Advanced BA working

Advanced BA working

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Advanced BA working

Post by SevenArm23 »

I love Advanced Ba and wonder whether it is still working on it?
When yes when will comes the new version?
When no where can I download the latest version?

PS: Sorry for my bad English.
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Re: Advanced BA working

Post by Senna »

Advanced BA has been shuted down because it violates the BA rules.

Talk to [Fx]Bluestone to allow activating it again, hes the whole BA owner actually
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Re: Advanced BA working

Post by Silentwings »

You are simply wrong, Senna.

The most recent versions (at least, that I can find) of Advanced BA were released by one of the BA devs (DeadNightWarrior) as a personal project. It was abandoned, so I suggest asking DeadNightWarrior if he plans to make further versions.
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Deadnight Warrior
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Re: Advanced BA working

Post by Deadnight Warrior »

The reson I abandoned it are multiple.
When BA underwent a large LUAification of it's definition files it became a problem to sync it all. Also I became the XTA main dev so I focused more on a game (which I prefer more over BA) that has a larger player base (compared to Adv. BA).

Anything that's left of Adv. BA is on my project dev site, or you can join the #advba around 21:00 CET if you want to chat.

Also I'm working on something quite different from your usual *A games, if you want, check YAAG out.
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Re: Advanced BA working

Post by abma »

(a bit off topic:) @Deadnight Warrior:

you should replace mods with games in your documents, as spring 95.0 will ignore that folder...
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