New menu design

New menu design

Requests for features in the spring code.

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New menu design

Post by Tronic »

The command/build menus are difficult to navigate. The build menu in particular is problematic, because adding or removing a building at one point of the list shifts the rest to new positions.

Thus, I recommend:

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- Dividing into categories
  * kbots/vehicles/air/...
  * land/sea
  * level 1/level 2/ ..
  * ... or something else?
- Also displaying those that are not available for building
  * display what is required for building in the infobox when hovered
  * helps keeping the icons in their familiar positions, even if some option is missing
  * allows beginners to get into the game easier, as they'll know what to build in order to get something
- Display building/unit names on the icons, for reference
(how do you do lists in phpBB? o.O)

What do you think?
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Post by KDR_11k »

1. The game doesn't know what those units are, the mod author has to sort them.
2. Why should a build button display the "requirements"? Currently a unit can build something or it can't and there are no other requirements than having the right unit. Would you like your con bots to have a HUGE build list with almost everything greyed out (since e.g. in AA they can't build T2 stuff, units, anytzhing that belongs to the other faction, etc)?
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Post by jcnossen »

AFAIK, things like this can be implemented in gui.lua. Look for trepans GUI threads...
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Post by diggz2k »

Something smaller but along these lines when a host disables a unit, it should be greyed out not erased completely much easier to tell when something is diabled
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