot pass them. This alleviates the factory based hardcounter and forces Shieldbots to use Dirtbag more intelligently, mindless spam could hurt yourself. Impassible area is about the size of a Windmill.
* Cost 20 -> 35
* Multiple Dirtbags no longer spread out when jumping on a single point
* Units bounce off mounds, it is now much harder to trap units by jumping on them. Quake (Seismic Missile) causes units to bounce around in the effected area as well.

* Coverage 2000 -> 2500

* Inherits land/fly state from factory

== Fixes ==
* Fixed Leviathan tacnuke failing to fire
* Allied units obstructing a factory will automatically get out of the way
* Fixed a number of bugs with unit wreckages
* Fixed lag monitor returning units captured by the enemy if the original owner lags
* Fixed keybinds not working on first run
* Fixed various mistakes in Award gadget
* Carrier and commander drones are now captured along with their parent
* CAI checks if a mex spot is reachable before trying to cap it
* HLT fires from correct barrel
* Fix to Lups distortion effect
* Fix non-standard Spy self-destruct time

== Miscellaneous ==
* New awards: Loot & Pillage and Traffic Cop
* Head Hunter award counts captures that last to the end of the game
* "Overwhelming numerical advantage" threshold (when weaker team's units are revealed) occurs at 25:1 unit value ratio, instead of 100:1.
* Hide comm processing debug messages
* Map Edge Extension only enabled by default on High and Ultra graphics
* Easy Facing only affects factories

Special event - Raider weekend

Posted: 28 Jun 2013, 16:52
by Licho
Special event - Raider weekend
This weekend, raider units of Zero-K can roam freely, galloping in valleys, making laser shows and shooting plasma at singularities.

Staple low tech defensive structures defender and lotus are offline for maintenance :)

Watch some commentated matches!

Posted: 11 Jul 2013, 10:10
by Licho
Watch some commentated matches!
Want more zero-K experience beside just playing?
Why not watch some videos!

Player @Shadowfury333 has uploaded some nicely commentated replays.

Click here to go the youtube playlist

Zero-K v1.1.7.0 - Air Update

Posted: 21 Jul 2013, 05:03
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.7.0 - Air Update
The main aim of this update is to fix planes (although this can't be done all at once). Bombers are a bit slower and the area attack bombers have been nerfed. Shadow is lighter all around and must now dive to attack if it wishes to have any chance to hit mobile units. Diving has the tradeoff of exposing the bomber to ground weaponry. Fighter battles should be more controllable with reduced fighter damage and the addition of an ability for Avenger.

Two new units have been added. Trident should even up the battlefield between planes and gunships while Funnelweb is a Jugglenaut replacement with more abilities.

Lastly shield penetration of Flamethrowers and Gauss has been removed. This is to normalise the power of shields and aid in their balance.

== New Units ==

Trident - We finally have an AA gunship. This slow gunship missile spewing gunship should allow the gunship factory to stand up to planes.

Funnelweb - A replacement of the Jugglenaut with less cost and more abilities. In addition to the Jugglenaut abilities this unit has a fixed Gauss Gun, a shield with a large battery and spawns attack drones.

== Air Balance ==

* Cost 450 -> 300
* CruiseAlt 200 -> 220
* Health 1200 -> 800
* Speed 8.8 -> 7.6
* Damage 1200 -> 800
* Messed with projectile, now it is very easy to avoid if shot from high up.
* Reduced dive height.
* By default Shadow will dive attack against mobile ground units.
The intention is to reduce some 1000 range HP hardcounters, increase possibility
of attrition and add some interaction with mobile units. Accurate ground units
(eg riots or raiders) can act as a deterrent for Shadow strikes on mobiles.

* Cost 320 -> 400
* Health 660 -> 700
* Speed 10 -> 8
* Burn time reduced to by 33%

* Cost 600 -> 700
* Speed 10 -> 9

* Speed 9.5 -> 7,8
* Damage reduced by 19%

* Health 350 -> 400
* Missile Damage 220 -> 150
* Added 5x speed boost special ability

* Damage 400 -> 600
* Health 300 -> 350

== AA Nerfs ==

We aim to reduce the hardcounter relationships between air and AA so here are some preemptive nerfs to AA which was particularly good against bombers.

* DPS reduced 5%

* Cost 300 -> 380

== Shield Penetration ==

Flamethrowers and Gauss Guns no longer penetrate shields. These hardcounters were just a crutch holding back shield balance which works for all factories.

== Takeover Mode ==

Ivica in in the process of adding a gamemode in which players can capture additional units via point control. It is currently in development but is still playable in this stable. Full details are here:

== Interface ==
* Added more visibility settings for commands. These are found in Settings/Interface/Command Visibility.
* Unified F4 hotkey to show economy. F4 now shows overdrive grid, metal spots, geovents, and highlights reclaim.

== Fixes ==
* Fixed metalconfigs for Brazillian_Battlefield_Remake_V2, Altored_Arctic
* Reduced the value of megamexes in Aberdeen6v6_Fix, now worth 2.2

Zero-K v1.1.8.0

Posted: 10 Aug 2013, 08:10
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.8.0
This small update combines a number of quick fixes with a cool new unit model. Enjoy!

Full changelog at: ... K_v1.1.8.0

Zero-K v1.1.9.0

Posted: 02 Sep 2013, 13:24
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.9.0
In this version we've accumulated more changes than would be expected for 3 weeks work. On the visuals front we have a new Chainsaw model by aiphee and many new wreckages by Kerr. The Improved Newton widget by Wolas has been modified and added. There are some small tweaks to balance as well as more major changes to mechanics.

=== Balance Tweaks ===
The raiders for the Tank and Amphibious factories are now slightly more powerful although Duck lost it's homing. Archer has much better accuracy and reliability. Phoenix and Shadow have been buffed as part of the ongoing bomber rebalance. Krow is 10% cheaper.

=== Commanders ===
The Shock Rifle, Disintegrator and Torpedo Launcher have been tweaked. SLAM Rocket has been reworked into a vertical launch weapon.

=== Scouting ===
Scouting should be more 'interesting' now that we've blocked or nerfed some of the most powerful ways to scout. Athena has an increase decloak radius, Fighters have reduced sight range and Newton launched units cannot see the ground because they are too high up. Vulture can see further in an attempt to promote 'conventional' scouting.

=== Disarm ===
Stiletto and Racketeer now deal their own kind of disable damage called Disarm. It acts exactly like EMP with two exceptions: affected units are able to move and flash yellow. If you're on the receiving end of a disarm attack you can choose to retreat or push onwards. This is much better for gameplay than a long EMP time Stiletto, if you're hit by one of those you can just sit back and watch your units die with no chance for interaction.

=== Detriment ===
After being deemed detrimental for FFA play, Detriment now moves slower and hits softer. Additionally air transports slow down when transporting very heavy units. A Vindicator transporting a Detriment moves at about 25% speed.

A full changelog is available here:

Zero-K v1.1.9.9 - Small updates since v1.1.9.0

Posted: 10 Sep 2013, 11:41
by Licho
Zero-K v1.1.9.9 - Small updates since v1.1.9.0
We've had a few versions since v1.1.9.0. Some of them were to fix bugs and some were just because I can. To help people keep track I've compiled a list of change for all those versions. Some of the changes have been in effect for several days and there are even fixes for things that nobody noticed.

We have a nice new endgame stats screen which fits with the rest of the UI. Currently it only displays the old stats but as soon as someone has the time it should be easy enough to slot new stats in.

There are some noticeable balance changes such as AA target priority and some light bomber buffs. The amphibious raiders have been messed with again; Duck regained tracking and Archer lost quite a bit of range. Vamp is a bit slower to make Avengers more important for interception and Nukes are more expensive because Godde sort of suggested it and it sounds like a good idea.

Full changelog here: