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TS, game balance proposal

Posted: 22 Dec 2015, 18:15
by MelKor
It is impossible to play sometimes because TS system is abused by some players playing stacked with the only objective to troll, for days or weeks and TS get distorted at point to balance go to shit in normal games.

What I suggest is to split TS in stacked and stand alone, that means that if player play stacked he have a stacked TS and he play in no team, he get a stand alone TS, and for balance, use not stacked TS, given the exception that the configuration require a clan to play. Is the only way I figure to not get distorted TS on normal games.

If this is applied given the actual numbers on TS, on time the balance should be convergent on real TS values and not troll numbers.

Re: TS, game balance proposal

Posted: 22 Dec 2015, 18:30
by albator
I disagree: the more the games played are split into different TS data, the more there are way for the troll to actually fool around with ts. Because the less there is a data for a ts, the easiest it is to change its value by purposely losing.

Also, afaik, there are are filter to already remove game that has serious ts difference (e.g. 2 player with 40 ts playing vs 1 player who have 16ts)

Eventually, there are no way you can force a player to play good, and that is fair enough, it is only a game after all...

Re: TS, game balance proposal

Posted: 22 Dec 2015, 20:32
by MelKor
ok, I understand, but what Happend with low profile players with high TS ?, that is a problem too, maybe using this I propose and what you have already could filter even better for balancing.