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Issue with <shift> key

Posted: 04 Nov 2010, 11:44
by sycspysycspy
Sometimes the command shortcut keys are not responding unless I press <shift>. I haven't test with other mod so I guess it's something wrong with my widget settings etc.

Just a suggesting, the build menu is a good concept, but sadly it's hard coded. In some case such as when enable hidden unit I could not find the hidden building in the build menu, so I have to disable chillcommandmenu to show the hidden building.

Re: Issue with <shift> key

Posted: 04 Nov 2010, 16:25
by CarRepairer
ZK is no longer in the stage where hidden units and the concept factory are needed. Odds are that whatever hidden unit you're trying to build will soon be removed entirely from the game. It's in the final stages where the balance and units are hammered out.

Re: Issue with <shift> key

Posted: 05 Nov 2010, 04:49
by KingRaptor
Concept factory isn't even in the game any more (as in no unitdef, model or script files). What version were you playing with?

Re: Issue with <shift> key

Posted: 05 Nov 2010, 09:32
by sycspysycspy
I am running CA 8405 with spring lobby single player. I could check unlock hidden unit from the mod option and there is a concept factory available in the build menu.