K-man goes to Massive Entertainment

K-man goes to Massive Entertainment

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K-man goes to Massive Entertainment

Post by K-man »

I've got a job as AI-programmer/developer at Massive Entertainment, and are therefor forced to leave the development of Spring.

I would like to thank the rest of the team for the eight months that I've been part of the development. I've learned a incredibly lot during this time!

I would also like to thank all of you who have, or have tried, to help me out, with information as well as many (fancy) ideas.

Finally, before leaving, I would like to wish the rest of the team, and all other who plan to contribute to this project in the future, good luck with the development.
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Post by BlackLiger »

Noooooo! Dont you dare steal any of the AI ideas here or i will sue u on behalf of Triaxx and Alantai!
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Post by Sheekel »

Too bad. :( , but BlackLiger is right.
Don't rob Triaxx or Alantai. And Good luck :!:
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Post by Cheesecan »

Best of luck to you in the future over at Massive. I'm anticipating their next project almost as much as Spring. ;)
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Post by Gabba »

Good luck, and congratulations for your new job. I hope Spring's pathfinding and low-level AI won't suffer too much from your departure, though, and that someone is ready to takeover. Thanks for all your work up to now.

And now that you'll be working for a game company... well... don't forget there has never been a worthy sequel to M.A.X., so if you can make a suggestion once you are well integrated in the team... :wink:
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Post by WillRiker »

dont forget to drop by and look around. maybe you could shed more like on spring then u were before.

it seems to me that you people have never actually programmed anything. he is not going to be comming upw with ideas on what the AI will be doing but how it does it. the lead designers would be doing the concept briefs not him. he is going to be spending alot of time trying to implement fuzzy logic and playing with function pointers.
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Post by ephillips »

Congratulations on your job offer. Its a shame the product is losing you - dont forget to take a look around here once in a while.
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Post by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra »

Congrats man, I'll remember to actually buy their software from now on.
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Post by Zoombie »

Cool. Good job. <Insert standared getting a cushy and way better job then the one you currently have compliment> make sure the enxt RTS they make has GOOD pathfinding, like in Dark Reign (the original not the sequil). In one example they had four units, A Infanty man, a Tank, a Hovertank, and a wheeled car. Their was a chekerbord of mud and normal flat teirrain. The units all are sent across. The Tank and the infantry man zigzag over the flat terrain, along with the wheeled vehical. The hovertank just rolls over the entire thing, ignoring the terrain. The next part (useing the same units) has a bridge, a river and a hill. The Infantry man gose over the bride and crawls over the low part of the hill, then tops the top and gose back down. The tank gose over the river, then gose to a medium hight of the mountan then goes round the top bit (seeing as how it cant climb up and over the mountan) and ends up going down. The wheeled car zips across the bridge, and gose up to the lowest part of the mountan then gose around the medeium bit and the top bit. Finaly the hovertank gose straight over the water, but around the mountan. The point im trying to make here is that the units actualy respond to the terrain, going the rout of least resistence (and hence going as fast as they could) So implement it the next game your makeing. Cause every time i try to walk a group of K-bots or Footmen into a enemy base and start killing stugg i always think "why arent they useing the DR pathfinding! It was relesed in 1998 for crying out loud! iuf anything Pathfinind should be better from then NOT worse!"
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Post by Archangel of Death »

We are going to miss you K-man! Even if your leaving doesn't affect Spring adversely. And good luck with the job. And don't be afraid to play Spring during breaks once its released :-) .
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Post by Doomweaver »

All the best!
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Post by Charlemagne »

Bye bye.

*waving good bye*

Yay! Now that he is gone, let's have a big party! I'll get the beer and... oh... he is standing right behind me, right? Crap.
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Post by [K.B.] Napalm Cobra »

We'll only be mildly dissapointed for a short while with your departure.

Wait that came out all wrong.

Good riddens to bad rubbish :P
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Post by aGorm »

K-Man... You the man :-)

Hope it all goes well.

Pathfinding wont be the same without you...

the kitchen sink
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Post by the kitchen sink »

Good luck with your new job, thanks for all the work you've put into Spring.

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Post by AF »

You only ever commented on my ideas once='( :cry:
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