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Spring 98.0 released!

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Re: Spring 98.0 released!

Post by jamerlan »

There was a "FPS Manager" widget already :-) and lots of its customizations: http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.ph ... PS+manager
you can try to find it. Maybe its useful for you. I don't really like it. I just bought (used and cheap) GTX 670 to play on maximum settings and forget about tuning.

Russian translation:
Был уже такой виджет (может и сейчас есть), назывался "FPS Manager". Динамически меняет параметры графики во время игры. Лично мне он не нравился))) Я вот сегодня купил себе gtx 670 видюшку (всего 6тр Б/У на avito), чтобы играть на максимальных настройках и не париться.
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Re: Spring 98.0 released!

Post by 100Gbps »

100Gbps wrote:Here we go again ...

2. BA 8.03 - downloaded it and still with big fluffy X
Fresh install on a new PC:
1. BA 8.06 - still with X in the Lobby. Maps too
2. Managed to fix the filtering bug manually
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Re: Spring 98.0 released!

Post by zwzsg »

It seems WindowState default to 1
I would have expected it to default to 0

I was surprised when I put:
Fullscreen = 0
XResolution = 1024
YResolution = 768

And got a maximized window instead of a regular floating window.

Bug or feature? What's the rational?

Edit: Or maybe WindowState is something else and game always starts maximized, I'm confused now.
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