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Changes to Project Subforums Groups & Permissions

Posted: 24 May 2015, 22:29
by FLOZi
Administrators have agreed to some modifications of the Project Subforums groups & permissions.

Why are we changing this?
1. We had a huge number of groups which were difficult to keep track of and maintain
2. Groups had different permissions to each other depending on who set them up
3. Groups granted moderator permissions (wrt closing & deleting reports and issuing warnings) that should not have been given to non-moderators.

So what changed?
Instead of each project having its own group, there is now a single group: Content Developers

They have the following rights:
  • Posting Rights: [Role] Full Access on Projects Subforums, [Role]Standard Access+Polls otherwise (except Private Moderator Forum)
    Moderative Rights: [Role] Project Moderator on Projects Subforums (topic-controls and post edit. No warnings or reports rights), none otherwise
The small descriptors e.g. 'S44 Developer' are now handled solely by 'Ranks' and are purely cosmetic.

Any downsides?
Note that this means all Content Developers have the same moderative privileges on all subforums. Seen as many people were already members of multiple groups this again simplifies proceedings. However, to alleviate concerns let me make it clear:

Anyone found to be abusing their powers in someone else's subforum will be permanently stripped of their powers and face an immediate week-long ban.

Furthermore it is no longer possible to send PMs to all members of a game team by selecting their group as the target audience (note that some groups probably never had this enabled anyway!). Most teams are pretty small so hopefully this feature will not be badly missed.

Please inform us if there are any issues accidentally caused by these changes.

Many thanks,


Re: Changes to Project Subforums Groups & Permissions

Posted: 25 May 2015, 00:37
by PicassoCT
Spoiled end, Breen is people!

Team jw protests the changes. We use this communicate with the night-shift personalitys.

Also, i wont use mcl threas as a picture-hosting service, if you stay out of my monster-thread!


Regards Resistance