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Gentoo Ebuilds

Posted: 21 Aug 2010, 19:17
by foolswood
I submitted a bug a while ago regarding the amd64 ebuild for spring.
If anybody wants the patch/sed script unofficially I am more than happy to provide it.

Also the latest version (0.82) is hardmasked, any special reason for this?


Re: Gentoo Ebuilds

Posted: 22 Aug 2010, 00:23
by koshi
tried contacting iElectric in #sy@quakenet ?

Re: Gentoo Ebuilds

Posted: 22 Aug 2010, 17:46
by Auswaschbar
I'm sorry I didn't noticed that the new version was already set up at the server, but I unmasked it now.

Re: Gentoo Ebuilds

Posted: 20 Oct 2010, 02:14
by jmesmon
0.82.6 is live on the server, any chance for a ebuild bump?