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Battletech: Legacy

Discuss game development here, from a distinct game project to an accessible third-party mutator, down to the interaction and design of individual units if you like.

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Re: Battletech: Legacy

Post by nightcold »

well, something you can do instead of an explosion when units die(which is very common in commercial projects) is dead the mech falling/collapsing to the ground as it shoots off sparks and smoke....but that takes alot of work, actually i think the main reason that people in spring(none ta projects) dont do death animations is becasue it is just too much work(it should also be noted that spring animation are mostly not very good) explosion to hide the switch of the unit and the corpse model is just so much easier

or you can even combine the two ideas, it can be 50/50 sometimes they explode and sometimes they just drop....or depending where they are hit and how hard.....
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Re: Battletech: Legacy

Post by knorke »

death animations is just too much work
Depends. But one big problem is to get the unit-> wreck correct.
Every piece that is not in the same position/rotation in the wreck as on the
Alive unit would "jump" to its new position.
Though having the mech "tip over" and then on impact explode into
Hundreds of pieces should be doable...
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Re: Battletech: Legacy

Post by Guessmyname »

Or just use the final pose after it's fallen down as the corpse. Also you can hide the unit/corpse swap with particles and dust etc.
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Re: Battletech: Legacy

Post by ismo »

Awesome idea for mod, I am anxiously waiting for it (now especially as the BOTA mod is "dead", nothing wrong in Xta but would be nice to have 2 mods to play and thus have more variability in the gamings :D).
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Re: Battletech: Legacy

Post by GBscientist »

This looks like fun! Good luck with it. If you need any game testers, give me a shout.
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Re: Battletech: Legacy

Post by SpikedHelmet »

Opened up our own forums here:
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