Just checking in.

Just checking in.

Discuss game development here, from a distinct game project to an accessible third-party mutator, down to the interaction and design of individual units if you like.

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Just checking in.

Post by GrOuNd_ZeRo »

Been busy with life, have a 2 year old, working on medically retiring from the US Army.

It's been over 12 years since I first started working on TA:WD but due to ever changing compatibility issues from one version of spring to the other i've been rather staying away from major development in WD as a spring project.

However I have been working on the OTA version recently and added/updated quite a few things.

My challenge to the Spring community will be as follows;

-Once I release my OTA version it will be ported to Spring by someone other than my self until I have some major time to invest in it.
-Any additions will need to remain realistic and i'd even prefer that any fictional units be phased out in favor for more realistic units, I will play part in this.
-We need to TOTALLY ANNHILATE (pardon the pun) every OTA related texture, sound and any other trademarked parts.

If this idea gains traction from the community I will release the OTA version on a major file sharing site ASAP.
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Re: Just checking in.

Post by SpliFF »

If you want other people to do that work you're going to have to provide a pretty big incentive. Reality is if you don't do it yourself then it almost definitely wont happen.
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Re: Just checking in.

Post by FLOZi »

Hi G_Z,

Truth is, any OTA ported content will be miles behind something built from the ground up for Spring.

3do can't compete:

And that's not even considering the game mechanics of it all - directional armour, damage proportional to distance etc.
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Re: Just checking in.

Post by Neddie »

That is a pretty steep challenge, I am not sure you'll find any takers. I am, however, glad to hear you're moving along in life.
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