CPP AI Wrappers, CMake, Source distributions

CPP AI Wrappers, CMake, Source distributions

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CPP AI Wrappers, CMake, Source distributions

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Right now fi I go to the download page and download the source, all the wrappers except for the new c++ wrapper API are in the source tarball.

Could we have this changed? We do it for the other APIs..

I have already attempted multiple times to build the VS project files using CMake under windows in the past, and failed, having to resort to Hoijui sending me generated versions in the past, then having days later to search for ages across multiple machines to figure out where I put them, then realize that he only generated the headers and cpp files for the C++ wrapper, and that I don't have a VS project for the empty C++ test AI etc etc etc etc

All of that should be unnecessary and its avoidable. We're being used as a platform for research by various academia, and this should be encouraged. It seems like an easy change to make that would considerably lower the bar of entry.

Wouldn't it be so much simpler to just open the VS project file and press build like we've been able to do with pretty much every AI released in the last 5 years?
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