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Looking for Linux64 build of around 2018

Posted: 11 Feb 2021, 17:01
by Kevin2k
Like the title says, I am looking for a Linux64 build of around 2018
I find the following is available here, with a 3 year gap:
104.0 of 2017-12-22
105.0 of 2021-01-17

Reason: I would like to play Balanced Annihilation v10.11 single player against RAI bot (AI incompatible with later versions 2019 etc). With an engine version that also supports the music widget (Seems music does not work in 104.0 yet).

In Windows I have this version that fulfills my criteria nicely: ... of 2018-04-16.

I tried to build the github source of the date 2018-04-16. Managed to get it to build, but the compiled Linux binary has rendering issues in the menu screen and it does not really cooperate beyond that.

EDIT, and then I figured to try to change the url form "win32" to "linux64" and SUCCCES: ...

Will try it later today. Anyways I will still post my message anyways. Though it requires no answer anymore.

Re: Looking for Linux64 build of around 2018

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 13:13
by MasterBel
Hi Kevin2k,

I don't know which 2018 build will work for you but you might find success pairing BA v10.24 + Spring 105.0 + DAI.
Is there a reason you specifically need v10.11 + RAI?

Re: Looking for Linux64 build of around 2018

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 18:23
by Kevin2k
Yes BA v10.24 + Spring 105.0 + DAI would probably be fine too.

But I am currently used to v10.11 + RAI, and find it a relaxing opponent, compared to the more stressful DAI and other Shard based bots. Though I may occasionally throw a DAI bot in.

( BA v10.11 + RAI is also about the last working skirmish setup for Windows 32-bit, which I also use. Shard based bots usually crap out because of Win32 memory limits. ) ... is no good by the way. It crashes at startup. ... is fine. And I managed to set it up to my liking. Compiled a custom SpringLobby 271 that allows for RAI bot placement (addbotdialog.cpp).