uniqueID for playernames.

uniqueID for playernames.

Requests for features in the spring code.

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uniqueID for playernames.

Post by hawkki » 10 Jul 2006, 18:22

So here's my idea:

Now that most of active spring players are up to the star rank (players like me for instance, who has got to play an avarage of 1 game per aa version...) so it would be good to start from a clean board and make the player registration good from the beginning.

It would start with every player registering, receiving a email to activate his account. When it's activated a uniqueID is assigned. This would never change, allowing to keep track of the player. Name, nick, age, and other personal info could be assigned to the id.

So what is this good for?

1. As mentioned, you can keep track of a player, a lamer that is in games just to ruin them cannot do a "clean" start by just changing name and keeping the star rank making him look more trusted.

2. Third party stats could be made. It would be possible to code clanbase-style ladders, individual feedback for players after matches and so on. Imagine when hosting a game you would see a number right next to the players name. This number would indicate the "karma" the player has received. Only positive karma for everyone that attends would surely guarantee a fun match with no quitting or such stuff. Let the lamers circle around with eachother and the fair gamers PLAY!

and so on and so on...

If this would be implemented i could code a stats/ranking/ladder service for spring, much like clanbase but ofcourse designed to meet the needs of spring.
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Post by Cabbage » 10 Jul 2006, 20:34

i like the karma idea, but how could it be implimented fairly? what happens if people crash etc?
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Post by Machiosabre » 10 Jul 2006, 20:35

it'd be nice to have sort of a profile thingy for players where you could see their registered name and they'd have a nickname for use in the lobby, but something like player feedback is asking for trouble
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Post by Torrasque » 10 Jul 2006, 21:35

Not a bad idea...

We could use a jabber id and build ton's of feature onto that !
hum ok, I'm out ...
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Post by Min3mat » 11 Jul 2006, 04:34

what would Tired do with his 4 star accounts ;O
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Post by Comp1337 » 11 Jul 2006, 16:36

I have Two accounts, one with 300 hours, and one with 200. What do i do with those?
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Post by hollowsoul » 11 Jul 2006, 17:12

How about ever so often Rankings get reset i.e every 2 month

U get a default amount of points i.e 100
0<=100 = Private (Not sure on the rankings name just an example)
And when u play online in a game
Loser's loses 1 point (cant go below 0)
Winner's gain 1 point

Points have to be similar / same as each otherwise peep might do friendly farming between each other.

Also it wouldnt be possible to see anyone elses points, to be fair on skilled players shunning new players that got under 100 points.
U can only check your points !!!!

Maybe in last week turn up the ammount of points lost/win before round restart i.e
War Increases in last fortnight.
Would be like in last 2 weeks before rankings reset, we can encourage more peep to play (drag them outof woodwork for there rankings points).

Then save the top rankings stats for each month & throw on a webpage.

Also allow peep to ask lobby server for their rankings / points for previous month (i.e so lobby client they use can save it. And leave it to lobby to save this info & display it somehow i.e a graph
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Post by Johns_Volition » 11 Jul 2006, 19:57

what's the point of having an ranking system if it gets reset every two weeks and noone can see it?

Afaik the ranking system was implemented to allow for fairer matches, which it does more or less good. (would be nice if win/lose could have an influence as well)
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Post by hollowsoul » 11 Jul 2006, 20:13

2 months rotation was the idea
2 weeks towards the end would have increased points increase / lossed = more peep tryin to build up points would be on-line then = more matchs

As for rotation, for peep that like rankings gives them a challenge, how high up they can get to.

And also keep 1->(some number) rankings & have a webpage so u can view previous rankings.

As it is u just build up a ranking. This way peep can have competetions between each other to see who can build up the most points

Also gives new players the ability to see how they stackup against current players via rankings (instead of seeing someone who's ranking goes back a year or more)

And u can see each others ranks, just cant see there points (only your own points)
Private <= 100
2nd rank 101->150
3rd rank 151->200
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Post by knorke » 12 Jul 2006, 01:05

an id would be really usefull I guess.
It didnt happen to me yet, but it would suck to kick some lamer/idiot from your battle, then he just changes his name and you can't recognize him.

a win-lose based ranking system makes little sense at the moment.
Most games are teamgames and it would suck to lose points because of your teammates performance. Or on the other hand, gain points for building nothing but windmills while your allies do all the work.
Most games do not really have an "competive" atmosphere but its a rather relaxed style of playing, compared to Starcraft, C&C etc.
Some players would not care for the points, giving away "free" wins because they are not playing die-hard to win.
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Post by SwiftSpear » 12 Jul 2006, 05:01

The problem with unique ID's is that we have no way of enforcing a person not using multiple ID's. I have several email adresses, I could easily exploit the system. We can't do it by IP because then that breaks lans/networks. We could make losing your ID hurt a little more, losing record of your play hours and maby even your forum account, but that won't stop people who just want to piss others off from making trouble.
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