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Re: Unit Rename Brainstorm: Vehicles

Posted: 12 Jan 2011, 10:44
by Godde
Saktoth wrote:
Neddie wrote:Mason
Prettymuch the only good suggestions thus far.

Honestly, if we are sticking to the violent agent nouns, we can keep leveler, slasher, etc, call it homage. Weasel doesnt fit the theme though.
Weasels aren't violent enough? *Warning:Graphic content*

Re: Unit Rename Brainstorm: Vehicles

Posted: 13 Jan 2011, 07:31
by Google_Frog
all this descriptive names are fine but not really memorable nor hve much character.
what is memorable? peewee...Krogoth...Big bertha...
I'm all for memorable names with character but good ones seem to be harder to make than descriptive ones. It is hard to quantify what makes a name of this kind good and a lot of it is familiarity.

Many of our renames have come from heavily sarcastic discussions in which people suggest all kinds of silly things. Sometimes someone really likes a name so changes it.

Re: Unit Rename Brainstorm: Vehicles

Posted: 14 Jan 2011, 19:27
by Wombat
i got epic lulzy name for weasel


u get teh joke ?