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Spring 101.0 Released

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Re: Spring 101.0 Released

Post by raaar »

Good job!

I'll try to make my game compatible with spring 101 on my next version.

Using springlobby, I clicked on a autohost that was running 101, the lobby downloaded the engine and.....now it doesn't show any games or maps!
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Re: Spring 101.0 Released

Post by Forboding Angel »

SWL had a bug for a short time where it was unzipping the linux version of 101 on windows.
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Re: Spring 101.0 Released

Post by Fast2 »

You’re doing great, keep it up! :-)

The video was highly useful, the cool new features are shown off succinctly and to the point, the music was chosen to my taste and didn’t annoy me and the transitions were mostly well done (I do remember one being very abrupt, there might have been another one, but overall, they were ok). It also must have been a bit of work to choose suitable demo situations, record all the single scenes and then to edit all of these together.—Thanks from me as well! :-)
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Re: Spring 101.0 Released

Post by gajop »

I'm glad you (and others) have enjoyed the video, that means a lot :)

I plan to make future videos whenever a "large enough" major version is released (so probably at a 2~5 months interval), and I might even ask for some assistance from those interested (especially wrt the spring logo intro, sound and feature announcement screens: those could be shinier).

I also think a lot of those views were received because people have shared it on the social media (special thanks to decay for the Russian networks, the number of views from Russia is quite large). Last I talked to AF he was still trying to get springinfo work with the forum's RSS feed, but if he succeeds it would allow this sort of news to be automatically posted on Facebook and Twitter Spring accounts, which would be super important for higher impact on the western players.
I'm not sure the feed would be of any use to other non-English speaking channels, but for other cases I suggest people use them if they can.
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