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Report Post.

Post by frju365 »

I wanted just to know why my report about two posts in this thread have been closed without explanation. The thread aimed at announcing the opening of the #TheCursed channel; whereas the post aim at advertising DiscordApp.
I've reported two posts :

Two problem in this post :
- The reported post has the only purpose to advertise for another product (Post hijacking)
- The reported message is off topic.

These post aim at advertising DiscordApp which not belongs to SpringRTS or to the original idea of this thread.
I received two notifications :

Report closed by FLOZi for:
"Re: I created #TheCursed channel."
28 Dec 2016, 17:38

I want an explanation for this.
Thanks for your answers
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Re: Report Post.

Post by FLOZi »

I deemed it inoffensive.

In fact, I already told you that I did not consider the posts problematic; your reporting was superfluous.

The matter is settled.
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