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Life ban

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Re: Life ban

Post by Silentwings »

Multiple calls to the lobby devs to implement email verification into the login system has repeatedly been struck down.
I think I fairer impression of history would be that most people agreed it was a good idea - if only so that users could handle their own pw resets - and even some work was done towards it with ...

But it requires alot of coordination (-> all lobbies) and afaik nobody has ever offered to do the work.

In case of this thread though, it seems unlikely that someone setting up multiple VPNs would be stopped by having to verify email.
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Re: Life ban

Post by Forboding Angel »

It makes the process far more arduous and makes it so that the ahole is the one having to go to a lot of extra work. It is simple to maintain a fairly robust list of temporary email forwarders/accounts and block them.

For example, here is an actively maintained list:

And there are tools for this sort of thing:
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Re: Life ban

Post by FrogNuker »

Both good posts, Angel and Wings.

And it continues unabated,

[12:30:55 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> omg
[12:30:57 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> !ring mando
[12:31:15 AM] <OverKillHost1> <TheAmazingMando> omg
[12:31:18 AM] <OverKillHost1> <TheAmazingMando> that cunt
[12:31:22 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> !mute mando 1
[12:31:26 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> !neo
[12:31:41 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> time to cry
[12:31:51 AM] <TheAmazingMando> omfg
[12:31:59 AM] <TheAmazingMando> you gonna get combombed today
[12:32:01 AM] <TheAmazingMando> 100% sure
[12:32:04 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> ok
[12:32:07 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> then i stop playing
[12:32:15 AM] <OverKillHost1> <CARTOUCHE> for today
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Re: Life ban

Post by Kapytii »

Plz ban Mando for life.
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