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Re: Area Mex

Post by aegis »

it looked like it was using something weird like distance from an average point

I did a simple nearest-neighbor implementation in smart_area_reclaim if anyone wants to see if it's any better
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Re: Area Mex

Post by Google_Frog »

Nearest neighbour, the averaging is finding the average location of all the selected constructors. The first order is given to the nearest spot to the average point. Then it gives subsequent orders to the nearest neighbour of the last order which doesn't already have an order on it.
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Re: Area Mex

Post by knorke »

i think maybe metalmaps are not the best way to test.
(you can just use grid-building with spaceing anyway)
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Re: Area Mex

Post by MaDDoX »

Hey guys, follows the edited gui_red_buildordermenu for the 9.31 BA version, place it on LuaUI/Widgets, next to cmd_area_mex.lua (I'm still using 2.2 posted in the previous page). Previous buildordermenu version layout and style was completely different from the current one.

I'm using Ctrl+Z to fire up the areamex command, if you're new to that just add this line to your uikeys.txt:
bind Ctrl+z areamex

PS.: Remember to disable the original red_buildordermenu from the Widgets list in-game
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