Timed life unit spawns

Timed life unit spawns

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Timed life unit spawns

Post by Shoxter »

I'm trying to find a working example of a timed life unit spawner. Have searched high and low but can only find overly complicated stuff like chicken defense which has so much other stuff involved I'm getting lost trying to find the basic functions.

Could someone please point me in the direction of a working example of a basic unit spawn script e.g: a peewee that will spawn 10 peewees every 30 seconds from itself and have a timed life of a minute or whatever. Thanks
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Re: Timed life unit spawns

Post by Forboding Angel »

For those who aren't following his description... Think Broodlings.
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Re: Timed life unit spawns

Post by Google_Frog »

The minelayer artillery in Zero-K has a fairly simple gadget that spawns timed life units on projectile impact. Perhaps you should just look at the wiki though as there are straightforward functions for creating and destroying units under synced control.

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