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[misc] SpringLobby 0.268 released

Posted: 11 Dec 2019, 21:48
by abma
its a long time since the last release of springlobby because the build environment which was required to a make a release broke. To fix it, the setup had to be adjusted to the current versions of tools to make it work. As the old maintainer Koshi didn't have time / the resources to run it, also a new server was required, this made this much more troublesome than expected. Also lot of old stuff was cleaned up and simplified so it should be much easier to set it up the next time.

Thanks a lot Koshi for the old server / build setup who run there stable for years and a lot thanks to TurBoss for the setting up and running the new build server!

Because of the changes, moved to

The automatic updater should prompt for updating to 0.268 and after this update all downloads of the updater should point to

The release contains some mostly bugfixes:

- add support for showing client versions per user
- remove cpu info support
- fix #894 (unhandled exception & other errors when typing LEAVE commands into the server window)
- implement multi version support for relayhost
- lobby protocol updates
- update prdownloader: fix rapid caching check / fix rapid downloads with very small repos (<8 files)

If you find a bug, as before, please report to

Happy updating! :cool:

Re: [misc] SpringLobby 0.268 released

Posted: 12 Dec 2019, 00:10
by abma
This release should fix the use of relayhosts, too: