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the present scripted AI's

Posted: 02 Jun 2005, 12:52
by Gurkha
I've had a look through one (mostly to delete coreint & corebuzz lines) and they seem to be relatively easy to write, I'm just wondering about the numbers. Presumably they're the time that something is built but what units are they in? milliseconds? some sort of arbitrary 'game tick'?

Another thing with them:
Can someone set spring to interpret a ' or similar as "do not read this line" ? so people can put a few notes at the top, like what script it is, if it has any modifications, etc.

I'll just answer the other question that I had myself to help anyone else: is a list of unit name -> unit code relationships


Posted: 02 Jun 2005, 13:03
by Delta
The numbers are frames, spring has 30 fps internaly so a "30 corebuzz" creates a buzzaw after 1 sec
Atleast if I understood things correctly.

If I am totaly wrong, please correct me.

Posted: 02 Jun 2005, 13:46
by Min3mat
im always @ 50-60 FPS if that helps??? unless HUGE battle or MASSIVE explosion goes down to 30ish

Posted: 02 Jun 2005, 15:53
by Kickban
Fps is a way to mesure time inside the game. This mean 30 ticks per second, or 30 Hz, 30 recalculation per second.
This have nothing to do with graphic fps, which tell how many images per second you get.

TAS always at 30 ticks per second, and your computer determine how much graphic fps you get.

Posted: 02 Jun 2005, 15:59
by Min3mat
oh right! thanks 8) im such a 'noob' when it comes to PCs :lol:

Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 05:57
by Warlord Zsinj
So am I; but in areas I don't know about, I don't post, because it would add nothing to the conversation.

*hint* *hint*

Posted: 06 Jun 2005, 13:38
by Min3mat
So am I; but in areas I don't know about, I don't post, because it would add nothing to the conversation.

*hint* *hint*

Now i and anyone else who views this thread and isn't ubersmart can understand about internal frame rates. I'D say this DOES 'add something to the conversation' *HINT* *HINT*
You flaming me for being dumb DEFINITELY DOESN'T 'add something to the conversation'! :P

Posted: 08 Jun 2005, 08:46
by Gnomre
Remember, though, increasing the game speed (+ key) or decreasing it (- key) also messes with the internal "clock", so the units will always come at the same relative time to the game speed.