DeepMando - the future of Spring combat AI

DeepMando - the future of Spring combat AI

Here is where ideas can be collected for the skirmish AI in development

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DeepMando - the future of Spring combat AI

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As some players already know Mando has begun development on the most advanced AI in Spring and possibly the history of man.

In its initial iteration DeepMando (Mandobot) defeated all other AIs with ease and was indistinguishable as an AI by the first human opponent it was tested against in Balanced Annihilation.

Mandobot is an advanced modular AI, in it's current state it can be considered under 5% of its potential strength - yet even in its weakened state it still emerged victorious in all battles with other AI adversaries.

Mandobot's modular structure also opens the possibility to extend its combat capabilities using a Neural Network. At present Mando has room to store and process 2 petabytes of Balanced Annihilation replays and has already collected 3 years of replay data. Storing and processing replays makes it possible to analyse every past battle to have ever happened and use coordinates and actions of every land, sea and air unit to further augment DeepMando's combat prowess in real time.

DeepMando is developed by Mando and currently private. Contact Mando on the Balanced Annihilation server, Tokyo hours, for more info.
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Re: DeepMando - the future of Spring combat AI

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