Lua Unit Test Framework

Lua Unit Test Framework

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Lua Unit Test Framework

Post by PicassoCT »

So, i once again seem to have broken something in my game, that is hard to diagnose (even with git history bisect).
I google a little for lua unit test frameworks and cam upon this:

Does anybody else use this in his/her projects for complex gadgetry or have any unittest experience.
This is obviously something you dont wanna ship with the final game, and only need to run once at gamestart.
Anyone any experience integrating something similar for lua scripts?
I originally planted to write something similar for Unit-Unit Testing but it got nowhere..
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Re: Lua Unit Test Framework

Post by gajop »

I use it in SB's util module: ... #L145-L175 ... #L160-L344


I don't use it with gadgets.
I find it mostly useful when developing basic modules, but it doesn't solve the big issues which would require some sort of system/e2e testing.
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