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dark trooper banner fix

Posted: 02 Apr 2009, 23:53
by Warlord Zsinj
fix for annoying complainer people who do lots of complaining but no banners themselves.

Note that the crab droid legs and the s44 aircraft were designed to overlap the text slightly. If that's not going to happen then I'll fix those too.

Re: dark trooper banner fix

Posted: 03 Apr 2009, 11:03
by SwiftSpear
I certainly didn't dislike the old one, and I didn't really consider the overlap an issue, as I actually like the effect. But I like the way this one turns out better. It looks really cool that the guys are now standing behind the forum bar, but his gun is sticking out over it.

[edit] link to old one

Re: dark trooper banner fix

Posted: 05 Apr 2009, 05:32
by Warlord Zsinj
I'm glad that worked out well...