Repository file/dir change tracking

Repository file/dir change tracking

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Repository file/dir change tracking

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I was thinking... with all the widget/gadget/everything_else-copying going around in games, would it not be cool to have some software that can automatically open an issue when a tracked file/directory changes?

E.g. gajop changes something in chili and I'd want this software to open an issue "hey, gajop changed something in Chili -- look at it and integrate changes". Or someone modifies gui_chili_proconsole2.lua (no idea where this was even copied from, maybe ZK?) and I'd want an issue "hey, someone changed something in proconsole... ".

I know that some of you will suggest submodules and that would be the right way if only we didn't modify those files and if the infra wouldn't crash and burn with every rapid repo having 100 submodules.
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