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Metal Collector Clash 1v1 Tournament 27.9.19

Posted: 23 Sep 2019, 09:55
by Sabutai
Hello everyone. After last times success I am organizing a new BA 1v1 tournament. This bi-monthly tournament is called the Metal Collector Clash and we all know what it's about: All that shiny metal. Just one question remains. Who is the best at BA? You have some time to practice 1v1s or prepare for the next tournament. Good luck.

If you want to make money quickly you should register: :arrow:

Participants who register through the link above will receive a cool player profile like this one.
Prize money is at 190€. The winner will receive 80€, 2nd 60€ and 3rd 50€. In addition the winner will receive an ingame crown. As last times winner Cartouche won't be eligble to win any money prizes. The winnings would be handed down to the next in line.

I will be inviting players from the old challonge tournaments that I can find. Please check your email to confirm your invitation.

Re: Metal Collector Clash 1v1 Tournament 27.9.19

Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 15:42
Sorry Adolf

deja vu 3-0